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What to do if teaching does not Seem to be your calling

not interested in teaching

Investing a significant time in getting degree and working out a job in the same field seems satisfying. However, after some time you realize that the job may not be your cup of tea. You start feeling that job is no longer appealing. How do you propose to move ahead?

Well, it is not an easy thing to work out. Stepping out of the comfort zone takes a lot and being a teacher it becomes even difficult.

It could happen to you, but it is a must for you to take all the steps wisely in such situation as you have to make a decision related to your career. Thus, through this write-up, we will try to tell you what you could do in such situation.

Resign instantly

As a teacher, your job is to teach the young minds. You play a significant role in improving their knowledge as well as skills. Furthermore, you also help them in learning much about the morality.

Hence, if you are in the mood of changing your field, then you should not take much time to resign. It is being suggested because that lack of dedication from your side could result in the students not being able to learn.

Discover what entices you most

Everyone has an interest in something. You may not be any different as well. Look into yourself, try to discover what gives you a kick. Try to find out what comes to your mind when you think of quitting as a teacher.

It will lead you to the right path where you could do the job that entices you. You could also discuss some career options with your family and friends.

Give a thought to your skills

Being into a same profession for years help you understand how can you excel at the job. You may have the knowledge and skills of doing some other work as well. Hence, finding out other skills and exploring yourself can open a few doors. You should use your skills to the utmost level and should do the job that gives you satisfaction.

Teach part time to grow interested in job

One of the reasons you may think of quit being a teacher is the lack of interest. However, it may not be ideal to quit teaching field instantly. You should make all the decisions smartly.

Here, a smart move would be to keep teaching part time. It could prove helpful for you to keep in touch with teaching that could lead to you regaining the interest to teach.

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