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Six Standard Approaches for Co-Teaching


In recent times, education standards have evolved much, and much significance is being given to give better learning experience to the young students. From special students to normal ones, all the students need special attention to make the learning effective.

It could be tiresome one teacher at times, so to reduce the workload of the teachers and upgrade the quality of teaching, exists the co-teaching. Let’s discuss the six standards approaches for teaching in this article.

One teach, one observe

It is a must for the teachers to observe the students and find out the best ways to help them learn quickly. This approach of co-teaching could enable you to so effectively.

In this method, you could teach the kids, and your co-teacher could observe them. According to the observation, you can make strategies for the next lessons, and there is no doubt you will see improvements both in your teaching and students’ learning.

One teach and another assist

It is also one of the finest technique for co-teaching. Here, you can teach the students the main lesson from the whiteboard, and another teacher could help the children in understanding the lesson individually.

It will allow you to be free from having to revise whatever you teach in the class. It will also help you in saving quality time.

Parallel teaching

At times, you may have to teach a class with a large number of students. It could get tough for you to teach them the way you wish.

Parallel teaching method allows you to divide the class into two groups. The next thing is simple, you teach a group a lesson, and the same lesson is taught by the other teacher to the other group.

Station teaching

The station teaching is an approach in which you can divide students and content. You and your co-teacher, then teach the content to one group of kids and repeat the same for the other students from another group.

Alternative teaching

There could be some children in your class who may not be able to get the hang of a lesson easily and need special attention. Using this method, you can make a group of the students with special needs and can focus on those kids as another teacher teaches the standard students.

Team teaching

You can call this approach of co-teaching as tag team teaching as well. Here, you and teaching partner teach the one lesson to one class at the same time. It could be complicated, but having a good tuning with your co-teacher could help you much.

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