A Detailed Study on the Different Types of Personality


The difference between two persons is their personalities. Depending on the person, it might be a significant or insignificant difference. The common traits that set one person apart from another are their personalities, which develop from an early age and include their ways of thinking, reading, and writing as well as their ways of acting and speaking. However, it is also thought that, depending on the environment and circumstances, a person’s personality can change from childhood to adulthood. We frequently discover several personality tests that reveal our personality types here and there on the internet. It might be accurate or it might not. Do you know what type of personality you have? If not, this post from allassignmenthelp.com might assist you in discovering more about who you are.

This blog article will cover a variety of topics, including personality and its various subtypes. So let’s start and find out more about this.

“Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

What Is Personality?

Latin is the origin of the word “personality,” which means “persona.” The first person to study personality was the Greek physician Hippocrates. You will be amazed that he divided personality traits into four temperaments. He related each personality type to a bodily fluid. Phlegm indicates peace, blood represents joy, yellow bile represents grumpiness, and black bile represents sorrow. Humor was the collective name given to these bodily secretions. Do you find the name of juices repulsive? It is entirely typical. Later the young psychologists dismissed this theory. But it opened the door to many new understandings of human psychology and behavior. Students who are enrolled in psychology degree programs might already be familiar with the topics which I’ll be covering in this blog. They might contact the do my assignment services if they still need assistance with their assignments or projects.

Different Theories to Study Personality

There are various theories and approaches by famous psychologists that study human psychology. Each definition is different to read, but they all have the same or similar meaning in the end. By reading all of those theories, we can get the best view of psychological behavior. Let us just have a quick recap of the different theories which study human personality.

Freud’s theory:

Sigmund Freud proposed the Freud theory. It suggests that every person has to go through five different personality traits lingual, anal, phallic, hidden, and genital. This theory further states that human behavior is a result of the three developmental mind components known as the id, ego, and superego. Continuous training also has a huge impact on the personality of the person. Theorists such as Adler, Erikson, Jung, and Horney took up Freud’s approach and worked on it. They proposed that social and cultural environments also have a role in developing the personality of a human.

Personality theory of Eysenck’s:

Eysenck’s Personality Theory may not be known to more people, but this theory is observed to be more understandable and approachable. These theories imply that genetics and the brain have a role in shaping personality right from childhood to adulthood. There are five traits of this theory. They are extraversion, introversion, psychoticism, neuroticism, and ego–stability.

Cattell’s 16PF theory:

Raymond Cattell is the founder of Cattell’s 16PF Trait Theory. With reference to the other two theories, he argued that not three or five traits are enough to define the personality or the behavior of any person. There are lots of things to be considered before driving to a conclusion. According to him, there are sixteen traits that may define the mind of a person. Some of these are dominance, independence, empathy, judgment, discretion, conflicts, tenderness, sophistication, brilliance, bravery, awareness, steadiness, and adaptation.

So, these are the three main theories based on personality. Each of them is different from the others and has its own uniqueness to defend. Here, you need to understand one thing: your character is the sum of your environment, society,, and culture. All three things differ from person to person and hence do their personalities. With a detailed study of this, you can get a good idea of personality. To know more about the psychological behavior of a person, you must continue to read this blog further.

Why Personality Is Dependent on Self-Awareness?

Self-awareness and personality are related to one another, and both of these, taken together, can lead to a positive attitude in life. You will make good choices if you have awareness of your negative and positive thoughts. Let us discuss some of the reasons that explain how self-awareness is a determining factor of personality.

  • Self-awareness helps in the sharpening of skills. And if you are aware of your personality and self, then you can work on your weak points to make them better.
  • Understanding more about yourself helps you to be more confident in life.
  • Awareness helps you to build, manage, and motivate your character.
  • Recognizing who we are will help us solve problems and shield us from various stressors and strains.
  • Knowing who we are and what we like will help us to think and act with greater clarity and confidence.
  • It broadens our capacity for tolerance and helps us accept ourselves as we are.
  • It broadens our perspectives and enhances our public image.

The above points make it very clear that if you want to know about your personality, then you must first know about yourself and your qualities.

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Different Types of Personalities

Which character trait am I? Have you ever discovered a solution to this question? Self-awareness is key in determining the answer to this question. Individuals who are conscious of themselves are mindful of their personalities. A person who is self-aware is cognizant of their flaws and strengths, emotions, motives, beliefs, and thinking. They are also able to comprehend and empathize with others readily. Knowing who you are will help you identify personality traits. There are mainly five big personality traits.   You need to have a thorough understanding of them before you can make inferences from it.

1-  Adaptable to new things:

In my opinion, this is the best and coolest of personalities. A person having this type of personality is open-minded enough to experience a broad range of activities and interests. Such people are willing to try the most unusual things in life and are happier. People who have such qualities are said to have an intellectual mind and be sensitive to beauty. Let me give you an example of a student for effective understanding. There are some students who struggle to complete their coursework on their own and score lower marks. While children with these types of personalities easily score good grades by paying someone to do their assignments, in simpler terms, they are the smarter ones.

  • Creative people with great and innovative ideas.
  • Try new things without having any second thoughts.
  • Tackle challenges quite easily.
  • Experience new things.
  • Are expected to be more happier and confident.
  • Think in a different manner.


Individuals who have this trait are careful, thoughtful, and goal-directed. They have a dutiful nature and good control over themselves. People who have a high level of conscientiousness are organized and keen observers. Such people have good planning abilities and consider how their behavior affects others. They can be good team players and leaders and effectively lead their teams toward positive work. It has been noted that actors, doctors, politicians, and writers tend to be of this type of persona.

  • Do a lot of preparing, and take time for making plans.
  • Focused on finishing tasks as quickly as possible.
  • Attentive toward minute details.
  • They have a set schedule for each task.
  • Compleltes their work on time.

3- Extraversion

Such people are highly energetic or, more accurately, get energy when they are exposed to the outside world. People with this personality trait have an enthusiastic and action-oriented personality. These people are social and talkative and represent emotions quite well. These types of people love to be surrounded by a group of people. They are less concerned with their inner selves and more aware of other people and their surrounding environments.

  • Loves to be a center of attention.
  • Confident in meeting new people.
  • Initiate new conversations.
  • Make new friends with ease.
  • A big circle of friends and family.
  • Always energetic even with strangers.
  • Impulsive even while they speak, never think twice.

4- Agreeableness

This is a character type in which people are trustworthy, kind,, and helpful towards others. These people are considerate of others” feelings and generous too. You will find this type of person to have a compromising nature. They will compromise their interests for others. They are the most adored by people and will do anything for others. This is also one of the riskiest types of character because others can exploit you without your knowledge. So if you are an easily agreeable person, be extra careful. 

  • Shows interest in other people.
  • Caring and empathy towards others.
  • Always find happiness in helping others. 
  • Find happiness in social work.
  • Always ready to help those who are in need.

5- Neuroticism

This trait represents sadness, moodiness, and emotional instability in a person. Most students develop this trait due to peer pressure or because unsuccessful relationships with friends or family. Such people remain anxious and and irritated most of the time. If you are one of those people, then you must try to change your nature and, rather than being sad, try to find solutions to your problems. If you are having difficulty understanding your concepts, you can get help from online classes. Learning virtually has become a new norm as it is more efficient and affordable.

  • Experience distress most of the time.
  • Always anxious about various things.
  • Paranoid about different acts.
  • Quick mood shifts.
  • Gets upset or angry easily.

These are the five big personality traits. You will see that each person around you must have one of these traits. In some cases, a single person must have two or more personalities at a time. This is termed multiple personality disorder in general terms. This is a psychological problem in which the person develops different personalities at different times. The reason for this can be childhood trauma or having an emotional connection with another person.

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What Advantages Come From Understanding Your Personality?

Knowing about one’s personality is essential for a person. We are quick enough to judge another person by their looks, dressing style, or language. But how many of us have ever tried to look inside ourselves? Only a few people would have done it as we never give importance to it. But we must not do this in the future, as knowing about ourselves will help us lead a better and more prosperous life.  

The advantages of awareness of self include the following:

1- Identify emotions:

One of the major benefits of self-awareness is that we get knowledge of our emotions. Which feelings do we prefer and which do we find unpleasant? Recognizing our emotions effectively helps us to have full control over our words and thoughts. It also helps us to make sure that we never try to hurt others.

2- Correct self-perception:

Self-perception is a tool that effectively informs us of our behavioral and physiological traits. It makes sense to draw a conclusion to the discussion and prepare for other people’s comments.

3- Know your strength and weakness:

When you know your personality, you will have a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your strengths allows you to strengthen them further. Additionally, if you are aware of your weakness, you can strive harder to turn it into a strength. Students who are aware of these two things are expected to achieve great success in their life.

4- Self-confidence:

When you are having a good idea of strengths and weaknesses, you will be having amazing self-confidence. This will in turn help you to lead to better career opportunities as a students.

5- Responsive to your inquisitiveness:

As a person, we might have a lot of questions in our minds for which we want an answer. But knowing about our personality type can help us find answers to those questions. It also aids in providing solutions to your long-term problems, and, consequently, you can be happier in your life.

These are just a few of the incredible advantages of understanding your true feelings. Your attitude can influence you to make better judgments in life and radically transform your existence.

A Questionnaire on Personality

We have reached the bottom of this blog. You must have garnered an idea of your personality type by now. If you are curious to know about their personalities and want to explore more, then you can take advantage of the different types of quizzes available on the internet. To make it easier for you, we have made a questionnaire section for you to help you with this. By following these questions, you can learn more about yourself. Don’t give up halfway through and be honest in all of your responses.

These following questions will help you to derive your character type. So, without a delay try it out.

  • What do you think about yourself?
  • What will you do when you see a person you know but don’t like?
  • Decide your favorite film genre.
  • Whom do you love the most?
  • What do you hate the most?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • What will you do if someone betrays you?
  • What would you like to eat, liver or cow guts?
  • Why don’t you have a male/female best friend?
  • What would you say in reply when someone says Hello to you?
  • What are your views about yourself?
  • Which career will suit you the best?
  • What will you love to do in the times when you get bored?
  • Which flower attracts you the most?
  • From whom do you get the inspiration?
  • Your favorite type of body workout.
  • Name your zodiac sign.
  • What is your favorite vegetable or place? Why do you like it the most?

I hope you tried to answer this question and were successful. Whatever the response, make an effort to accept it without pressing yourself to do other actions. You risk losing yourself if you copy someone else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the various theories for determining personality?
Answer 1: A person’s behavior can be studied from the perspective of four different theories. Among them are psychoanalytic theory, behavioristic theory, humanistic theory, and psychological trait theory.
Question 2: How can I figure out my true personality?
Answer 2: You must be familiar with the various types of characters if you wish to recognize your genuine character. Quizzes can help you learn new things and uncover your true nature.

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