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Tricks to improve your memory

Psychology define memory as the process through which we encode, store and retrieve information. Encode means to register, Store means to put it in the permanent memory and retrieve means to recall. This is how the process of memory works for us. We have both kind of people with sharp and blurred memory. There can be medical reasons to justify the reason behind this, however one can follow few steps to improve the memory.

Below are the few tricks that can boost your memory.

1.  Try to Use all your senses

Science has proved the usefulness of using all the senses while reading or learning something. One tends to remember better if one read things aloud, however few people quote it’s better to read things silently.  I would recommend you to try both things and see what works better for you. If we use all the three senses i.e. speaking, listening and reading, our brain process information in a much effective way and we can retain the information for a long time.

2. Repeat to learn better

There is proverb in English”Practice makes it perfect”. If we keep on doing a thing repeatedly, we can master the thing.  There is a scientific concept of motor that explains the effect of repeating an activity, however I will stick to the literal meaning of the practice. Have you ever wondered , how can a Pianist play a piano without even looking at the keys? How can you type without looking at the keyboard?  Or how can you ride a bicycle without even worried about the balancing and pedalling?  Answer to all these questions is same i.e practice.

3. Weave a story to link the concepts

I am sure can recall the stories that you read or listened when you were a kid.  You can recall the things that were associated with the story. We know that Story is an effective way to remember things because it makes multiple parts of brain work together. If you are reading Harry potter you tend to think about the character and make your own perception. Once you try to recall a part of the story you can easily link it up with the character and answer. This is why story can help improve your memory a lot.

4. Group Study

Well, this is the best method that I can recall from my college days . Group of 5 students sitting together , reading and teaching each other about the concepts.  If you read at your own and try to recall everything, you won’t succeed. If you read 30% portion of a chapter and rest being taught by someone else, you can retain it better. This is why group study is better and fun.

5. Concept of keywords

While improving your vocabulary, you must have used mnemonics. Mnemonics are used to associate a word with some keyword or some image. For example,  grovel is a word, which means to kneel. If you want to remember this word , you can relate it to the phrase “If you need to Grow well, you have to grovel in front of your manager”.  Now, you have a picture of a manager and a phrase to remember this word. This is how you can come up with single keywords, phrases to remember something for a long time.

6. Visualization

Have you ever wondered why child loves stories? Why parents and doctors force too much on stories? There is a simple reason behind this. Once you read out a story to a child, it start visualizing the scene. This helps in the development of brain and eventually memory. Few students still believe in the concept of visualization while studying and they perform better at academics and other activities as well. You can also relate visualization with the concept of Keywords. As I pointed out the example of kneeling before a manager, you can retain the meaning of grovel. This is an example of visualization.

7. Focus is the Key

Last but not the least, one of the most important memory tricks that we have discussed so far. I would rather not call this as  a trick. This is a must have thing if you want to learn something, You have to concentrate on the task you have undertaken. There is no doubt that our brain is programmed in such a way that it can handle multitasking, however it is not a recommended process. One should stay focus on a single activity to learn in a effective way. Many students listen to the music, while studying. I think they should do away with such form of learning , if they really want to see a significant improvement.

If you can follow these basic tricks, I can assure you about the improvement in the retaining power.  Do you have any secret learning technique? Why don’t you drop a comment and let us know. Thank you for the time!!

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