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What is managerial finance?

What is Managerial finance and how Managerial finance is important? Managerial finance is the branch of finance that concerns itself with the managerial significance of finance techniques. We can conclude that Managerial Finance focuses on the assessment rather than technique itself. Hence, it concerns the application of financial techniques focused around the managerial decisions.

What are the key areas of study for managerial finance?

As you know the role of managerial finance in the business, it is imperative to learn about the four key areas of managerial finance.

  • Cash Management – It ensures that organisation has the required cash to function. With the advent of startup ecosystem, this has become really important. Without a working capital, it is impossible to run a business, hence the current ecosystem provides a great opportunity to financial managers to play a key role.
  • Financial Reporting – A manager can take an informed decision if the financial reporting is accurate. Hence, any financial manager should understand the financial reporting.
  • Planning and predicting – Every business puts numbers into perspective. Hence, when a business is setting up their goals, it is important to predict the sales, revenue, profit and loss for the period under consideration. Anything which doesn’t align with the prediction calls for a strategy change.
  • Capital – Do you know whether equity or debt is the best tool for you to venture your business? if not, the study of managerial finance will provide you with great insights on capital structure suitable for your organisation.

With the rise of funding heavy business, the role of managerial finance is important than ever. Any remarkable decision can lead to a growth of an organization without falling into debt.

Get answers to your business capital needs and balance sheet with Managerial finance

  • Managerial finance compares the returns to other businesses in their industry and try to answer few questions.  A few relevant questions can be , are we performing at par with out peers in the market? If the performance of peers is better, what are the shortcomings of our firm?  Are profit margins same ? If not, why? Are the expenses same or we are paying more for something than our peers?
  • It helps you keep the track of the changes in the asset balances or red flags that shows the problems with bill collection or bad debt.
  • They also analyze and evaluate the working capital to gauge future cash flow problems.

Sound financial management creates value and organizational agility through the allocation of scarce resources amongst competing business opportunities. It is an aid to the implementation and monitoring of business strategies and helps achieve business objectives.

Managerial finance and corporate finance goes together

Managerial finance captures the best way to use money in order to improve the future opportunities for money making keeping financial shocks in check. As we pointed earlier being a student of Managerial finance one should have a good understanding of the Corporate finance principles.  

  • Valuation in Corporate finance :  Valuation estimates the worth of anything. In short a process of estimating the worth of a tangible or intangible item.  These valued items are termed as financial asset or liability. So what are the items that can be estimated? We can do valuations on assets , such as, investments in marketable securities like stocks, options, business enterprises, or intangible assets such as patents and trademarks or on liabilities. Valuations is an important aspect of corporate finance and students should pay special attention to the valuation techniques and its application in the area of investment analysis, capital budgeting, merger and acquisition transactions etc.
  • Dividend Policy : It can be defined as ” financial policies regarding paying cash dividend in the present or paying an increased dividend at a later stage.” There are various questions that needs to be answered before devising a dividend policy. Few of the questions are : Whether to issue dividends, and what amount?  Answer to this question lies in the basic profit and loss concept. If the firm is making money then the shareholders are liable to get dividend otherwise not.
  • Working Capital Management: Without working capital a business cannot survive, so it is vital for a business to  manage the corporation’s working capital position in order to sustain business operations.  A firm has both assets and liabilities on their balance sheet and working capital management manages the relationship between a firm’s short-term assets and its short-term liabilities. An online assignment help can help you in a long run during your degree. You get to invest more time on your personal growth not just reading the theoretical concepts and writing homework.

Career in managerial finance

When you take up finance degree, it opens various opportunities for you in the industry. As per our search and knowledge of assignment experts you can take up a role in the following domains.

  • Insurance companies
  • Brokerage firms
  • Venture capitalist
  • Financial planning services
  • Credit unions

The minimum renumeration for a financial manager starts with £50,000 per annum and provide ample growth opportunities.

Universities in the UK to enroll for finance degree believes in creating a knowledge based economy, hence we keep searching for the best opportunities and courses for the students planning to study in the UK. We have a specialized team that curates the best available options. A few of the universities you can apply for a degree in finance:

Most of the colleges and universities in the UK offers you a course in business finance where you study all areas covered under the area of finance. Moreover, the free for the international students vary from £30,000 per annum to £40,000 per annum. With the course duration of 1 year or 2 year, you can breakeven your tuition fee within 2 years of working.

How to deal with your managerial finance assignments during study?

You will get a fail idea about the subjects and difficulty level of the coursework by going through the syllabus and topics. Most of the course outlines give the clear list of topics you will study during each trimester of semester. You might feel overwhelmed by the number of assignments and homework during your study. You need learn how to write perfect assignments. Here are a few tips to complete your managerial finance assignments.

  • Keep your lecture notes and videos handy before you start working on your homework.
  • You can refer to our website for free assignment samples related to the area of managerial finance or other areas of study.
  • You need to search for good reference sources to lift your solution quality. A poorly references assignment doesn’t qualify for top grades.
  • You can hire an online tutor for one to one session related to managerial finance on This helps you deal with the assignments with confidence. Our online tutor will explain the steps to deal with a problem or a case study.
  • You can also hire assignment helper in the UK for best results. Students looking to turn in their assignments on the last minute come to us for better grades.

Do I have to write a dissertation for my degree?

If you pursue any masters degree from the UK, you have to write a dissertation in the last semester. Dissertation writing is a challenging task if you lack experience. How to complete your finance dissertation is an important question. We have a team qualified for dissertation writing service in the UK. You can hire a mentor on our website and complete dissertation in no time. We help you write a dissertation from the scratch starting with the thesis statement, structuring it and producing a comprehensive dissertation. A few of the topics for writing managerial finance dissertation are:

  • Study of financial statements in valuation for merger and acquisition, a study from the UK.
  • Study of cash flow models in determining the financial distress and bankruptcy?
  • How banks classify and manage risk during the process of underwriting – a case study on Goldman Sachs.

There are lot more topics you can find based on the recent financial developments and case studies from Harvard business review and other journals. Moreover, you can keep following our blog for further updates on developments in the area of finance.

Know your finance tutors

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