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Use PEEL paragraph to write perfect essays


Are you tired of trying to pen down a perfect essay? Well, If all your efforts are going in vain and your essays are not going up to the mark, then I have a solution for you. I will tell you all about PEEL Paragraph writing. Believe me! This is the best way to make a way to write down the best essay…

Once you know PEEL paragraph aptly, you will find yourself in a better position. Keep all the required information ready to start your own writing based on the PEEL structure. If you don’t have the information and find it a difficult thing to do, let the expert do it. You can go for online assignment help and get new insights into the topic.

Now, we should move back to PEEL Paragraph again. Let’s start with a quick overview:

-The meaning of PEEL paragraph

-Description of PEEL paragraph

-Why write an essay in a formal tone

-How to write an essay in a formal tone

Here’s the meaning of P.E.E.L.


PEEL paragraph is the real gut of an essay. It is something which gives you an idea to perform with perfection. It is something through which you can explore your thoughts and opinions to a great length. Though a PEEL structure, you can also showcase your arguments and evidence to support your thoughts and opinions. Plus, you will find yourself in a hassle-free situation. This is why PEEL paragraph writing is preferred by many writers.

Let me explain to you a bit more. Suppose your essay comprises of about five paragraphs. Every paragraph would have to be of a minimum of four sentences. It will need (1) The main point (2) An evidence (3) Explanation and (4) A link.

This is where the name ‘PEEL paragraph’ comes from. You should ensure that every paragraph has its own argument, which then connects links back to the overarching Main Topic. You must be exploring an argument.

PEEL Paragraph Definition


The PEEL paragraph approach is a way to help students’ writing process by giving a structure. Mainly, PEEL paragraph introduces the main topic which you’re going to convey and tells your reader what the paragraph is going to discuss.

Here’s an example of PEEL Paragraph writing

Christiana remains neutral in the story. This is what by the end showcases a failure of her kindness and valour. Though Christiana is polite to Augustus, showing him around the school. Also introducing him to Beecher Prep, she never goes out of her way to be kind to him or demonstrate friendship. Although Christian might wave hello, and acknowledge his presence, she does not shake Augustus’ hand or sit with him in class or will engage him in conversation.

This is demonstrated on the first day of Mr Browne’s class when Christian gives Augustus “her little wave down at a desk in the front of the class.” Later in the story, after she tells James Will about the story between James and Julian, Christian “look right and life outside the door to make sure no one saw her,” which Augustus concludes is because “she didn’t want to be seen with [him].” If Christian wanted to help Augustus, she could have demonstrated her courage by being seen in public or helping him in different ways that provided her kindness to the rest of Beecher Prep. Thus, it doesn’t matter what information Christian may pass the information along to Augustus, behaviour towards him ultimately lacks in kindness.

Time to know PEEL paragraph in a detailed manner



Hereby we are talking about the main point. It should reflect in the very first paragraph. It is always better to express it in the first sentence of the paragraph. By the time the reader has finished understanding the main point of your essay, they should be ready to get into the details.

Start your essay in a way that the central argument can express the main point of your text. It is the very beginning of your essay, and this part should provide an argument to it. 

Present it in a way that readers can connect with it. Remember that this is something around which your whole essay revolves.


When you have put forward a view or an opinion, you have to support it with some evidence. You need to do this to provide a strong base to what you are saying. As I told you earlier, you have to make the readers believe your point and opinion. So, this is the part which will do the same.

Evidence is not something which needs a lot of efforts or hectic research. You just have to work smarter. Give a quick thought that what is the thing around you which can prove your argument right. It can be something from the book from which you are studying. Evidence can also be an excerpt from a poem, story, novel or anything like that. You can use historical reference as well.


In the next sentence, you will require to explain on your main point and the evidence you have provided. Explain what you want to convey in detail. I am asking you to do to give it a more specific focus. This is the point where you can go for using some factual statements and support details which you can’t use in your first lines.

Time to question yourself

What is the main topics which you want to convey? Think and know the points on which you want to argue? Ask yourself what do you exactly mean by your words?

While writing down an essay, you should keep one thing in your mind that it is very very important to make your readers believe in your words. This is because, if at any time your readers will feel that they are not connecting with what you are saying, they will back off. Don’t be stressed by the term “evidence.” It is generally used in legal terms, and there, it has a certain complexity around it. Here, we are talking of evidence in literary terms. Finding out literary evidence is not a tough thing to do. It can be a relevant quote. It can also be a saying of experts.

This is the best part of the essay where you get a chance to convey your part fully. You have already forwarded your view or an argument. This is the time when you have to support and justify them. You have to back your own claims with stern evidence. This has to be done to show the readers that you are right.


Now, we just have to work on the last step of the PEEL paragraph. At last, you must have to give your essay a linking sentence. A linking means something which can connect back to the main point.

There are some key things which you must not ignore while working on this last aspect of PEEL Paragraph. Here, you can know them:

– A linking sentence must summarize the paragraph in a sentence or two. It should be able to give an overall essence of the paragraph to your readers.

– It should be able to connect with the main point of your essay. Your readers must be driven back from where you started.

Focusing on the linking part is important because of simple reasons. An essay is not a short narrative; it doesn’t go like a story where the reader stays equally connected from the start to end. The essay deals with a different thing in each changing paragraph. As you already know in the beginning you just express the main point; then in the next paragraph, you move to provide facts and evidence. The other deals with the explanations.

I am trying to say that readers get too many things to grab and this is why they can get confused or feel left away if there will be no linking. So, if you want your readers to connect with your essay until the end. If you want them to reach a conclusion on their own, then you must focus on linking.

Why you should use PEEL paragraph


-For use the evidence in the right way.

-To keep the focus on the main topic.

-For balanced use of existing information.

There is something you must know

I am not done yet! There is another thing which you must know while writing down an essay. Yes! I told you that PEEL paragraph is the best thing to reckon upon, and there is no doubts in that.

But, what I have to tell hereby is the way to write your essay. I mean PEEL paragraph is about the structure of your essay. It is about keeping your essay focused. It keeps you organized. But, there must be something for the content too. You must focus on that aspect as well.

To focus on the writing aspect, I have just one tip to share with you. Believe me; this one thing is enough to keep the content part right. Before lifting your pen or turning on the laptop, set your mind that you are going to write a formatted piece.

This is something that helps you write in the right manner. An essay needs to be formal. It is not a story; it is not like any other narration. You can choose absolutely any topic for writing down an essay. But, you must keep it formal.

Why write in a formal manner?

When you write an essay, you should know that it is a formal thing to write. Thus, you should be prepared to write it in a formal way.

If you are not getting it this way think the way encyclopedia entry is written. Think about any rule-book which you may have studied till now. Understand the tone which the writers use in such writings and try to follow them. Because this is how you can learn to write in a formal way. This is how an essay needs to be written.

Write down your essay in this tone, and you will love your words.

I am giving you an example here as well! ! Go through them to get the concept right!

Understand better with examples

Example 1

We consider that James is a nice person and it’s like he can manage a lot of things that bend us to believe that he is one of the best boys in the class, we know that there are some people who can demoralize him for being a poor and weak background.

Example 2

James is an efficient person, who must overcome the challenges presented by his age, financial and social circumstances

The two examples mentioned above convey the same information. Can you point out the difference?

The difference is that one of them portrays information in a better way than the other one. You can see that the first example is a bit lengthy and barely reach any stern conclusion. On the contrary, the second one is precise and easy to read. Plus, it conveys a conclusion to such a short statement.

I hope the difference is clear to you by now. Here, I provided you with three or four lines as an example, and we observed the information was better when it was served in a precise manner. Now just imagine a full-fledged essay in the format of the first example. You will get an unorganized essay which goes near to a story and ends in an unclear conclusion… Isn’t it the same?

Now when you know why an essay needs to be written in a formal tone, write accordingly from the next time you start an essay.

How to write an essay in a formal tone?

Step 1: Use the ” Third person”

Do remember that you can not write in the first person (I, me, we, my, mine, etc.) and in the second person (you, etc.). Your whole text should be in the third person narrative, i.e., he, she, it, names/ nouns)



It could not be argued that…

I suppose that…

This can be seen when…

In my view…

The speaker’s words express that…

You observe this while…

              An instance of this…

Let us focus on…

        A vital change occurs when…

When we study…

Step 2: Avoid using contractions

A contraction is where two words are joined, and one or more letters are replaced, removed instead by an apostrophe. You should avoid using contractions in an essay. Try to write the words out in full in place of contractions. This is also one of the best ways to make your writing appear more formal.




that is


did not


can not


they have


are not


it is

Tip: Keep one thing in your mind that you have to use apostrophes. You can not remove them from the text completely.

Step:3 Don’t write the way you speak!

While writing an essay, you must not write in the way you speak. This is because usually, we speak in a casual or less formal way. But when you are writing down an essay, this is something which should be a big NO to you. You must not simply write your essay as if you are talking about it to a friend. The essay is not written in a conversational tone.

There are many things around you which are written in a formal way: rulebooks, reports, textbooks, etc. There must be some people around you who speak in a formal way, such as a police officer or a strict teacher or your principal. Avoid casual sayings, like “she was dead meat,” “it was a cherry on the cake,” etc.

How to check your performance?


Now, that we have discussed enough how to write a perfect essay. PEEL paragraph and formal writing are genuinely the best concepts to follow. Go for it, and you will surely come up with the best essay.

But, don’t you think there must be something to check out your performance. We all do mistakes, and there must be a way to proofread them. Well, there are many professionals out there to help you out. You can just go for assignment help online. But, hereby, I am not pointing out the typos and grammatical errors which proofreaders can rectify. I am talking about the content.

I am asking you to check out the right way to use PEEL paragraph. Check out whether your essay was built as per the right structure or not.

Thinking how to do it?

Well, this is not which requires a lot of efforts. It is just a 4 step process. Or you can also consider it as a questionnaire as well. Just complete it and assure yourself that you have not left any step.


Have I presented the main point in a perfect way?


Have I provided the right evidence which supports the main point?


Have I explained the main point and evidence enough?


Do the paragraphs are interconnected to each other?

Answer these four questions, and it will tell you whether you went in the right direction or not.


We have reached the end of this blog, let’s get an overall summary quickly. With a motive of learning the right way to write a perfect essay, we went into the details of PEEL paragraph. From the meaning to its examples, we revolved around the details on how to write a PEEL paragraph. By doing all this, we got to know that PEEL is a structure which helps to organize an essay. Also, it helps to keep the focus on presenting and supporting the main idea without leaving any crucial fact.

After this, we oversaw a distinct yet relevant topic which was about a formal way of writing. This is because when it comes to a perfect essay, the narrative tone matters a lot. We discussed three steps on how to write an essay in a formal way and got the essence of this blog post. Hope you understood the concepts well and ready to pen down a perfect essay.

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