Technology is a Game Changer in Student’s Life


Technology is very powerful and it is full of great potential. In the last few years, world has seen greater changes in the education sector. Moreover, with the introduction of technology and innovative teaching and learning processes, the education sector has reshaped itself. Therefore, read this blog of to know more about the innovative approaches of technology in education. Furthermore, education is known to shape up the personality of an individual and their careers. However, with the introduction of technology in education, now students have wider pathways and a plethora of options to choose from. Hence, with technology there is nothing that can refrain any student around the world to choose a career of their choice.

Why Technology is a Game Changer in Student’s Life?

We all know that technology is evolving at a very fast pace. Therefore, the introduction of information and communication technology in education is a matter of discussion and praise. Moreover, this is not only happening in the developed or financially stable countries. But the innovative literacy is the on rise even in the developing countries. Furthermore, technology is of great use and a game changer for students who are disable in any manner. We can see technology breaking all the barriers that disable students used to face during learning. Additionally, they have access to the mainstream classes now. Now, let us read more about the topic that why technology is a game changer in the life of the students.

Saves Money

Yes, technology and some learning apps cost quite a bit but it is the right kind of investment. Moreover, these devices would pay more than they cost in the long term. Furthermore, it helps in saving the paper cost. With the help of technology teachers can give assignments online and encourage students for innovative learning. In addition to this, technology lets you save cost of supplementary materials as there are many teachings and learning material available online.

Assist Students in Better Learning

There are different ways in which students learn. Earlier, we had traditional learning methods and everyone was indulged in the same manner. Moreover, it was expected from the students to learn at the same pace. Furthermore, there was no room for freedom. However, with the help of technology everything has changed now. Now, with the help of technology students can have flexible learning experience. Also, students are using YouTube these days for better understanding. Moreover, in case of any writing trouble students can now seek assistance from assignment help online. Technology constantly motivates students to learn conventional and unconventional things. Also, we can say that technology has made learning fun and engaging.

Helps Parents Stay Connected and Help Children

Earlier parents used to know nothing beyond what they were informed about by their children or teachers at a parent-teacher meeting. However, with the help of technology parents are now well-informed about the learning process and academic performance of their children. Moreover, we can see that when parents are involved students are likely to succeed. Furthermore, technology has allowed parents to know about the real-time updates of their children. It has also improved the communication between teachers and parents. Therefore, both the parties can easily contact each other via emails and messages. Furthermore, if parents face any issue and cannot help their children with homework then technology plays a great role.

Provides Handy Learning Tools for Students

Technology helps teachers a lot too. There are number of tools with which they can make the classroom learning better, and grow professionally. Moreover, with the help of technology, they can provide students with innovative practice material. Teachers can easily reach out to parents and their colleagues when needed. Hence, we can say that technology does not only benefit students but it also brings opportunities for teachers. Moreover, nowadays, university classes and various programs are available online.

Introduces More Teachers to Classroom

Technology is great way to make traditional classroom manageable. Moreover, with the help of technology students can seek instant feedback and work on the places they are lacking. Furthermore, there are multiple tutorials, sites and programs to provide students with instant help regardless of the place and the country they are living in. additionally, introduction of more teachers to classroom does not mean the physical presence of teachers. But with the help of technology even students can tutor their mates. Hence, we can have multiple teachers in the form or sites, programs, students, etc.

Opportunity For Project-Based Learning

The days are long gone when students had to do lug giant poster for every project. Moreover, technology has made learning more project-based and inquiry-based. Furthermore, students have options to study in groups or individually and engage in programs like Google Classroom. Here, teachers and member can work on projects collectively. Additionally, students can make changes in slides and Google Docs and work on group papers alongside. It improves their critical thinking skills.

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Effect of Technology on the Life of Students

One of the challenges that traditional education methods always faced is taking care of every student present in the classroom. Moreover, it was never easy with a number of 30 students in one class on an average. However, technology has solved this issue to some extent. Students can now access information anytime, anywhere and enhance their knowledge and skills. Now, let us read about some major effect of technology on the life of students.

Better Availability of Information

The impact of technology in the process of learning is easily visible now. Now, students can find various information on the internet in various formats. Moreover, students no longer need to visit library. Furthermore, the detailed and digitalized information help students in learning process, professional paper writing, and gaining knowledge in general. Additionally, there are websites, e-books, podcasts, videos, infographics, photo archives, etc with which students can learn things easily. Moreover, with the help of technology traditional lectures has also improved for good.

Immersive Learning Experience

The children of modern generation are familiar to the content of multimedia more than the textbooks. Moreover, with the help of technology, the learning process has improved. Furthermore, it has been seen that students learn and grab better when they see information presented in a modern and interactive way. Also, this is a great way of comprehensive learning among students with zero or no difficulty. Now, let us learn about the various ways of immersive learning.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is the latest achievement when it comes to immersive learning. Moreover, it has advanced software with which students can do a virtual walk and visit places. In addition to this, experts have successfully achieved the required authenticity and realism. Furthermore, it successfully records all the hand and head movements and give the user a feeling of interactive virtual space. Students, nowadays are using this technology for learning.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality has combined reality and digital content together and now it is a great teaching aid. Furthermore, the best thing about this advanced method of education is that it does not need any costly technical devices. However, it can be easily used on any right app and mobile phone. Also, the basis of this method is the software with which real time environment can be displayed with interactive virtual content. Moreover, it can be achieved with the help of a mobile phone. Additionally, now AR headsets and other gadgets are made for a higher level of interactivity among students.

Computer simulation

It is a process where certain actions in line can be performed with the help of AI. Moreover, in many cases, it uses graphical simulations. Furthermore, in schools you are likely to find technology-based programs that teaches in numbers with the use of animation. Therefore, it helps students in understanding how something works, what are loopholes, etc.

Gamification of learning

For the development of critical thinking and learning ability of children, video games designs and techniques are often used. Moreover, the aim is to make students interpret all the teaching material the way interprets video games. Also, for the improvement of engagement, students are likely to compete with their classmates. Furthermore, it is one of the very popular learning methods among students. Hence, with the help of video games and various tools learning can be facilitated. Moreover, with some advanced parameters, teachers can monitor the progress of students.

Personalized Learning

It is very tough for teachers to dedicate themselves to students equally. Also, they cannot prepare study material as per the need, interests, and skills of each student. However, thanks to the technological innovations, it is now possible. Moreover, we all know that every student has their own pace of learning. Whilst some are good at math, some are proficient in history. Therefore, with the help of personalised learning apps, teachers can now help students by designing personalized learning programs for them. Moreover, they can monitor their progress without any trouble. Moreover, there are many such applications with similar approach. With the help of technology, teachers can monitor the learning of students and proceed further accordingly. Additionally, there are applications with automated options where students can execute their own instructions. In this way, they can learn patiently whatever area they are struggling with.

Improved Teamwork

Technology has changed human life for good. From communication to online learning, technology has improved everything. Moreover, it has made it easy for students to communicate with each other even when they are not in the similar location. Furthermore, with technology students sitting in four different corners of the world can work on a team project together.

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Changes Technology has Brought in the Life of Students

In this tech-savvy era, technology has changed the life of students in many ways. Furthermore, they can communicate and go about our lives very effortlessly. Also, a very few educators would deny the fact that technology has spectacularly changed the education and learning process. Let us read about some of them.

Evolution in Communication

Now, students have learned a language which is hard to understand for educators because teachers don’t always understand them properly. Because, students communicate in various languages due to the power of technology.

No more Traditional Textbooks

The concept of a traditional book has changed now. Moreover, they have become interactive textbooks because they are no more limited to black letters and images only. Furthermore, there are websites which include assessments, animations, additional materials, videos, and other materials to support the learning of new content. Additionally, students can hire assignment experts on the internet and can get even the complex assignments done.

Rise of eBooks

These are becoming more common in schools with the improvements of online readers and tablet, computer users. Furthermore, in future, maybe textbook will become history as no student want to carry such heavy textbooks to the schools. Additionally, student would be able to use them on their electronic gadgets to get help with assignments.

No More Note Passing in The Classroom

Though students are directly connected to learning, but don’t pass notes in the classroom anymore.  Rather, they send emails to each other with electronic notes.

Increase in Audience

In 1980s, only the teachers were the audiences, in 1990s, teachers and peers were the audiences, but in the 21st century is the whole world become the audience. Moreover, Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, forums and other online platforms changed the concept of audience expand it to the world.

Vanishing of the Chalk Board

Much notice has been placed on interactive gaming as an influential platform for student learning. Nowadays, our students love to be taught by new programs and web-based tools instead of chalkboards.

iPad – A Game Changer

iPads are very powerful and adaptable electronics gadget for teaching and learning. Furthermore, there are various applications which help students, especially to differently abled students with special needs.

Increase in Classroom Communities

Technology makes our potential easy to enlarge the classroom community by using web-based platforms like Edmodo. Moreover, both teachers and students can use the platform to interact homework, post assignments, and discuss with parents as they work on various projects.

Expansion of Web-Based Research

Yet, we use libraries, but now a lot of our research and learning is becoming web-based. Moreover, we can find anything instantly with the help of internet which a library takes a lot of time to do. Therefore, now we know how to grasp and use information efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. 1 Why technology is a game-changer?
Answer. 1 Technology has converged everything in one place making everything easy for students. From online classes to research and data collection, everything is now easily possible with the help of technology.
Question. 2 How are we affected as a student with technology?
Answer. 2 With the help of the internet students have access to any kind of information 24/7. Moreover, it makes things easier for students.

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