Advantage of a Summer internship

There are basically two categories of students. Under the first category we have students who work with a company for money and other set of students include those who wants to work to learn something. It is a fact that companies hire students from the universities for internships and pay nothing for the lots of work they take from the interns. There are also cases when interns are occupied with the menial task at the company. Because of all these reasons students are not very sure about the internships. Most of the students usually skip intern and prefer spending their valuable time working at their own or going out for summer holidays.

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Well, I have a different perspective about the summer internship and I would advise students regarding the internship opportunity. There are lots of negative thoughts in the mind of students regarding the summer intern, however it is the best way to spend your summer holidays.  There are many ways in which a summer inter can be very important for the university students.

1. Learn Practical Concepts out of the classroom

University is more about learning theoretical concepts. Professors do give some work that involve practical aspects of the theoretical concepts that one study in the classroom, however it is not very close to what the real industry requires.  Working for a company gives you an opportunity to implement the classroom concepts for the real world projects. The internship might not be a paid one, however the learning that you get from it is of immense help.

2. Work Experience counts

Work experience is a bonus for a fresh college graduate. If one has spent couple of months working with some company during the college time does help during the job interview.  The reason is quite obvious. A company saves a lots of cost that they would have spent on your training to bring you to a certain level. Students with prior working knowledge are favourable to the companies.

3. Zero in on your Career path

Most of the students are not sure about the work they want to do. Few of the students want consulting, few wants to end up in the core job and many of them wants to work for a bank. This is true not only for the management student, but for the engineering crowd as well. Working for a company as a summer intern gives you an insight into the nature of work that one gets while working. If one wants to pursue consulting as one’s career then an internship in the field of consulting can be very helpful to decide the career path. If you don’t find the work interesting you can switch to other career options.

4. Improve your Skills

There is definitely an improvement in the skills. Reason for the improvement is the involvement with the complex systems. The applications that you come across while working for a company are not university level projects. They are enterprise level projects and requires a niche skill set to understand the functionality of the system. You can engage in an internship and equip yourself better for the future.

5. Build Network and Improve chances of getting jobs in future

Working as a intern gives you an opportunity to work with experienced and best minds. If one can showcase one’s ability to work in such an environment, one can fetch such job opportunity in future. Experienced people do not expect a lot from the intern and a little effort from your side can make a lot of difference.  Secondly, there are many networking events that take place in companies.  Young people are crowd puller in such cases.

I hope you find this article interesting and useful. please empty your mind by leaving a comment below. Thank you for your time.

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