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In today’s education system, the whole academic process basically asks for creativity and productivity from the students. Our complete coursework involves assignment writing, dissertation writing and other stuff which demands hard research work from the students. The main purpose of these activities is to bring out the research skills and draw their interest in their course. Many new students who are clueless or lack research skills take help from the assignment help online services. These services make their work easier while saving a lot of their time. However, a student can show up their interest by adopting different research methods in their assignment or dissertation writing.  One of them is- the Case study. But many of us might wonder, what is a case study? It is the best research method to demonstrate the efficiency in your research work. But very few of us knows about its importance.

Hence in this blog, I am hereby introducing you all with the necessary things about the Case study, such as:

  1. What is a Case study
  2. Importance of Case study research
  3. Types of case study
  4. How to write a case study

What is a Case Study?

Once Charles Horton Cooley in his research paper “The life-study method as applied to rural social research” defined the Case study method as:

“Case study depends on our perception and gives clear insight into life directory.”

A case study is a research methodology in which the researcher aims at the intensive study of a group or unit to draw a general conclusion out of it. It is also known as “research strategy,” a specific inquiry of a phenomenon in real- life context. This research method was first introduced in 1829 by an French sociologist- Frederic Le Play. The popularity of case study format has increased in the recent decades. As the word says, the research focuses on a real-life case, describes its problems, and gives a detailed analysis of how the problem is being solved in a sequential process.

Case study method is a descriptive analysis of people, group, event or policies that are studied by using one or more processes. In this method, the researcher takes up an incident from real life context and goes for an in-depth investigation to find out the possible solution to the problem highlighted in the case study example. The researcher focuses on a single case to make detailed observations over a longer period. This is not possible with larger samples without investing lots of money. However, the case study seems quite economical comparatively.

Importance of Case study Research

Be it any subject like- Law, Medicine, Business, or Science; case study research plays a vital role in presenting best assignment or thesis to your professor. In online assignment help services, the writing experts use case studies to present the research work in an impressive way.


Learning from real-life scenarios

Case studies presents examples from real life scenarios. Hence it gives a realistic and complex feeling to the readers. This real-life situation helps the readers to connect themselves with the situation and inspires to find out a solution in their real-life situations.

As the case is discussed in the classroom, it gives an opportunity to the student to evoke their problem-solving technique to find out different solutions for that particular problem.

It focuses on the customers

Case studies are meant to do in-depth research to gather information about a specific group, unit or person specific. Hence, with case study examples customers or readers can get detailed information about the particular subject or topic.

It demonstrates success

in the case study, the researcher gives explicitly detail about everything. He/she goes forward to highlight the problem in a specific case and then describes each step to solve it. Hence it gives a chance to demonstrate success in stressful situations.

It is comprehensive

Unlike the other research methods, Case study research gives an opportunity to the researcher to use various tools and techniques to get a solution to the problem discussed in the case. Hence this gives time and space to the researcher to think on the topic from every aspect.

Hence, until now you got to know what is a case study and its importance. Let’s read further to know about its types.

Types of Case study

A case study is quite useful for the researcher in their early stage, as it gives them an opportunity to explore different ideas, methods, and instruments, and to prepare for a more extensive study. In modern times, case study research is popular not only in the field of sociology, but also in the fields of psychology, education, political science, anthropology, and clinical science.

However, different fields opt for different types of case study. Majorly there are four types of case studies, which as follows:


Illustrative Case studies

This type of case study is mainly descriptive in nature. In this method, the researcher takes up one or two instances from an event to show the set of circumstances and processes that are possible in similar kind of situations. This Case study method is used to make people aware of any situation, which is not well known to them.

Exploratory (or pilot) Case studies

The Exploratory case study primarily focuses on identifying the questions and helps the researcher to choose the method that would be useful, prior to the initial investigation. This method is useful in implementing on a large scale investigation.

This type of case study is commonly preferred in Psychology and Social science. The psychologists try to innovate new methods to help their patients, and hence prefer exploratory case study to find out new theories and ideas.

Cumulative Case studies

This type of case study collects the information from different sources to formulate the case for a new study. The main purpose of this study is that the past studies allow them additional information for their new case without spending much time, efficiency and money on the additional study.

For instance, suppose a researcher wants to work on the topic- “what type of behaviour makes animals comfortable with a veterinarian?” In order to draw a conclusion or sketch out the perfect answer for the question, the researcher would take up some 4-5 real cases. These cases would describe how a vet behaved with their patient. Hence the researcher can easily find out the possible answer for his/her research question. Eventually, this type of research can uncover the differences as well.

Critical Instance Case studies

This Case study method is used when the researcher wants to challenge a commonly set up assumption which can be wrong but cannot get proved due to the lack of critical understanding. It is used to examine the problems that accumulate into larger issues. This method is also useful if there is some special or unique event which got a special interest of the researcher.

Before selecting the type of case study for your research work, it is essential to identify your purpose, goal, and approach to conduct sound and successful research. However, this sometimes may feel difficult for you. Hence, it is advisable to seek help from online websites who offer the best case study service to the folks. The writing experts are proficient in selecting the best suitable case study research method for your topic.

How to write a case study


There are few questions which are quite common among the new researchers. They find it difficult to find out general things about the case study. I have tried to clear a few things about what is a case study and case study template. Now in this section, I am going to discuss how to write a case study. Here are few steps which you need to follow while writing a case study:

1. Determine the case study type

As we discussed in the above section, you are now acquainted with the different types of case studies. Every other field requires a different type of case study research. Hence you must determine the type of research work you are going to take. Before deciding the type of case study you want to demonstrate, it is essential for you to know what is a case study and what type of case study is suitable for your research work.

2. Determine the topic for your case study

Now as you have chosen the type of case study, you should further move to decide your topic. Make sure that the topic is relatable to your subject, and you can find enough sources to help yourself in your research work.

3. Follow the case study template

Once you determine the topic for your case study, you need to follow the following case study format:

Title page

This section contains the title of your work, the name of the author and institution. In general, it let the readers acknowledge your name and the topic of your research.


There are two types of abstract- narrative and structured.

The narrative abstract is the summary of the whole research work. It is presented to give an idea about the content of the research work to the readers.

The structured abstract is used in scientific studies.


This is the first section. Hence the section provides an idea about the topic that is going to be discussed in the research work. It gives a clue in such an interesting way that it tempts the reader to go through the whole work. You can start with introducing the topic. Suppose you are writing on “Different types of case in Social sciences.” You can open the research work with a question such as- what is a case study? This will bring the curiosity in the minds of the readers and they will further go through your research work.


Here the researcher presents the raw information he/she has collected during the case study.


Here the researcher comes up with a plan on how the problem discussed in the topic should be treated.


It is the last section, where the researcher gives his/her own thoughts about the problem discussed and his perception towards it.


This section includes the name of the sources which helped you out during the case study method.

Hence in this blog, we discussed several basic things about the case study, beginning from what is a case study to its importance and types of the case study. I hope this will help you with your research work. Case study format could be a better option for those who can easily process information and can analyze the case study format to understand how it works. It will take less time and efforts for a researcher to complete the assignment quickly. There are several websites which provide service to new researchers to let them complete their case study research. However, if you want to write a case study on your own, you must go through the tips and techniques that are necessary for it.

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