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“The Class”- A movie to Teach and Inspire

There are many films on teaching that got applaud of the audience and also got many awards. But the class is somewhat different from other films that focus on teaching. This film is based on the autobiographical novel by a teacher called Francois Begaudeau and was directed by Laurent Cantet. It is a story that revolves around a French language…

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Advantage of a Summer internship

There are basically two categories of students. Under the first category we have students who work with a company for money and other set of students include those who wants to work to learn something. It is a fact that companies hire students from the universities for internships and pay nothing for the lots of work they take from the…

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Must read subjects for college students

Title may look weird for this article. Student may relate this article with this the various majors and degrees offered by universities. However, this is not about any degree or major subject, it is about the general subjects that every college student should opt. There are few classes that are worth attending. I am going to discuss about such classes…

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