How to never give up and give your 100 Percent Until End


It’s exam time and you are about to give up on the studies due to immense pressure? In the current educational scenario, students are involved in high-stakes, year-end standardized examinations. They are going through exam practice as if the year’s education has been over forever. So, how to make sure that you keep doing it in your academic life and enjoy what you do, or never give up on your studies.

I was a student once and it was fullfiling. The challenges I faced through my academics made me enjoy the sessions. I never used the challenges faced as an excuse to give up on my academics, however, I decide that I will never give up and excel in my classes. Here are the few things you must try to figure out a way through classes.

Realize that test is not the end – Do not give up like Tiffany Doggett

  • Do you remember Tiffany Doggett from Netflix hit series Orange is the new black?  She had been the main antagonist in the season 1, however, she turned her personality around by the final season. She had a learning disability and diligently attended educational classes. She prepared well for the entire session and appeared for the final test. She couldn’t get the additional time to write her test and frustrated by the lack of time. You know what happened later? She decided to giver her life away because of the thought of herself as a failure. In the season finale, she scored a “Pass”. That was a great example that practice pays off, but you never have to give up to be at the top of the ladder.

    Never give up

You should know that the test doesn’t get to decide your future It is not the end. You must understand that writing academic assessments is for your personal and academic development.

Enrich your experiences not just academics – Learn how time management can lead to greater development

You should talk to your mentor and guide about the intention of exams and their outcomes. Professors at the universities are understanding more than ever, hence you can get a great guidance. Generally, most of the time, students write standardized tests which never match with their year-long taught education experiences. Hence, you have to talk to your professors about what is being measured from the test. These tests have partial personal importance. It teaches you to handle pressure, be more organized about the time management and working out the things as per the priority.

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Undertake coursework with engaging experiences and group dynamics

Instead of winding down the coursework, you should concentrate on synthesizing the learning into highly engaging activities throughout the year. Now, the time has changed and what matters the most is the empowering yourself with strategies to have a enriched life instead of written content in the books.

You should always lookout for the academic coursework involving group dynamics. The academic coursework at universities works the same way as early childhood development coursework designed for the kids. So, never hesitate to figure out the experience development coursework at university.

For example, Resiliance and Stress Management academic coursework offered by the university of Swineburn Australia help you understand the impact of stress on mind and body. It also teaches you about the ways of reducing  stress and increasing your personal and professional resiliance.

Make Your Summers Holiday a Refreshing Experience – Summer Holiday Ideas For enriching experience

Exams are done and dusted, we have to wait for the results , however, treat yourself for the hardwork done in the entire semester. Personal development doesn’t stop after college semester, it is an ongoing process. So what is the right approach to keep evolving?

You need to set objectives for the summer. Is stting idle for the two months a good option ? I don’t think as there are numerous summer holiday ideas to pursue. You should give attention to the social, emotional and physical corners of development during summer holidays. Socialize with people at sports clubs, maybe go for some skill development programs like arts and speaking courses.

You should also aid parents to move beyond and explain them what you plan to do in your summer holidays. Parents who can afford paying for the extracurricular activities should understand what fits the child objective.


You read about the stress, exams, time management and summer vacation ideas. So, what is the most important takeaway of yours ? Is it the self development at university or enjoying your summer vacations to beat the stress? Doesn’t matter what methodology you adopt , the only goal is never give up. You might feel depressed at a given point, but it all heals with the time and your consistent effort. You can always distract your mind with the great and involving activities without bothering yourself with the stress. Feel free to drop a comment and your ideas.

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