Writing a PEEL Paragraph

Peel Paragraph

Still, gazing at your essentials and don’t know how to start? where to start? what to start? This is the most challenging part for all of us, “To Start”. It is very common for all of us until and unless we have not started writing any essay assignment or any work. We find it very tough and if in that state of mind we start writing even though we try to put all our efforts and then to our assignment will not be up to the mark. To pull you up from this challenge someone sat down to think a lot and then came up with the idea of PEEL Paragraph. Along with this, an expert of allassignmenthelp.com has poured it into words for you.

peel paragraph definition

If you haven’t heard about what is peel writing then let’s discuss further it and know exactly how you should structure it and make your essay look perfect.

What is PEEL Paragraph?

P- Point

E- Evidence

E- Example

L- Link

peel paragraph

Through the PEEL writing, approach writers write the essay by following a particular structure. Writing through PEEL structure will help the writers to express their thoughts and opinions to the readers easily. If the writer expresses his opinion and thoughts in a particular manner then it will become easy for the readers to understand. 

So try to convey your thoughts structurally and logically by following the given structure.  

Overall, PEEL Writing is a process of giving a proper structure to your writing.

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How to Write a Good PEEL Paragraph

Let’s have a brief understanding of what does PEEL understands for.

Before writing any essay you must know that planning and research are always important parts of writing.

peel paragraph

Consider the following points for writing a good essay-:


Before the beginning of any paragraph start with the main point in the real sentence of the paragraph. If you will start like this then it will be easy for the writer to understand your point of view. The writer will get an idea of your essay’s theme try not to add any irrelevant information because through this point reader will understand your next line or what you want to convey further so be clear to the audience. If you will add some other things that are not connected to your points directly then there might be chances that the reader will lose interest in your writing.

Your paragraph should be directly connected to your topic to give a clear aspect.

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After completing your argument and your points you must state your next paragraph for providing crucial proof and evidence that will support your argument. You can state your argument through any fact, data, newspaper editorial, magazine, etc. If you will provide the supporting evidence then it will make the reader easily believe you without any second thought of your topic.

But before writing the evidence make sure you have done the proper research and have vast knowledge, your evidence should not support rumors but totally on facts. If you have any doubts regarding PEEL Paragraph you can always take help from our expert assignments writers.


Your next paragraph involves an explanation of all the points you have made. And about the evidence that you have stated in the second paragraph of your essay. You should keep in mind that while you give your explanation your arguments and your evidence should be supportive and you should give proper explanations of each point.


This is an important point while writing your essay. Make sure that when your first paragraph ends the second one should start with the connection of the first one. There should be a flow of discussion amongst each paragraph that makes it look consistent. This will hold your reader’s interest in your writing and he might not feel that you are lacking from your topic. 

Techniques for Writing a PEEL Paragraph

While writing an essay if you know the right techniques to follow then it will be easy for you to write a flawless and perfect essay. 

Here is a short checklist that you can use while implementing the PEEL method in your essay

Planning of your Essay

This is a basic yet important point in your essay. Writers’ biggest mistake is that they don’t plan for their essay and just begin their writing. This makes them struggle more in their writing and they lack to deliver a good essay. 

So before you start writing, always draft an outline for your essay “where you will start, which argument you will use, which evidence you will give, how you will connect your paragraphs” everything. 

This will help you to deliver a good thought while you write and you won’t struggle more for finding the essentials.

Writing of your topic

After your planning, bring out the idea and introduce it to your reader directly in a sentence. Your sentence should address the question that provides an idea of the theme of the essay and that helps you to develop further details by providing some specific examples. 

Try to avoid using pronunciation while writing your essay unless you are writing a personal essay. Make sure you choose the perfect topic for the essay because it will help your readers to gain interest in your topic.

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Choosing the best example

If you will add supportive and best examples then your topic sentence will add value to your essay. But if you are not providing a piece of evidence to support your topic then it won’t be made valuable. While you conduct your research make sure that you find several examples and evidence that will support your topic sentence. While choosing the example try to choose that as a deep understanding of the issue or fact that you are raising.

Try explaining your example into a full sentence

When you present your example and your PEEL paragraph make sure that your sentence carries the most information. Try to put your sentence in a manner that it does not sound out of the context to the readers. Your only aim is to make sure that your readers gain a full understanding of what your example wants to convey. 

In this, you will need to clarify your reasons why you choose such an example, what meaning is your example conveying, and how your reader will read it. You should use at least two to three sentences to explain your whole example.

Your linking statement. 

When you end the paragraph with a sentence make sure that your next paragraph starting sentence should link your previous paragraph. Your sentence should connect your paragraph with a wide argument or with a concluding statement that will summarise your context and the idea that you have presented and then try to frame it in a broader argument you are trying to develop. 

Try to avoid using your Speaking Language

While you write your essay never use the language that you use while speaking your thoughts. There is a big difference while conveying your thoughts orally and verbally. Try to use a formal writing tone and avoid using your conversational tone. Additionally, our high-quality assignment writing service can help you a lot in your assignments.

peel paragraph

Searching for a few Samples for PEEL Paragraph

Before you begin your writing try looking for few samples that will provide you with a clear idea that you require while writing.

For example-

Volcanic activity occurs around the pacific ring of fire because many destructive plate boundaries are located here. One example is the destructive boundary between the continental South American plate and ocean Pacific plate which has formed the Andes mountains. The denser oceanic plate is subducted underneath the continental plate and melts as it falls into the hot mantle. Magma then rises through the continental plate and is erupted through the volcanoes at the surface. The destructive boundaries all around the pacific ring of fire are the reason for high volcanic activity.

Example Source- Virtuallibrary.info

Important tips to keep in mind while writing your essay and using PEEL paragraphs.

 While you write your essay always keep in mind that you should use a formal tone. You are writing an essay and not a story so it should follow a formal manner, unlike other narrations. When you are writing your essay in a formal tone always try to use the third person tone. For example, when you want to explain your point of view you can begin your sentence like “this can be seen when”. 

Try to avoid the usage of contractions instead replace the letters with an apostrophe. For example, if you are writing “that is” then try writing “that’s”. 

Yet last but not least don’t use the language that you use while speaking.

Advantages of using a PEEL Language

As we have discussed earlier that while you write your essay through PEEL paragraph it will allow you to structure your essay in a logical manner so that while writing you can give attention to each and every paragraph.

  •  PEEL paragraph will improve the effectiveness of your essay
  •  While you use PEEL structure it will help your readers to understand your theme in a more easy way and they did not lose interest while reading.
  •  Through PEEL structure you can write your essay in a continuous flow of your idea that gives the reader better understanding.
  •  This will ensure that your essay is accurate and up to your point.
  •  Overall PEEL structure will help you to get good grades.

Finally checking your performance in PEEL Paragraph

This is the most important aspect of your writing because through this you will ensure that you have written your essay to an optimum level.

  • Try to find out that you have discussed your all-important points in a structured manner.
  •  Be sure that you have provided the correct evidence that goes to the support of your topic and important points.
  • Take a look that you have explained your evidence and examples up to the mark, so that you readers can relate everything quickly.
  • Have a brief look at your paragraphs and be confident that you have connected and interlinked all your paragraphs correctly and efficiently. This will maintain a correct flow of your writings and your content will not lack proper writing.

Let’s have a Quick Summary About What PEEL Paragraph is all about

When you wish to write your essay with the motive of learning you should know the details of PEEL writing. From its meaning to the examples you will need and how to put details while in your PEEL writings. Through this manner, you will understand that PEEL writing will let you write a complete and structured essay. It will let you keep the focus on presenting your topic without losing any important facts. Don’t forget that while you write your essay you should use formal language rather than any narrative language used for speaking. 

By following the above steps you can write your perfect essay in one go. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you write a peel paragraph?
You can write in different steps. Just refer to the above blog for detailed knowledge.
Q2. What is Peel LoL?
The peel meaning in LoL refers to the action of protecting another member of your team from the enemy.
Q3.What are Peel supports?
When a squishy champion is attacked by an enemy champion, Peeling means to help the squishy champion get rid of the attackers.

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