How parents helping with homework can build a better future for their kids


What is the issue which lowers students’ interest in homework as they grow up? Have you ever given a thought? One of the reasons is that the parents helping with homework often get over-immersed in their kids’work. This extra interest of parents often backfires and impacts their kids overall performance. 

So, all parents out there, if you are facing relevant issues, stick to this article and know how much help will actually help. 

Things that parents helping with homework should not do


“While helping my child with homework I realized that I am doing it all myself”. This is what a parent shared and asked how not to do this. If you also often find yourself doing your kid’s homework then stay connected as I will tell you how to provide healthy help without solving everything yourself. 

There is a very thin line between guiding students and doing their work. If you are doing even a small portion of the homework, then you are not helping your kid in any way. What you are doing can surely be called a “disservice” but not “help”.

Almost every parent around me is focused on their kid’s study routine. After having a long day at the workplace, they still manage to discuss (mostly argue) about the assignments and homework. Now, after observing a lot of relevant study results I can assure that an overly-immersed parent is not a good thing for a kid. The reason is that such parents tackle most of the issues themselves and students stop worrying about their own work. At a time when your kids are in need of being independent, your parental interest makes them dependent. Here is something that all parents helping with homework need to understand.

Don’t sit beside while your kid is doing homework and answer all the questions along with correcting the errors

When you keep on hovering on him you are giving him a feeling that your presence is mandatory. Kids feel that they can not do their homework without constant support.

Don’t keep on nagging if your kid is not studying until they don’t sit on their study table.

Learning responsibility is a cornerstone of education, but you cannot teach her by nagging. If a kid is not studying on-time a whining parent can not make the situation better.

Don’t push to study one night before a test

If you are habitual of forcing kids to study the whole syllabus one night before the test, quit this habit as soon as you can. The human brain never does magic and your kid is no exception. You should not expect her to grab the best grades with overnight preparation.

Don’t stay in the room to listen to a constant whining about tough or boring homework

“This problem is super-tough”, “I can’t do math” etc. are common statements by students. Many parents helping students with homework complaints that their kid whins a lot. Don’t be there to listen to such whins. Just leave your child alone, if she will not have someone who can hear the problems, she will steadily strive to find the solution. Students often find out useful online assignment help as well.

Don’t work on school homework, assignment or project until the end is perfect

Teachers assign projects, assignments and homework to students so that they can apply the knowledge they have gained in class. When students see that parents and homework are going well together, they don’t take the lead. As a parent, you may want to wow your kid’s teacher but try your best to not to stay extra-involved if you really want to make homework easier for her.

How parents doing kids homework can actually help


Now, you have read the don’ts for all the parents helping with homework, so, it’s time to know what you can do to replace the above listed “don’ts”

Do stay around your studying kid while completing your regular chores instead of sitting next to him.

To make your kid feel confident, stay busy in your work. If you will not be there to correct every mistake in a minute, he will try to solve it on his own. You can definitely point out the mistakes, but don’t make it obvious for him to rely on you as an ultimate correcting guide. When he asks you something you can provide hints. This way you can prove to be the best homework helper.

Do make a strict yet sorted daily routine which reduces or removes wastage of time. Make him follow a no-nonsense routine.

Try to put him in a flexible yet strict schedule for all major tasks. Your kid also needs time to freshen up and you should respect that space. Other than this, make sure that kids don’t waste their time unnecessarily. Set up a routine for her and make sure that she follows it every day. If you want you can ask her to use time management tools like Evernote to keep a track of things.

If your child is turning into a social media buff you need to go one step further. Motivate her to cut out the distractions until the homework is done. There is nothing bad in saying “you can’t use your phone without completing the homework”. Trust me it will bring better results. You can tell her to use apps like StayFocused for this purpose.

Do introduce time management skills to your young ones, tell them to prepare for an upcoming task a few days prior to it.

Instead of expecting your kid to learn everything a night before tests and exams, push him to prepare early. Don’t be harsh while teaching time-management because scolding will not do any good to them. Try to explain things in a convincing way. For doing so you can go for printed calendars. They work very well to remind about deadlines, your kid will have a visual appearance of upcoming tests and this will push him to work better. Also, you can recommend 2DO so that it becomes easy to remember things for him.

Do move away from a whining kid and later on provide homework help.

If your kid is complaining that a homework topic is too hard to handle or she is bent upon hating some specific subjects, try to ignore that whining. It does not mean that you should not help her with homework issues, all I am suggesting is to leave her alone for a while. When kids don’t find someone to listen and argue with them over academic issues, they ultimately work on finding solutions.

Once your young one stops whining and gets into the working mode, come to her rescue. You can actually guide her with subjects and specific questions. For example, if she says math is beyond her understanding, you can provide her easy ways to understand math.

Do let your young one take the lead of school projects, assignment and homework.

Imagine your kid makes a project after putting a lot of effort, she gets no help from you and still manage to score well. Is there anything which can beat the happiness she will have afterwards? No, Right? So, let her explore things on her own. If she needs homework help online then guide her with better options.

The best way to be like ideal parents helping with homework is to provide valuable suggestions when she finishes the work. Provide specific feedback and not something generic. Try to be descriptive while addressing her errors.

Parents helping with homework in a positive way always motivate and encourage kids to perform better. Try to be an ideal helper.

Useful tips that parents helping with homework should know

Get in touch with teachers

This is the best thing you can do to help your child. Meet the teachers at particular intervals. Share what are the issues your kid is facing in understanding specific topics or subjects. Also, ask for a detailed performance report of your kid so that you can know the points where he has improved and where he needs to work hard. The interaction of parents and teacher always plays a crucial role in children’s development.

Give them time to relax!

Parents helping with homework focus on the academic life of students to a great length. You may also be an aware parent, but are you a doting mother or father as well? If you think you are lacking somewhere then let you and your kid relax. Don’t let yourself move towards helicopter parenting at all. It can bring completely negative results. Play with your child, tell him that assignments can be solved in a hassle-free way. Ask whether he needs help or not. By doing such things, you can be a real support to your kid.

Don’t let them take the stress!

It has been observed by multiple studies on student behaviour that unaccomplished tasks and tough topics cause stress. Try to figure out whether your child is going through anxiety or tension just because some concepts are hard to handle. If you see any signs of anxiety and low confidence, try to fill the gap. You can bring some cool yet useful brainstorming apps to kids so that they can enjoy learning. In case your kid has already reached a stage of depression, don’t hesitate to walk towards counselling.

Be a guiding friend!

The best parents helping with homework guide their kids in a calm way. They explain mistakes and provide ways to avoid them. For doing so, you don’t need to work hard. Just check the assignment solutions or homework solutions of your child on a regular basis and discuss the errors with him. These things make students more aware and attentive while doing their homework.

Remember you are not a school teacher

I have seen that parents helping with homework often turns out to be a teacher. There is nothing bad in being in so, but the issue is that you will teach her in the way you were taught once. Due to the psychological understanding, you will naturally teach her like your teacher. Parents don’t even realize that they are teaching kids in a method which is completely alien to them because study patterns evolve with time. Try to help them as per the current study schedule. Having regular interaction with teachers will let you know about it. If you find it tough to do, you can simply rely on online homework help websites as well.

Appreciate your kid

This is something you should never miss. There are some things that your kid can get only from you and self-confidence is one of them. The kind of enthusiasm and self-reliance your appreciation can give him is rare to find. Appreciate his efforts and you will see a huge positive change in his urge to perform better. All the parents helping with homework should understand that it matters a lot.

Why parents helping with homework has become a regular affair?

I have seen some parents confused whether they are doing right or not. For all such people, I have curated a few major reasons why your help is needed by kids and how it is beneficial for them.

As the academic life grows kids get back home with more homework, and they often need guidance. So, if you find your kid shouting for your assistance, go ahead and help. It’s completely fine if you guide your children on issues which they are not able to comprehend. There are a lot of good helpers online to solve your kid’s homework related issues. But, if you can manage to take out some time to help them with their study nothing can beat that personal support.

Here are some reasons why you should help children with homework:

  • Some times students are over-burdened with academic tasks and it becomes tough for them to handle it all alone.
  • Parental support in education is extremely vital for students. In the initial years of learning, you should definitely be a helping hand and a cheerleader for your kid.
  • There can be few subjects or topics which can be hard to understand for your kids. Their school teacher cannot be there to provide help at home, so you should be there.

However, you can also rely on professional homework experts for this if you are having a super-busy schedule. It is okay if you cannot provide a full-fledged help to your children for a while but make sure you ask their issues and try to solve them.

It is very obvious and natural that you would jump in to help if you see your kid struggling and you should. Just make sure you don’t end up in doing all the homework yourself as it makes kids heavily dependent on parents helping with homework. 

By Susan White

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