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We have seen that Biology is not an easy subject to handle. It might has more theoretical concepts, however the practical aspects of biology are broad and deep. In simple terms biology is the natural science that is concerned with the study of  life and living organism, including structures , evolution and distribution. This subjects lays the foundation of medical science at high school level , so it becomes important for students to take this subject seriously. If you are looking forward to take biology as your major subject then it becomes important to study this subject with interest at high school level.

let us explore the major area in biology assignment help online. Cell theory is the basic element of biology homework help. So what is cell theory and what is the importance of cell theory ?

According to the Cell theory , fundamental unit of life is cell . All living things are composed of one or more cells or the secreted products of those cells (e.g. shells). Cell multiplies by the process of cell division. In case of multicellular organisms,  a single cell in a fertilized egg  give rise to every cell.Additionally, human body gets energy from the phenomenon of  metabolism. Finally, cells contain hereditary information (DNA) which is passed from cell to cell during cell division.

Apart from cell theory we have another interesting and important area of biology called molecular biology assignment help. It is the branch of biology assignment help that deals with the molecular basis of biological activity. This field of biology is connected with various fields of biology and Chemistry assignment help, particularly genetics and biochemistry. The chief concern of Molecular biology  is to understand the interactions between the various systems of a cell. This also includes the interactions between the different types of DNA,RNA and protein biosynthesis as well as learning how these interactions are regulated.

Third major field of biology assignment help is Genetics. We all know about genetics and heard this term many times. Genetics deals with the trait inheritance from parents to offspring. Trait inheritance includes the molecular structure and function of genes, ,distribution of  gene,  genetic behavior in the context of an organism,variation and change in populations. This genetic system is universal for all living organisms and this field of genetics can be applied to any study of living system. This field includes the study of   plants and bacteria,animals, and humans. The observation that living things inherit traits from their parents has been used since prehistoric times to improve crop plants and animals through selective breeding.

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