How to write a case study? Tips and Techniques for a Beginner


Hello people! I hope you all are well. Today I am going to take a topic which troubles almost every student i.e. How to write a case study? Every student wonders this at some time in their lives. In a layman’s terms, case study involves in-depth and detailed research of the case of study. It also involves research of its related conditions. It requires thorough study and analysis of the case. Keep reading this article till the end for ideas on how to write a case study? If you want any help in writing your case study, you may also take case study assignment help. This could ease your burden to a great extent. This article will provide nitty-gritty on how to write a case study.

Writing an excellent case study can be a challenging feat. However, if you keep some essential points in mind, then the job will become easy for you. I am going to talk about everything related to how to write a case study?

So, lets get started!

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In this blog, I am going to discuss the following important points:

  • Steps to write a case study
  • Types of case studies
  • Types of subjects of case studies

Steps To Write a Case Study


The first thing you have to choose while wondering “how to write a case study?” is your case. A case is different for the different case studies. However, there are few things which are common to every case studies. There are other factors followed by recognition of a case.

However, I am providing step by step guide on how to write a case study. Just be with me till the end and get to know everything about writing a case study. 

1. Identifying the case

Identifying a case for research involves more than choosing a research problem. Cases are often those topics that are already probed. This is because such cases can provide better and new ways of knowing a research problem. A thorough analysis of a case can be based on the hypothesis. Hypothesis could be that this new case study will reveal valuable insights and issues. Especially, those insights which have not been published in previous research. There are many assumptions which are based on previous research. However, with time those assumptions, sometimes become obsolete. Make sure you select a case through which you can gather crucial evidence. Evidence which challenges prevailing assumptions.

While selecting a case, you should consider how the study and research on this particular case may reveal ways to solve present-day problems. Time and access to information are the critical factors while choosing your case. Many research and studies are based on the time at which they have been formulated. Your case should challenge already formulated studies and should answer present-day problems.

A case can be used when there are fewer studies to a particular problem. A case can be used as a tool which offers a new direction to establish a clear understanding of how to address a specific issue.

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2. Structure and Writing Style

The purpose of writing a case study is to investigate a particular case thoroughly. The thorough study includes revealing a new awareness of research problem. In doing so, contributing new knowledge to what is already know. Following are the essential elements to structure and writing a case study:


The introduction should reveal the scope and purpose of your research. It should not only describe the problem, but it should also explain why this case is being used and how it helps in solving the issue.

Describe your research problem and the method of analysis which would address the problem. In an introduction, you can explain how the above-said elements are linked together.

The second thing which you can explain in an introduction is the significance of your case. You can tell how your chosen case is suitable for solving problems.

The third thing could be the background of a case study. With new insights, you can also explain the history of initial findings.

Explain how your case study will help in expanding knowledge and understanding of a specific problem.

Literature Review

This is about exploring books, scholarly articles, and any other sources of a specific area. In doing so, provides a description and summary of those works in relation to current problem.

In the literature review, you can highlight relevant works and their contribution. This could involve highlighting papers that have investigated the research challenge using a similar instance. Moreover, you can also explain why it’s important to use the same case (e.g. earlier studies were long ago developed).

A particular case may have a no. of previous studies. There could be many unresolved issues that need to be addressed. Your present case study should help in resolving the existing conflicts. This, in turn, will assist in forming fresh insights.

Summarize how your present case study helps to find new ways to understanding the research problem. It includes identifying the loopholes in earlier studies. It also, includes how the current study helps in removing those loopholes. Also, if you are unable to write a literature review for your case study, then you can take help from our blog guide on how to write a literature review in detail. 


A method is an integral part of how to write a case study? In this, you will explain the reason behind choosing a particular case to study. Also, you can highlight the strategy you have used to identify and decide that your case is appropriate in addressing the research problem. The way you describe your method depends upon the type of subject of analysis. Case studies use different kind of subjects. I have explained them below.

  • When Subject is an incident or event: The subject of analysis could be a rare or critical event, or it can be a regular event. The purpose of studying a rare event could be thinking about broader research problem or testing a hypothesis. You can explain the reason for choosing this particular subject.
  • When your subject of analysis is a person: You can explain why you selected this specific person to be studied. You can also describe the experience this person is having which can advance understanding about the research problem. Consider what experience they have that make them worthy of this study.
  • When your subject is a place: When a subject of case study is place, it must not only describe its various attributes relevant to the research problem (i.e., physical, social, cultural, economic, political, etc.) but also highlight the method which will illuminate new understanding about the research problem.
  • When your subject is a phenomenon: A phenomenon is anything which manifests itself. It also referred to a fact or occurrence that can be studied or observed. There are many phenomena which are not clearly understood. You can choose such case which provides insightful understanding of a particular phenomenon.

3. Discussion

The key elements of discussion revolve around interpreting and drawing a conclusion about the key findings. It will be a good idea to link description of findings with the discussion about their implications. You should briefly explain your research problem, and then you can demonstrate the outcomes of your study. In the discussion, you can also define the meaning of your findings. Highlight your points which shows the significance of your results. It rarely happens that your subject has not been studied previously. Try to find similar studies and try to form a link between your and earlier studies on same issue.

In discussion part, it is essential to make highlight the limitations of your study. Even after you have studied your subject thoroughly, there may still be many things which are left. Acknowledge those limitations and highlight question which your research could not answer.

4. Conclusion

The conclusion is significant part of any case study. Summarize your conclusion in a simple language. Also, you can explain how your case study is different from previous studies. In conclusions, you will mention the most significant points of your research. The conclusion should briefly explain your research and findings of the case study.

Now that I have discussed in detail about how to write a case study. Even after this, if you stuck anywhere in your case study, I would suggest you to try assignment help online. They have many professional experts who can guide you to achieve the best results.

Different Types of Case Studies


Till now, you have understood how to write a case study. Now I am going to talk about various kinds of case studies. Following are different types of case studies.

Explanatory Case study

This mainly focuses on an explanation for a specific question or phenomenon. A case study which has person or group of a person as their subjects would not be explanatory, as with humans, there will always be variables.

Exploratory Case study

These are case studies performed before implementing a large-scale study. The objective of this type of study is that further research is needed. Psychology and social sciences are the two subjects which use exploratory case studies highly. Psychologists always keen to find better ways to treat their subjects. This type of case study helps them to research the new ideas or theories.

Multiple-Case Studies

Multiple or collective studies use information from different studies. This, in turn, helps to formulate a new case. Sometimes, a researcher has to spend time and money on additional studies. However, by using past studies allow additional information, which then prevents extra time and money.

Intrinsic Case study

An intrinsic case study is the study of a case (e.g., person, group, company) where the case itself is of primary interest in the exploration.

Instrumental Case study

An instrumental case study is the study of the case (i.e., person, group, department, company). This type of case study helps to gain new insights into specific topics, redraw generalizations, or build theory.

Types of Subjects of Case Studies


There are typically five types of subjects. Whether it is an instrumental or intrinsic case study, each kind of case study uses subjects.

Below, I have discussed different subjects. Just go through them and increase your knowledge apart from writing a case study. 


This type of case studies focuses on a specific person. The best example of person case would be “Genie” case. Genie was only 13 years old when she was discovered in Los Angeles in 1970. Her father believed her to be mentally retarded and locked her in an empty room without any sort of stimulation. When she was discovered, psychologist wanted to know everything about her physical, emotional and mental health. They were interested in knowing her language skills. But when she was found, she had no form of language. A study was conducted on her. The objective was to see whether she was able to acquire language skills at the age of 13. After that, she was placed in a hospital under the observation. This case study is still one of the most valuable. You can take help from for this case study.


This type of study focuses on a group of people. Group can be family, company or even colleagues. An example of such kind of case study would be tribes living in African forests. These tribes have never had any modern contact. Therefore, many researchers take a deep interest in studying them.


This type of study focuses on a place and the manner in which this place is related to people. For example, many studies have focused on Siberia, and people who live there. Siberia is very cold and barren place in Russia. Also, it is considered one of the most challenging place to live. Studying such area, and its climate can help people learn how to cope up with extreme weather and conditions.


This sort of study focuses on a business or an organization. This could also include people working on the organization, or an event occurred at the organization. There are many studies which provide insights into a collapse of an organization. Such studies are essential as they help other companies to sustain and flourish.


This type of studies focuses on an event and how it affects the people. One of the significant studies which covered an event was of September 11th. The event in itself was very popular. Many studies were conducted on it. It was important to know what elements initiated such event and how to control such activities from happening in future. Related studies are not only important for US government but also other nations who want to prevent terrorism.

Final words…

This blog tried to shed light on the information about the case study. From how to write a case study to types of case studies, this blog everything about the case study. Case studies are considered useful in research as they provide insightful information about a particular case (subject). Case studies from various disciplines and domains are widely published. Many a time, student get confused about how to write a case study? If you ever find yourself in such situation, you can take case study assignment writing service. In case you have any doubt about anything, you can directly contact us on our website.

I hope this blog write-up proved useful for you. For more such useful information, visit our website. Thank you for reading!

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: What are the things to avoid while writing a case study?
A: There are certain things that need to be avoided such as overgeneralization, failure to document limitations, and failure to extrapolate all potential consequences.
Q: Is case study different from research paper?
A: Yes, both are different. Research papers, draw the reader’s attention to a specific issue. Whereas, a case study requires special attention to detail, investigating difficulties closely and in-depth using various research methodologies.
Q: How to create a title page of a case study?
A: The format of your title page is determined by the citation style you use. However, a general title page contains 5-9 words in length, your name and contact information, and it should have the words “case study” in it.

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