How to write the best 1000 word essay


Today in this article I will tell you about how you can write a 1000 word essay in an effective manner. For many students writing a 1000 word essay is a tough task and for some students it’s easy. Such essays are short but this is the reason why you need to pay more attention to every single word. It is important that your essay should be informative and interesting if you want to engage your audience. So, I am going to tell you everything about how you can write the best 1000 word essay.

Guidelines for students to write a 1000 word essay

Below are the guidelines for the students to write a 1000 word essay :

1 Choose a good topic

Students have given the topic for their essays, but not all the times, so if you haven’t given any topic for your essay then it can be a big plus for you. There are countless essay topics from which you can choose any topic. Also, a lot of material is available online as well as offline. The word count is also important to keep in mind: for example, you can easily cover a serious and complex topic in a 1000 word essay rather than in a 500-word essay.  Make sure that your topic should be catchy to your audience so that they will read it further. It may be difficult to choose a good essay topic, you can use the internet for choosing the best topic. There are lots of online essay services that contain possible titles for your essay. 

2 Sketch a framework

A framework helps you to write your essay in a structured way. It is helpful in developing your text within certain limits, keeping the focus on the topic and prevent you from going off the subject. There are many online essay writing websites that provide free samples to the students, you can check those samples and take help from those samples for your outline.

3 Editing and proofreading

After you have done with your writing part the next thing you have to do is to edit and proofread your essay. This part is important as it helps you to correct your grammar and spelling mistakes.

Tips to make an effective outline for your essay

Many students find difficulty in making an outline which is very important for a good essay. I will provide you with some tips to make an effective outline for your essay. Go through them:

1 Keep the structure of the sentence in harmony

In order to make your outline more effective, you should think about the similarity of all construction used. It will improve your readability and the visual perception of the content. Here is an example

  • Choose a good relevant topic
  • Make a clear framework

2 Maintain the unity between similar paragraphs

While writing an essay keep in mind that your heading should be similar, and also the same coordination applies to all of your subheadings. Make sure that all your paragraphs should go in the same flow. 

3 Keep the inferiority

When you write an essay it is important to stick to the relevant paragraphs rankings, like from headings to the subheadings. 

  • Choose the best library for your essay
  • Find good books for your essay writing which can help you in your essay
  • Make useful notes in onenote

Important things you should know while writing an essay

Writing a 1000 or 2000 word essay is not an easy task and that is why you need to have a proper priority order of things that matter in your essay. Below are the factors which you need to learn while writing an essay:

A complete sentence

It is important that you write a complete sentence in your essay. No matter how many words you have provided in your essay if you not give away a complete paper. An incomplete sentence shows a lack of knowledge of the subject. Plus, it will not leave a proper feeling after reading. 

The uniqueness of the essay

When you write an essay make sure that your essay should be plagiarism free and unique. Always write a fresh quality essay. The uniqueness of your essay is important because then only your audience will come and read it. So before submitting your essay make sure you check it on the plagiarism tool. There are many plagiarism tools available online at free.

Focus on the subject

You should have good knowledge of the subject before writing an essay on that subject. Whenever you write an essay make sure that the information you’ll provide to your audience should be related to the topic. If you don’t have a good knowledge of the topic then it would be better for you that you first read and research the topic and then only write it.

Use short sentences

Longer sentences are difficult to read and also it makes your essay miss understandable. To make it more understandable write short sentences so that your audience can read it easily without thinking about the text. Try to use smart words in your essay to make it more appropriate.

Use mindmaps 

Mindmaps helps you during the brainstorming stage to make your ideas and connections between them more visual.

How long it does to write a 1000 word essay?

Writing a 1000 word essay is not an easy task it depends on you or your creativity. Some of the factors which are important to write an essay are the amount of time taken for research, your planning ability, typing speed, and whether you have good comprehension skills.

Generally, researching for the topic and writing the 1000 word essay takes up 3 to 3.5 hours. But as I said it totally depends on you. Your investigation of the subject may take a much longer time, or you may not have essay ideas related to your subject. In these cases, you have to give more time to your essay.

Different types of 1000 word essay

If you are not sure about what to write in your essay then below is the list of some common types of essays. You can go through it. 

1 Descriptive essay

A descriptive essay is a short essay which is all about describing or summarizing a topic. You can use this type of essay to describe a situation, place, object, person or even memory. This type of essay helps you to show your creativity and talent.

2 Expository essay

An expository essay is a type of writing which main aim is to illustrate, clarify, explain in a way that it becomes clear for the readers. This is the most popular type of writing academic essays. With all the necessary ideas, investigation one can base the thousand-word essay on an analysis of your topic.

3 Argumentative essay

An Argumentative essay is a type of essay in which students have to investigate a topic, collect the proper information and evaluate evidence. This may be confusing for many students as they maybe find argumentative essays as similar to an expository essay. But they both are different in the amount of pre-writing and research involved. In argumentative writing, you have to do detailed research and on the other side, the expository essays require less research and are shorter in length. 

4 Narrative essay

Narrative writing is all about personal life experience. In this type of essay, you can write 1000 or even 1500 words essay because it contains a lot of emotions of the person which can be written easily. 

How to make a 1000 word essay structure?

Essay assignment writing is a key component of academic success at every level. Writing essays is not simply a hoop for students to jump through. It is important that you follow a structure for your essay to make it more informative and effective. So, there are basically three ways to structure your essay:

  • An introduction
  • The body, 
  • Conclusion

An Introduction

When you write an essay, everything is important, even a single sentence as well. The introduction is the first paragraph of your essay which should be more catchy and almost perfect. Always develop an introduction that clearly sets out the aims of what you are about to write. Keep in mind that don’t try to go into any of your key points in the depth of your introduction. And yes, the important thing is that in a much longer essay an introduction does not need to be limited to a single paragraph, you can go for more than one paragraph but generally, one paragraph is enough.

The body

The second and most important part is the body of your essay. This is the longest part of your essay. In a short essay, you can go for 3-4 paragraphs but in a longer essay, you can go for more. Whenever you start your paragraph in the body make sure that you always come with the new idea in each paragraph. Further sentences in the paragraph then go to expand and detail your point with some relevant examples. Make sure that all your points in the paragraph go in the same flow and even the examples you will going to put on the body should be relevant and directly related to the topic. 


So, the last section is the conclusion section. It is often looked over area of your custom essay writing. In conclusion, also one paragraph is enough but you can go for two or three for slightly longer discussions. The main purpose of the conclusion is to summarize the main points of your argument. You can also give your decision or judgment about the issue which has been discussing. And yes, always remember that conclusion is the last part of your essay so always keep in mind, don’t introduce any new idea in the conclusion. Try to remind your audience of your argument by very concisely touching on each key point.

Tips for essay editing

After writing, the last step you have to do is to edit the content. Editing helps you to remove all the mistakes from the content. Editing is even more challenging than writing. You can make this essay editing process easier by following these tips:

1  Read your essay aloud

When you write an essay it is very obvious that you miss some points, and you can easily make mistakes. But you can find them when you read it aloud. You can easily find your mistakes by reading it aloud. I know it may sound silly, but trust me it will work for you.

2 Don’t use meaningless words

Whenever you write an essay make sure that you use only relevant and meaningful words for your essay. So always try to focus on only words that provide valuable information. Don’t use “very”, “actually” much in your content. 

3 Use synonyms

Synonyms can make your content more powerful and more interesting. As in place of “good”, you can use “incredible”, or “amazing” and “fantastic”. Using descriptive words helps you to develop your writing style. So words to use in an essay should be relevant and interesting. 

It would be better if you use an online dictionary and thesaurus to check the unfamiliar words and thesaurus helps you to find synonyms if you need to rephrase something or avoid repetition. 

Stay relaxed and focused

Writing a good 1000 word essay is a lengthy project. It takes great attention and determination. It would be better for you to divide the writing into several sections so that it will be helpful for you to complete during a definite period of time. Never neglect to edit or re-read each sentence and if it needs some correction then do it. 

A condition can come to you when you face writer’s block you should never grow desperate.  This is the situation when the writer is not able to write due to a lack of ideas and muse. At that time, it would be better if you take some time for you and relax your mind and then back to your work. You should focus on the main points and develop them.

You can use the internet for good referencing to write your essay. There is a site called SparkNotes, you can take help from this website.

I hope this article helped you. 

Examples of Argumentative essay paper

This is just an example to help you. Go through it.

Argumentative Essay Example 1

Topic- Euthanasia should be legalized in Australia

The entire essay will be critically analyzing against the argumentative topic “The reason behind why Euthanasia should be legalized in Australia”. It can be said that it is one of the most argumentative topics in recent times, and from a personal point of view it can be said that Euthanasia must be legalized in each and every part of Australia for ending the unnecessary suffering of the people. It has been observed that the cross-party parliamentary committee has recommended the Australian Government for legalizing the Euthanasia exclusively for the patients who are suffering from the terminal illness by placing their views that the people will not be suffering a lot if they have the accessibility of Euthanasia that will relieve them from the unnecessary suffering during the end of life. Furthermore, the essay will also argue about the reasons why Euthanasia is still not legalized in Australia.

In recent times, it has been observed that Euthanasia is one of the most controversial topics in Australia. It is currently holding the status of illegal in Australia but there are more than 87% of the people living in Australia who claimed that Euthanasia should be administered to the individuals who are willing to if they are ill terminally and in a most shocking manner. It has been also noticed that there are 60% of the practitioners who agree with this statement to a great extent. Euthanasia is mainly regarded as the practice of ending the life of an individual in a purposeful manner in order to relieve them from the eternal pain from which they are suffering for a long time. It is legal in a lot of countries such as India, Belgium, Japan etcetera. There are some of the points that clearly indicate and can be argued that Euthanasia is far better to be legalized in terms of ending someone’s life from continuous pain. This is one of the main reasons indicated in this segment.

The second argument with regards to the reason for making Euthanasia legalized in Australia because the right to die should be a matter of individual choice. For instance, if the patient is suffering a lot and wants to end their life then they must be given the freedom to do so in terms of legalizing Euthanasia. If a person is prone to suicide because of their medical condition then naturally Euthanasia is the best option as it will not give them the pain of dying. There are patients who are kept alive against their own will when they are terminally ill. It is the fundamental right of each and every human being on earth to live and die on their own will. The right to live and right to die are two completely different although related rights. These are also the mutually exclusive rights in the sense that the right to live concerns itself only with a self-determined life and ends with the right to die. Throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion, it can be said that the people who argue about that every individual has the power right to live but at the same time they unknowingly also agree with the fact that every individual is entitled with the right to die.

The third reason that indicates the fact Euthanasia should be legalized in entire Australia because it is not at all immoral because it does not violate the moral norms and laws at any cost. The argument with regards to the anti- Euthanasia proponents is that Euthanasia is not moral as life is meant to be protected and preserved.

From the point of view of a physician if he denies their patients the right to die when they are suffering and also is in an extreme amount of pain and forcing them to live a life that is subtracted of dignity, a life full of suffering and then death. However, the intentions of the physician might be good in terms of disapproving an individual to end their life due to suffering but it is considered to be quite immoral because they are snatching the right of the individual in terms of choosing their own life. Furthermore, Euthanasia tends to facilitate the choice of making it, in fact, the sympathetic and compassionate choice to the dignity of an individual. It can be concluded that this can be one of the prominent reasons in terms of making Euthanasia legalized.

The last and the most prominent reason for making Euthanasia legalized in Australia are because it is completely regulated. The individuals who argue that Euthanasia is unethical or bad for ill people. Developed nations such as the Netherlands have legalized Euthanasia and they only have some of the small problems from the legalization. It can be also argued that any system or law can be abused and not at all respected but the system and law should be refined in order to stop such abuse from taking place. In a similar way, it is quite possible to effectively and properly regulate Euthanasia as different countries have done. Additionally, the entire process of Euthanasia’s main requirement is getting a high amount of consent from the patient. However, it can be claimed that it is quite vital in terms of considering the protection of both patients as well as physicians.  One of the most important elements in the location of the Euthanasia in Australia will be mainly determining the main link that exists between what is considered to be murdering someone and what is actually considered to be Euthanasia.

Rebuttal ideas

The main rebuttal ideas disapprove of Euthanasia in Australia because of the following reasons that will be highlighted and discussed in this segment.

Firstly, it has been observed that Euthanasia also gives a huge amount of power to the doctors in terms of killing the patient as they consider themselves to be God. It is quite evident that a lot of people are unaware of the fact that the doctors are taking shortcuts especially when they get the power of Euthanasia they will not think of any other way of saving the patient and simply end their life quickly for the sake of money.

Secondly, if Euthanasia is legalized then the patients also get the message that their life is not worth living and they can end it any time they want.

Suggestions for improvement

After examining the entire study it can be said that Euthanasia should be legalized despite the disadvantages because it has been accepted in the most developed nations all across the globe. However, before legalizing Euthanasia in terms of suggestion it can be said that the patients must be informed before that life is beautiful and they must live it completely if they are in greatest trouble and they tend to be unhappy than being happy then they must opt for Euthanasia. This will give them a clearer picture and so Euthanasia will not be used in a negative manner.

Argumentative Essay Example 2

Topic Tobacco Advertising Should Be Banned

            Tobacco is a product that is sold worldwide by various corporate organizations around the world. These organizations do have enough funds to promote and market tobacco consumption among general consumers. This tends to influence the mindset of consumers towards the consumption of tobacco and tobacco-related products. There has been growing demand from various civil rights activists and health care activists around the world to ban the advertising of tobacco in mainstream media communication channels like print media, television media, radio advertising, etc.  The government has been one of the biggest enemies of tobacco companies, in every budget of governments around the world, there is a pattern; they impose necessary taxation on tobacco products and companies so that consumption of tobacco can be discouraged in an effective way.


According to the General’s Report of Surgeon, “Cigarettes contain in excess of 7000 synthetic concoctions including hundreds which are perilous and at least which cause cancer”. “Tobacco product developments are coinciding with the implementation of plain packaging in Australia.” The general wellbeing of American individuals ought to be the fundamental need of American business.

The current report will be going to discuss the issue of tobacco advertising and its influence on consumption of tobacco and tobacco products, whether tobacco advertising should be banned or not and the possible solution for the issue along with necessary arguments in favor and against will be discussed in detail under the report.

Opposition Claim

            The opposing view to the topic of banning tobacco products is that it should not be banned. The supporting view is that companies and businesses incur a necessary cost for the purpose of the manufacturing of tobacco products and therefore in order to recover their cost and make some profits, it is justified to do advertising of different products on mainstream media. Also, the fact that tobacco products can be sold with a clear warning on the product itself that the same is injurious to health and regular consumption of the same can lead to various kind of illness including cancer “Tobacco product developments are coinciding with the implementation of plain packaging in Australia”. The audience targeted through advertising is above the age of 18, and therefore they are prudent enough to make the decision whether to consume tobacco products or not.

 Consumption of tobacco is the sole discretion of an individual who is adult and thus if one decides to consume it at his own will, how and why should it matter anyone? There might be plenty of other bad habits that an individual may possess and which may be equally injurious for his health, but those products which create this habit are also promoted and marketed on a global level like the fast-food business, then why tobacco products can’t.

Strengths and weakness of opposing claims


  • Tobacco offers a natural neurotoxin known as alkaloid nicotine, which assists in combining with the other ingredients and can be utilized for pest control.
  • While smoking, carbon monoxide is released into the bloodstream. It assists in preventing blood clots.
  • The tobacco industry provides employment to thousands of people in its manufacturing factories and for other business operation purposes.


  • Tobacco in cigarettes and the direct consumption of tobacco causes cancer.
  • Bad breathing is also one of the outcomes after the consumption of tobacco.
  • Advertising of tobacco on national television can influence kids and children to consume the same.

Own Claim

 As far as our own claim is concerned, it can be said that tobacco advertising should be banned at the earliest. This is because tobacco advertising impacts and influences the mindset of the young generation and compels them to consume cigarettes. The big corporate companies that are engaged behind the manufacturing of tobacco products advertising for the sole aim of making huge profits and thus influencing the young generation for the consumption of tobacco products in the longer run. Banning advertisements can reduce the consumption of these products in society thereby reducing the adverse effects on the health of individuals. Due to the excess consumption of tobacco products, various families and their kids have seen fights and disputes in their life due to changes in the behavior of those who consume tobacco products in the family. They become more aggressive and violent in their behaviour due to excess consumption of the same, as claimed by a study of USA based university.

Warrants of own claim and opposition’s claim

Opposition Claim

            The opposition claim can be justified on the ground that advertising is not an application of any tangible force on an individual to consume tobacco products. An adult individual does have the whole discretion to decide whether to consume tobacco products or not, therefore saying that tobacco companies are responsible for compelling individuals to consume is not correct. An image of serious medical cases that have occurred due to regular consumption of tobacco products can be put on the product’s packaging; this can help in informing people and discourage consumption of the same

Own claim

 Advertising of tobacco products has a ripple effect. It increases the consumption of these products among people, leading to various health problems which have to bear by not only family members, but sometimes by the government as well. Therefore, excessive advertising of tobacco products is basically putting the strain on the exchequer and their health bill due to an increase in the consumption of these products in the longer run. Therefore, advertising of these products should be banned at the earliest and no more room should be given to tobacco companies to expand their business by taking the lives of innocent people, which leaves their family in a state of grief.

The common ground between opponent claim and own claim

The common ground between the two claims can be the fact that tobacco companies are not villains of society. They sell tobacco like any other product to make profits, for them, it is their business, and people should keep an open mindset for the same. However, necessary and genuine restrictions can be applied to the advertising and marketing of tobacco products among people. This will lead to midway and a possible solution for both tobacco companies and society in general.

Example-3 – An example of a short essay

Topic- Is the internet making us stupid

In this current paper, an argumentative essay has been detailed. This paper will highlight the argumentation regarding is the internet making us stupid. In an era of digitalization and modernization, everything becomes very small. Nowadays everything is available within the click of a mouse. It is believed that the internet is a dominant player in the globalized world. Internet governs as well as symbolizes the information in a well-structured manner. It is also believed that in a way to get the information we usually jump around and try to gather the information which makes us not to go in detailed and hence hamper the overall knowledge in a long run in a negative manner. 
Thesis Statement- Is it right to say that the internet is making us stupid? In the globalized era and in the era of technological advancement nothing is confined to the nation as everything is going outside so in a way to grasp the opportunity one needs to well versed in using the internet. But at the same, it can be said that excessive usage and dependability on the internet make the individual stupid. It is because by using the internet an individual loses the gift of God that is losing the power of recalling and thinking as individual uses to search the information from the internet and saved it in some folder.

Opposing and Qualifying Ideas or Discussion

In today’s scenario, the internet is using by each people for their personal and professional use. There are a lot of researchers who conducted their researches to identify “Is Internet Making Us Stupid” or not. Each researcher comes up with their different perspectives and conclusions too. But, as per my opinion and belief, the internet is making us stupid in reality. There are a lot of reasons behind this statement and mindset. The Internet is making us stupid because of clickbait. Also, the researcher said that the Internet permits people to collect a lot of information within some seconds. But, on the other side, the Internet proves as a media or source that encourage people not to look at information very thoughtfully. So, it can be said that somehow the internet limits the thinking capability and capacity of an individual. In addition, Vismara said that the Internet asks people to use natural impulses to click and skim rather than to think and read. As a result, it shortens the attention spans even inhibits to read longer articles and books as well. As a result, people will become a failure in getting sufficient knowledge from the Internet and other reading sources. Also, there are a lot of scholars who said that the Internet is not making us stupid but making us Smart. For example, Johnson said that the Internet provides a wide range of resources at the fingertips of individuals that guide them in fast and easy data collection. It also proves as a source that empowers the people with the feeling of power and intelligence. Hence, the Internet can consider as a great source of knowledge rather than considering it an option of time wastage for a lot of human beings.

According to the viewpoint of Carr, the Internet is not just associated with jumping and scanning around the world at high speed. But, it becomes an effective source to change the thinking and perspectives of people. Due to the high use of the internet, it becomes hard for people to spend their precious time reading books rather than researching and scanning on the Internet. Apart from this, the researcher also said that the Internet also makes us stupid by reducing the memory power of human beings. It is because people get frequent in searching the important things and feeding in their necessary or required folders with different names. But, many times it happens people forget the name of their respective folders to access required information in the near future. Therefore, it can be said that the Internet is making us stupid by reducing our recalling capacity and limit the thinking power as well. On the other hand, Baron said that sometimes the Internet becomes a reason for poor confidence and knowledge among individuals. It is because people with internet access give answers based on internet scanning rather than using their knowledge. As a result, this becomes the source of their poor confidence and lack of trust in their thinking and knowledge as well. Therefore, it is right to say that the Internet makes people stupid in reality. Also, the researcher said that when people use the internet to search for answers in their respective studies, their accuracy is only at around 75 percent. In contrast, people with external knowledge through books, articles, and magazines seem to have high accuracy in comparison to internet-based knowledge. Therefore, it can be said that people should limit the use of the Internet and prefer external sources of study to increase their knowledge as well. As a result, it can say that the Internet making us stupid by losing our mental capacity.

Conclusion On the basis of the above analysis, it can be concluded that excessive usage of the internet makes us stupid and dumper. It is because the Internet proves as a source that limits the mental capacity and knowledge of an individual. Also, it is identified that the use of the internet pointing to a loss of attention span. As a result, the use of external knowledge sources will prove very beneficial for people in comparison to the internet. Also, it is evaluated that when a person encounters hyperlinked text, it asks him or her to click or not to the given link. On the other hand, when a person reads a book, he or she comprehends more in comparison to internet comprehension. As a result, it can be said that Internet use makes us stupid and knowledge less also. Therefore, the Internet should avoid by an individual as much as they can.

Refer our how to write a short essay for turning around your academic writing skills.

Example-4 – Best Argumentative Example to Learn about drugs legalization

Topic- Legalization of Drugs

Whether the drug should be legalized or not has its own divided proponents. Some researchers and scholars are of the view that the prohibition of drugs is giving way to additional costs for the government to contain or prevent those who engage in drug consumption. On the other hand, some assert that the prohibition is acceptable as long as it is contributing to the prohibition of harm to the individuals who do not consume drug but become a victim. The drug consumption is a serious concern in today’s society and the studies have found that despite several rules and regulations related to prohibition, it has not been contained ineffectively. However, there is no deniability that the progress is being made in this regard. The legalization of drugs should not take place if the government is willing to keep society healthy and safe from its negative impacts.

The studies have shown that drug abuse is rampant in society and the police personnel is not so effective in handling the uses of the drugs. Despite the rules and regulations in place, the unethical elements in the society orient towards the drug usage under the wrap. The prohibition of the drugs in the society is good as it certainly prevents the individuals from getting damaged from the uneven dosage. Moreover, the enforcement agencies focus on the elimination of any form of illegal market that operates under the hood to facilitate the supply of such drugs. It can be stated with the same clarity that if the drug had not been prevented by the government, there is the possibility that there could be an increase in the number of individuals using the drugs due to its cheap availability and frequent accessibility. Those who do not have access to the drug might have easy access if the government had not placed any restrictions. There is no denying in the fact that the people are not satisfied with the way the United States is handling the drug prohibition, but it is also true that legalization is not the way out. Countries around the world have prohibited such drugs and those who are proposing its legalization or going with the alternative of prohibition should understand that legalization is not a way out.

If the government focuses on the reduction in the opportunities that are available to the individuals for consuming the drugs leads to a positive impact on drug consumption. The studies have shown that if the workplace environment bans the use of smoking, then it leads to a decrease in the smoking rate at the workplace. The major impact can be seen among those who are heavy smokers. The ban led to a fall of around 25%. This study was from Australia. Here, it can be said that if the government is reducing the chances allowed to the individuals to use drugs, then it is likely to reduce its consumption. Those who are frequent users are certainly going to reduce the number of times they engage in drug consumption as they cannot openly consume drugs anywhere they want. A study conducted led to the finding that if the Cannabis had been legal then more and more individuals would like to try it instead of restricting themselves from doing it.

It is quite understandable that the prohibition of drugs within the country makes it difficult for individuals to obtain it without having the fear of getting arrested. The effort required to obtain the drugs significantly increases and thus those who are not adventurous prefer not to engage in such activity. The fear of getting harassed from the police and from the drug suppliers for the payment that is often violent to prevent most of the interested individuals from trying the drug. Copello and Orford have found that the individuals fear prison and getting into any kind of problem for taking the drug. This fear prevents them from even trying drugs. No one wants to get involved with the police and revolve around the courts for the rest of his or her life. Further, the police personnel often crackdown on the markets where drugs are sold or purchased. This crackdown leads to the individuals making an effort to move out of their drug-dependent life and go to treatment to bring their life back on track. Thus it can be said that if the individuals face obstacles and it is costing them their personal freedom and peaceful life, then they would not like to engage in such activity. Further, it has been found that if the cost of using the drugs is high, then it also deters the individuals from trying it because most cannot afford it financially. Prohibiting the drugs often creates supply chain blockage and makes it difficult for the suppliers to deliver the drug at its designated location conveniently. This leads to an increase in cost. And thus only those who can afford it make the purchase. This further helps reduces drug prevention.

Overall, here it can be said that the drug should not be legalized. The above studies have shown that if the drugs are kept prohibited, then it reduces its accessibility to the masses and thus leads to a decrease in its usage. The prohibition creates several blockages that prevent the drugs from reaching the intended users conveniently, thus leading to reduced usage. Moreover, those who fear jail terms or not want to engage in the fight with the unethical elements of the society, do not want to involve in the purchase of the drug.

Free Essay Example on Recycling and Sustainable Development

Topic- Recycling is taking a significant place in the business sphere.

Over the recent past decades, recycling has been given major importance in all spheres of life. Ranging from business to personal life, recycling is a major aspect these days since society gives immense importance to environmental conservation. Thus, the essay will focus on how recycling has been taking a major place in the business sphere.

The main idea of recycling is that it reuses the garbage or used the material so that it do not cause waste or pollution. Recycling is mainly useful for those materials that are non-biodegradable like plastic. The material like carbon is such material which causing imbalance imposes a serious threat to society. Hence, recycling has become a crucial aspect of waste management which specially aims to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. The spare materials which are left as waste can be recycled using waste management skills and innovative skills so that the amount of waste can be reduced which directly impacts the environment in a positive way. Amid the threat of global warming and environmental pollution, waste management has taken a major place within business management and recycling is one of the main aspects of waste management. Recycling in terms of business waste management does not only generate benefits towards saving the environment but effective waste management also helps a business to increase reputation. The more effective waste management measures a business takes, the more a business secures its place avoiding all the obligations inclusive of legal and social factors.

The primary thought of reusing is that it reuses the junk or utilized material with the goal that they do not cause waste or contamination. The reusing is essentially valuable for those materials that are non-biodegradable like plastic. The material like carbon is such material which causing awkwardness forces genuine risk to the general public. Henceforth, reusing has turned into a critical part of waste administration which exceptionally plans to lessen the carbon impression on condition. The extra materials which are left as waste can be recycled utilizing waste management aptitudes and inventive abilities with the goal that the measure of waste can be diminished which specifically effects on nature emphatically. In the midst of the risk of a worldwide temperature boost and condition contamination, squander the board has assumed a noteworthy position inside the business the executives and reusing is one of the fundamental parts of waste administration. Reusing as far as business squander the executives does produce benefits towards sparing the earth as well as encourages business to expand reputation. The more successful waste administration estimates a business takes, the more a business anchors its place maintaining a strategic distance from every one of the commitments comprehensive of legitimate and social components.

In the year 2012, the complete waste recuperation in the US was 87 million tons. Shape that sum, 51 percent comprised paper and paperboard, 22%-yard trimmings, 9% metal, 4% sustenance squander, 4% glass, 3% plastic, and wood just as 6% different materials. One of the significant difficulties for the reusing gains by tonnage is that bundling ending up progressively, so enhancing the reusing propensities as far as an extra load of material reused. The most encouraging territories for the enhanced reusing are in the region of natural waste recuperation as more social orders are moving to redirect it more landfills.

A common plastic waste emergency is working with the real ramifications for the wellbeing alongside the earth. China has pointedly decreased imports of outside piece materials. This outcome in heaps of plastic waste that are developing in ports alongside the reusing offices over the United States. Accordingly, the help is expanding broadly and they are for forbidding or limiting the single-use purchaser plastics, for example, straws and staple sacks. In the US, United States recycling Inc. started the activities in 1985 and freely claimed authority, processor alongside the advertiser of recyclable material. The accentuation on the quality administration just as long-term connections empowered the organization to develop to its present state as a full-benefit packer, and exporter taking care of with the whole scope of recyclable materials in the entire world.

In the year 2012, the complete waste recuperation in the US was 87 million tons. Shape that sum, 51 percent comprised paper and paperboard, 22%-yard trimmings, 9% metal, 4% sustenance squander, 4% glass, 3% plastic, and wood just as 6% different materials. One of the significant difficulties for the reusing gains by tonnage is that bundling ending up progressively, so enhancing the reusing propensities as far as an extra load of material reused. The most encouraging territories for the enhanced reusing are in the region of natural waste recuperation as more social orders are moving to redirect it more landfills.

In the present time, the phenomenal dimension of open concern is the chance to enhance. There is a developing enthusiasm for improving or building up the plastic reusing in the US. This helps with inspiring the buyers to clean and sort the recyclables, putting resources into the better innovations for arranging and reusing the waste plastics alongside this making the motivators for makers to utilize reused plastic. The plastics make the items lighter, less expensive, less demanding to gather and furthermore increasingly expendable. They likewise create the loss toward a mind-blowing beginning cycle as it is a noteworthy wellspring of contamination alongside the ozone-harming substance discharges and after that transfer.

Thus, in order to conclude, it is apt to assert that over the concern regarding saving nature has been the primary driving force behind recycling becoming a major aspect of waste management. On the other hand, the urge of increasing reputation within the industry has been another key factor for which waste management and recycling are being adopted more day by day.

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