Need of Effective Communication Skills in Today’s World


It is believed that humans are the most advanced species due to their ability to communicate effectively. So, what are these skills that made us greater than the rest of the organisms on this planet? You may think, what’s the big deal? Isn’t it just talking?  Well, it is not. Did you know, that Effective Communication skills are the most demanded soft skills that employers are looking for in their employees. With strong Effective communication skills, you can excel everywhere from school to office to your personal life. Despite communication appearing to be simple, when we try to express ourselves with others, there is always the possibility of misunderstanding, which can lead to conflicts and disappointments in personal or professional relationships.

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Why Effective Communication Skills Is Important?

The answer is pretty simple. We are receiving, sending, and processing a great amount of information every second in today’s world. Communication skills are not just about words that come out of your mouth. It deals with every thought, expression, gesture, written material including emails, essays, and this blog itself.

Successful communication involves more than just sharing information. It also necessitates comprehending the emotions underlying that information.

Successful communication can strengthen relationships in both personal and professional settings. It helps us understand the perspective and views of people better.

Effective communication skills are required everywhere. Whether you are a student, a working professional, a budding entrepreneur, or a homemaker. 

Let us take a look at how it is important in all walks of life.

Effective Communication Skills for Students

Good friendships are made on good communication. Effective communication can help in the establishment and maintenance of a safe learning environment in which students can thrive, prosper, and learn. It boosts confidence and builds better relations with peers and Teachers. 

Also, u must be knowing that most colleges require students to write an essay and a personal interview to get admission. Now, this is one of their method where they check how effectively you communicate your future goals, past life, and learnings.

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Efective Communication for Working Professional.

Around 74% of employees have the feeling that they are missing out on important information at work. It does not matter if you are an employer or an employee communication is equally important for both.

It is observed that employers who successfully communicate the company’s values and business goals to their employees have significantly lower turnover rates. Employees expect their leaders to understand them and want to receive continuous feedback on their work and to be able to find the information they require quickly.

Also, for employees, it is important to clearly state their opinion, views, deliver project reports, emails, and grievances as well. There are numerous things which I can write here but that’s not the matter we are discussing. The goal is to understand how majorly it affects your work.

Great communication can build strong employee engagement and make the workspace a healthy environment to thrive and nurture your skills.

Effective Communication Skills in general Life

In your personal life, good communication skills can help you understand and be understood by others, which can improve your personal relations. Communication is also important in larger family relationships, whether you want to plan a party or have a life-changing decision in your life.

It plays a significant role in resolving conflicts and preventing future ones from arising.

Communication that includes providing constructive feedback allows people to feel heard and understood. As a result, mutual respect grows and creates a safe and nurturing environment.

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Some Stats That Will Show How Important It Is to Effectively Communicate

  • 57 percent of employees say they are not given clear instructions (HR Technologist)
  • 82 percent of employees do not believe their boss will tell the truth (Forbes)
  • Over 80% of Americans believe that employee communication is critical to building trust with their employers (Slideshare)
  • Sixty-three percent of millennials believe their leadership abilities are not being developed (HRPA)
  • 37 percent of managers are hesitant to provide direct feedback on their employees’ performance if they believe the employee will react negatively to the feedback (Harvard Business Review)
  • In a recent Interact/Harris Poll, 91 percent of 1,000 employees said their leaders lacked one critical skill: effective communication (Inc.)
  • However, more than 60% of employers believe that applicants lack sufficient communication and interpersonal skills to be considered for jobs (Business Time)
  • Relationships are the most important factor in generating new business for 98 percent of top salespeople (Salesforce)
  • When management provides regular updates on company news, 85 percent of employees say they are most motivated (Trade Press Services)
  • Employees believe a communication gap could have serious business consequences, such as low staff morale (61 percent), confusion for the company’s clients or customers (60 percent), and business loss (31 percent ) (Source: HR Magazine)

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How to Develop Effective Communication Skills?

The methodology you choose will be determined by the objective you want to achieve as well as your personality. Not everyone needs to develop the same skills. Some are good at something and some at anything other. 

For you, we have compiled the top 5 ways to develop effective communication skills.

Listen and Not Just Hear

You may wonder, aren’t listening and hearing the same thing? Let us understand the difference.

Webster dictionary explains hearing as the “process, function, or power of perceiving sound; specifically: the special sense by which noises and tones are received as stimuli.” Listening, whereas, means “to pay attention to sound; to hear something with thoughtful attention, and to give consideration.

Successful listening involves not only comprehending spoken or written information but also comprehending how the speaker feels during communication. Effective communication happens only if the speaker feels listened to. It helps in building better understanding, deeper bonds, and good relations.

No wonder why mental health problems are arising at such gigantic rates. The biggest reason is that people hardly feel listened to. But, we can change this.

The Body Speaks More Than the Lips

Commonly referred to as non-verbal communication. Nonverbal Communication includes everything except words. For example, someone might be sweet as sugar with their words but if they keep bland expressions, it is surely going to make u uncomfortable. You convey whole different energy through these nonverbal communications. That energy should align with your words. Some of the most important nonverbal signals are:

Body Position

Maintain an open posture. Be at ease, but don’t slouch. Place your hands by your sides and sit or stand upright. You can lean forward a little bit while listening to express your careful attention.

Standing with your hands on your hips can convey aggression.

Face Expression and Gestures

These expressions say a lot more than words can ever communicate. Take Mr.Bean or Tom and jerry for example.

Your hand movements, gestures, and facial expressions reveal a lot about you when you’re talking to a friend, giving a presentation, listening to your Boss, training an employee, or explaining anything to anyone. 

It’s not just what you’re saying or presenting; it’s also how you say it. For example, if you give a speech with a glum, unexcited expression on your face, the audience will be confused and uneasy. 

Here are some examples of key features of nonverbal communication facial expressions:

  • Match your facial expression to your words at all times—during a presentation, you should appear confident in what you’re saying. 
  • Identifying facial expressions —if a  friend or workmate appears tired, you can assist them by lending a helping hand.
  • Your facial expression should serve as an affirmation of your words, indicating that you are confident in your work. 
  • And never forget to smile. 

Tone and Pitch of Your Voice

Keep in mind that you are conversing with another human being. You are not a robot. Sincerity and empathy should sound in the tone of your voice.

Remember that your tone of voice, the natural rise, and fall, show that you’re paying attention to the person and are interested in their problem. Your tone of voice should naturally rise and fall as if you were speaking to a friend. 

There are even more things that come under nonverbal communication like eye contact, hand movements, lip compression, tilting of the head. Using these correct ways makes your communication functional and constructive.

Learn from Experts

Ever noticed how beautifully your favorite book portrays exactly what the writer wants us to understand or feel even without any facial expressions, verbal speech, or gestures.

How are they able to do that? The answer is because they have a clear vision, perfect vocabulary, and sufficient practice.

Dr.Milanda is a Therapist. She explains that communication skills can be achieved with good practice. You just need to learn from experts. For that, you can join various courses online as well as offline. 

And if not, you can simply read good books on communication skills, enrich your vocabulary, learn from free videos and blogs. There are plenty of options available if you are willing to learn.

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Control of Emotions

We all have that one person who just can’t keep calm in any conversation. You start explaining to them your point and they will jump with opinions even before you finish. 

Don’t ever be that person if you want to develop excellent communication skills.

Communication is a two-way road. Emotional control gives you the ability to comprehend others, yourself, and the messages you transmit. 

Here are some points to remember :

  • Never have any prejudice formed in your mind.
  • Don’t interrupt people in between to tell your similar experiences while they are speaking. Let them finish and then speak.
  • Don’t get too excited or dull. React according to the situation.
  • Stay aware of your emotions. You will not be able to convey your wants and experiences if you are not aware of your sentiments.
  • Try to empathize.

Be Confident

Many of us feel nervous during an interview or talking to a senior. This happens because of underconfidence. 

Now, there is no tonic invented for boosting confidence but below I am sharing some tips which will help you in escalating your self-belief.

  • For an important interview or meeting, try a mock-up chat with a trustworthy individual to eliminate any potential blunders.
  • Think about what you’re saying before you say it. Most of us perform best when we have time to think about our own ideas before sharing them with others.
  • Be ready with different answers and follow-up questions.
  • Don’t wait for others to initialize the conversation. Speaking first will make you look prepared and confident.
  • Ask questions. It conveys that you are actually interested in the talk and not just doing formalities.
  • Be patient and take deep breathes when you feel nervous.

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I hope you find the information provided above useful and are going to use these tips in the future. Effective communication skills can be acquired with practice and little learning. 

Keep in mind the motive and goal behind it. All the best for your upcoming journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I develop good Communication skills at home?
Answer: Yes, You can practice with your family members or in front of a mirror. You can take online courses or take help from blogs, articles, and videos.
Question: Do I need good communication skills for a Promotion?
Answer: Communication skills are not a guarantee for your Promotion at the workplace but they definitely will increase your chances

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