Communication techniques and the importance of good communication skills


Hello guys, today in this blog I am going to provide you with information regarding communication techniques and the importance of good communication skills. The blog is divided into various sections for the ease of understanding. Hope you will be having a good time while reading this blog. Let us first see all the sections which I have discussed in this blog:

  • What is communication?
  • Types of Communication
  • What are communication skills and how they play an important role in our life?
  • Various types of communication techniques

So let’s begin reading it.

What is communication?

Communication is a method of providing information or conveying ideas via speech, writing, visuals or body actions. In Communication, one is sending the message, and the other person receives it. When communication takes place, it should be simple and easy to grab so that the receiver can understand without putting any extra efforts. To make communication easy and more understanding one should use communication techniques in order to enhance communication skills. 

Today in this blog I am going to talk about various communication techniques which will help the students doing journalism and mass communication. This blog will also help those who want to learn effective communication techniques to enhance their personality. Take online assignment help if you get stuck with any academic problem.

Types of Communication

Let us delve deep into the 5 types of communication observed between the group of people or a formal team.

1) Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is an oral form of communication. In simple language, this type of communication takes place with transferring of words with the help of sound.  This is the best form of communication as it transfers information in an easy way and people understand it more conveniently.

2) Non-verbal / Interpersonal communication

Non-verbal communication is the second most important form of communication that comes after verbal communication. Before you speak, people notice your body language, your gestures, how well are you appearing in front of them. These things convey a lot of things. Your body language is very important. Your body language shows how much you are interested in a person. Leaning back on a chair at the interview show disregard towards the interviewer. Yawning shows you are disinterested. Walking in a dull manner indicates a lack of confidence. You must watch your non-verbal form of communication to make a good impact on others.

3) Written Communications

Writing for communicating your ideas is an age-old tradition. People since ages writing so that thoughts can be preserved and messages could be sent to others. Earlier people used to write letters and post them now emails and WhatsApp replacing everything. With the advent of social media and WhatsApp, people are losing the art of writing. They are using informal style so much that the formal way of writing has now been forgotten. So you must know when to use formal writing style and when you should go for an informal writing style.

4) Visual Communication

The visual form of communication is getting more popular day by day. Every company sells its product with the help of a visual form of communication. For example, every new medicine in the market has an advertisement through a doctor. Car companies are promoting new car models through TV advertisement. There are lots of benefits of the visual form of communication. It gets easy to spread information to a large part of the audience. 

Elements used by marketers to promote their product

  • Colors (such as brand colors)
  • Design (logo and brand design)
  • Advertising
  • Animations
  • Illustrations
  • Typography
  • Presentations
  • Video resume’s

To communicate my ideas to you, I am going to move on the main topic step by step. First, let’s gain some understanding regarding communication skills and how they play an important role in our life.

What are communication skills and how they play an important role in our life?

Good communication skills are the only way to crack any interview. Interviewers don’t lookout for the right answer; rather they focus on how effective your communication skills are. You have to make an impact on them to get a job.

Good communication is more than just talking. You need to focus on various aspects of speech as well as on your body language to articulate your ideas to the person sitting in front of you. Communication is one of the most important skills that you must learn in your life to take it to new heights. Developing communication skills can bring positive changes in your life. Good communication attracts people around you, in social gatherings or professional scenarios how you communicate will take you further in your life.  Below you can see the benefits of good communication skills in day to day life.

Benefits of communication in daily life


Highly skilled communicators make more money

When you are good in communication, then you can articulate your knowledge in a fluent manner. When you are going for a job interview, it will increase your chances of getting the right kind of job with the right kind of package.

Developed communication skills help you in personal and social life

When you know how to speak, when to speak and what to speak then you can handle your problems more easily in personal life. Good communication includes verbal and non-verbal communication. If you gain good command over these two types, then you reduce the chances of engaging in conflicts with your family and friends.

Good communicators are more confident

When you have command on your communication, you will eventually have more confidence in yourself. Whether you want to give a speech in class or to present slides in meetings, you won’t face any difficulty.

There are infinite benefits of good communication skills and to attain superiority in communicating your ideas, you must learn the communication techniques first and then work on your skills.

Different types of communication techniques


Below you can read about different types of communication techniques that are being used by most of the people in day to day life.


Keeping yourself in a silent mode is the best strategy to improve communication skills. This technique is more effective when you are trying to tempt someone to provide you with more information. How to achieve silence? This is what you want to know. Just keep yourself on silent mode after your friend completes his/her statement, but keep yourself attentive. Practice this technique, and eventually, you will gain expertise in it.


No matter how much information a person in front of you is providing you, you will never get complete knowledge unless you won’t put up questions. Ask questions at regular interval. While asking questions, you need to put up two types of questions:

Closed-ended questions: These questions are designed to get a reply in ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ These types of questions allow you to get basic information quickly. Moreover, you will get the answers without waiting for long explanations.

Open-ended questions: These questions will help you to get the details in a broader manner. You will get more from the speaker and apparently can help you in clearing your doubts.  


Communication fails when you don’t have the ability to listen to what another person is trying to say. Communication requires the transfer of message as well as receiving of a message. So in order to communicate effectively, you must listen to what people are saying and react or reply accordingly. When we say listening, it does not mean just to collect the sounds. You also need to understand what others are trying to say. After listening carefully, you have to provide an apt reply.


Feedback is one of the crucial parts of effective communication techniques. Your message should be conveyed in such a way that the targeted audience can willingly provide you feedback. Feedback could be positive or negative. You must be ready to take the criticism. Accepting criticism helps you in growing in a positive direction.

When you listen to someone, then you should also provide feedback to that person. Feedback generally provides scope for questions. Questions help in clearing the doubts. So, one must communicate in a way to get feedback. Moreover, feedbacks allow you to learn how to accept criticism in a positive manner.


This is another good technique out of all types of communication techniques for those who don’t have good communication skills and still want to be in the crowd. In observation techniques, all you need to do is surround yourself between skilled communicators and observe them. Listen to what they are trying to say. After getting an apt amount of information, strategically keep your points in front of them. This technique can be of great help in debates and group discussions. If you don’t have enough information about the topic, then you must first listen and then speak.


Nowadays people do not read much they waste their time over laptops and mobiles. The young generation is at risk. You must be familiar with a trend of messaging through text speak or audio recording. This type of trend is a threat to the written form of communication. So to correct your written form of communication read a book, novel, magazine or anything of your choice. This practice will help in your writing skills as well as your verbal communication will also be enhanced. You eventually find yourself with a lot of knowledgeable stuff.


Look enthusiastic when someone is speaking to you and others will also love to listen to what you will say to them. Nobody likes sigh, rolling eyes or yawning face when he/she is speaking. So if you want to communicate well, show interest in others also.

To look enthusiastic, all you need to do is maintain eye contact when someone is speaking, change your body language and show alertness while someone is saying something to you, do not lean back sit straight and keep a smile on your face.


If you want to be a good speaker, you just need to be familiar with your audience. Your language should be easy to understand for your target audience. Speaking French is of no use when people don’t understand it. While giving a speech support your points with facts. This will build confidence in your audience over you. If you are referring a group always use ‘We’ and ‘Us’ rather than ‘I’ and ‘You.’  


The sense of humour is important even when situations are not in your favour. Everyone likes to laugh as it can relieve stress and thus the mood of the audience can be lifted. But be sure that your humour is apt for the audience. No one likes to laugh in a funeral, and a dirty joke is enjoyed by all in the bar. So making a joke along with some common sense will make a great pair.


A smile could be the greatest medicine to ease someone who is sad. Also, everyone loves to listen to someone who has a smile on his/her face rather than anger. But make sure your smile is genuine or else a fake smile or sarcastic smile is enough to upset the people. So wear your smile and communicate well with others.


Building the trust of your audience is necessary for effective communication. Speakers often fail to win hearts due to a lack of honesty in their speech. Also when others are speaking something with you show your trust in them. Honesty should be paramount in every single thing you do. In this case, it really is the best policy.

If you feel the need to speak lie due to any reason, then take a step back and ask yourself whether there is a need to speak lie in the situation or not. You will get the answer and then take any course of action.


This is the biggest mistake people make not only when they are enhancing their communication skills but also in every field of life. Often when people become perfect in communication, they tend to stop learning new things and after a point of time skills stagnate. So it is very important to learn new things at all points in your life. As said by Albert Einstein “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

So to learn something new and achieving perfection in it requires time. Invest your time in learning communications skills to make a positive impact on your personality. All communication techniques mentioned above also come under the category of Non-therapeutic communication techniques. Now further you will read about therapeutic communication techniques used by nurses and psychologists in healthcare centres.

Therapeutic communication techniques in nursing and healthcare

You have seen nurses in various healthcare centres and hospitals. Nurses are having a great role in early recovery of the patient. Positive nurse-patient communication can be of great help to the patient in quick recovery from any illness. When a nurse is implementing therapeutic communication techniques in healthcare centres, he or she uses the following techniques while communicating with the patients:

Active listening

Inactive listening, the listener should listen attentively to the message of the speaker. While doing active listening, sit facing the client or patient, lean forward, make eye contact. Your client should think that you are completely listening to what he or she is speaking.

Sharing observations

Make an observation of each other. You can provide a compliment if another person is wearing something good or new. You can also talk about similar eating habit. 

Sharing empathy

When you share empathy, you start understanding and accepting the difference of others.  You will start accepting the fact that a person sitting in front of you is quite different and dealt with life in a different manner.

Sharing hope

When you share hope, you communicate the possible positive outcomes of a negative situation. You might have seen doctors asking to stay strong with patients even in bad times. Sharing hope can do wonders in the life of those who are facing tough challenges in life.

Sharing feelings

Most of the nurses and psychologists help the patients by making a comfortable atmosphere. They create an atmosphere where patient or client can share negative pr positive feelings openly without being judged. 

Touch therapy

Touch therapy is one of the most effective therapeutic communication techniques in nursing. Most of the time you have noticed when you are ill and your mother nursing you, you will feel better with her touch. Touch therapy has extremely great effects and a good treatment option.


Silence is the best technique to provide an opportunity for nurses and patients to think for the next statement to speak. It helps the patient to think for a new topic in the conversation. In this technique, it is advised that nurses should allow the patient to break the silence by start discussing something new abruptly. 

Recognition therapy

Recognition therapy used by sending a positive stimulus to a patient or client when he/she does something good. For example, if the client is taking medicine on time, then tell him/her that you are doing a great job. Encouraging the patient and paying attention to him can help the patient in his/her recovery. Such therapy is often used by psychologists with a child having some kind of behavioural disorder.

Offering self

You might have had a visit to a hospital. The place is dull and monotonous. Patients who are admitted for a long time may feel stress due to the lonely and sad environment. Nurses offer their time to patients. They talk with them like friends thus, boost the mood and the atmosphere. Sometimes they watch TV shows or lunch with patients. This provides mental relief to patients.

Quick question and answers to some of the important things discussed in the above blog

What is communication techniques?

Communication is a form of transferring information or message from one person to another, from one place to another place. There are different forms of communication such as verbal and non-verbal, written and visual, etc. through which transfer of information takes place.

Now coming to communication techniques, these are the different techniques adopted by different people to enhance the level of communication. The blog has mentioned various types of communication techniques. Some techniques are non-therapeutical and others are therapeutical.

What is one of the techniques to improve communication?

In my opinion, one technique that can improve communication, or through which persons can communicate better is Listening. By listening, they allow their brain to understand well what other is trying to say. It is very important to listen first and then speak. Not listening to the message is the only reason why people are having misunderstanding nowadays.

Which of the following communication techniques is most appropriate for a nurse to employ?

There are various types of therapeutic communication techniques I have mentioned in the blog. These therapeutic techniques are mostly used by healthcare providers and nurses. Amongst the mentioned techniques in the blog, the best communication technique a nurse can use is offering self. It will promote good health and keep the patient relax throughout the treatment.

What therapeutic communication techniques would be appropriate for a patient who is anxious?

Sharing feeling technique would be the best in my opinion for those who are having anxiety issues. This technique builds confidence in the patient and allows them to openly share their feelings and emotions without having the fear of being judged.


Moving towards a conclusion, I would like to sum up all the sections in this blog. Communication is vital for humans. It is the only way through which the exchange of information, thoughts take place. People communicate in order to get a response from others. But for effectively conveying ideas everyone should pay attention to the different communication techniques. These communication techniques help in enhancing skills with which one can openly and easily communicate with others.

I have started this blog by defining what communication is? Just after that, I have provided a small description of different types of communication. Thirdly I have mentioned the benefits of having good communication skills in life. Lastly, you can read about various communication techniques. There are several communication techniques used by different people all around the world. Some of the techniques are non-therapeutical and general in nature whereas some are therapeutical and used in certain professions such as nursing and healthcare.

I hope this blog will help you to understand the communication techniques and why they are essential. To learn more about communication techniques and to make an assignment on it, take assignment help online from the experts.

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