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“The Class”- A movie to Teach and Inspire


There are many films on teaching that got applaud of the audience and also got many awards. But the class is somewhat different from other films that focus on teaching. This film is based on the autobiographical novel by a teacher called Francois Begaudeau and was directed by Laurent Cantet.

It is a story that revolves around a French language and literature teacher named Francois Marin. He enters the school in the new academic year and starts the tough process of reaching out to the students in his class. In this process of reaching out to them, he comes face to face with many problems such as teen violence, education barriers within the group as well as ethnic tensions between classmates and his patience as well as resolving skills get tested.


The film shows various conflict between teacher and student, but if we discuss the best scenes, then those would be the ones showing interactions between the teacher Francois and three students called Souleymane, Khoumba and Esmeralda. Watching these scenes, you can come to know that these three students direct much anger and frustration towards Francois when he tries to reach out to them. Even if he gets success in reaching out to Soulemayne but other students or dominant social environment milieu hinders his progress. Thats why Francois loses his cool sometimes and ends up making derogatory remarks on the students that leads to Francois losing his authority.


Many teachers make these mistakes because they lack the experience of dealing with varied cultures of the students, and this film tries to show how Francois, other teachers and students struggle with their different cultures and value systems. This French film is something that can be a relevant example for the countries like US. Reason? Well, you already know that US is a country where you can find multicultural classes in many schools. Lots of students from Asia and Africa study in the US. So, these students and teachers could also feel the same difficulty because of the cultural difference, and this film could be a good platform for them to learn.


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