How to study for the SAT?

The SAT (Back Story)

The SAT is a standardized test widely conducted in the United States for college admissions every year. It was first administered by the College Board in 1926. Since then, its name has changed several times. It was initially known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, then the Scholastic Assessment Test, later changed to SAT I: Reasoning Test, after that SAT reasoning test and know it is simply called the SAT. The test is solely owned, developed and published by the College Board. The College Board is a non-profit organization in the United States.

As you can understand that the SAT is an entrance test that students seek to get admission in the undergraduate schools. The primary aim of the SAT is to evaluate the student’s skills and ability to get admission to the college. Assessing students on the basis of the SAT score is easy. Admission faculty compare all the applicants on the basis of the SAT scores, high school GPA, extracurricular activities, interviews, and personal college application essays. The significance of the SAT score may vary from college to college.

How one should begin preparing for the SAT


Most of the students are not having the correct answer to the question, How to study for the SAT? I will decode it in this blog and let you know about various things related to this admission exam. Here is a list of ways to know how to study for the SAT:

Read non-fiction as much as you can

To a great extent, the SAT exam is based on extensive reading. You will see five big paragraphs with dense information and vocabulary. When you start reading them, you will feel mental fatigue and your brain might run out of energy to focus. Most of the students find reading part extremely tough. You have to prepare your brain for it. For that, you have to read lots of non -fiction texts for it. You might be thinking why I am stressing upon non-fiction texts. The reason being, schools and colleges are too much focused on fiction reading. Whereas, in the SAT exam you will encounter non-fiction reading. Since you cannot develop this habit overnight, you have to start reading books and magazines as soon as possible.

Do math in your mind

There are two sections of Math in the SAT exam. One of the math sections doesn’t allow the use of the calculator. When you are sitting in the SAT test, you will not get much time to do calculations with a pen or pencil. Therefore, prepare your brain to have mental calculations.  This will take a lot of time. You have to learn the art of mental calculations either on your own or take online tutorials from websites such as Khan Academy. If you get the perfection in the oral calculation, surely you will be saving precious minutes during the exam. 

Befriend yourself with grammar

ALmost 70 percent of the verbal section is based on the grammar. Many students are having complete focus on the comprehension section but some try to get good marks through the grammar section. When I say grammar, I think most of you are afraid of it. But preparing for grammar is one of the simplest things you will encounter while finding the answer to the question, how to study for the SAT. Almost everyone will say to focus on grammar as well. So prepare your SAT score by improving your grammatical knowledge.

Get your SAT preparation materials

There are hundreds of websites who are providing the study material for the SAT exams. Most of them are not providing quality study material. You will be hurt to know that most of these websites have material that ain’t have any use. Studying from untrusted sources will surely not going to help you in the SAT exam. So, now you might be thinking, How to study for the SAT if most of the websites are having useless material?  Below I am mentioning some of the Ebooks from that you can study for the exams.

  • Kaplan SAT Subject Test Mathematics Level 1
  • SAT 4000 words
  • Guide to SAT Reading
  • The Official SAT Study Guide

These are the books that are considered good for the SAT preparations. You can get them from Rakuten Kobo

Get your hands on mock tests

The SAT is having four significant sections, namely Math, Reading, Writing, and Language. Most of the students while preparing for the test follow the wrong pattern. They specifically target the subject. For example, doing Math for four days, then switching to Reading and writing and so on. If you are also studying in this manner, stop this right now. There are a lot of studies that have shown that you should focus on all the sections together. Give an hour to Math, then an hour Reading and writing and then equivalent time to language. This practice will mimic what you will perform on the day of the SAT. Moreover, your brain will also adapt to work in different areas altogether.

Don’t mug up things

Good things take time, you cannot clear this Test by just studying a week or a month before the SAT. When you cram things, it feels like having so much knowledge, but that fades away within a week. If you want a long-lasting memory of all the information, make adjustments in your study pattern. Go slowly and understand the concepts. Don’t just cram things, rather learn it wholeheartedly. You don’t need to study for 10 to 12 hours a day. Just sit for 3 to 4 hours but with complete focus. Take study breaks, let the information sink in your brain. Read time management strategies to know how to manage your study time.

Figure out your weak zones

No one on this planet has complete knowledge of everything. Everyone is born with some weaknesses. Similarly, every student has some weak areas. So, you need to figure out what are your weak points in the SAT. Work on your weak areas more and get better in them. Remember, no one can achieve perfection in a single night. Things will take time. Achieving perfection is a gradual process. Work on tough areas patiently. A week before the exams, you will see how things turn in your favor. Continuous practice and hard work is the only way to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Work during the inactive hours

Most of us go out with friends or with family members, sometimes we have to wait for someone. Don’t waste that time. Read books while traveling or waiting for someone. You might feel that this won’t help much. But, such efforts will surely make a big difference in the actual outcome. 

The following things you can do during your inactive hours.

  • Review vocabulary on your laptop, phone or from a dictionary.
  • Have a quick look at the chapters that you have already read in the past. Revise them.
  • You can also practice mental math during your free time.
  • Read articles that will help in developing reading habits.

These are the tips you can say or answers for how to study for the SAT. You can follow all of them or as per your convenience. Remember, to get the admission in your desired college you have to work hard for it. Things will not come to those who don’t want to come out of their comfort zone. If you want something, make efforts for it. To get more help with study material, you may also contact Here you will get the notes prepared by the expert writers.

Things you should know about the SAT

  • The SAT is a 3 hours paper-pencil test. 
  • It consists of four sections- Reading, Writing, Language, and Mathematics.
  • There is one more section of the SAT exam that is of essay writing. It is an optional one, if you take this, then exam would be of 3 hours 50 minutes. There are some colleges that prefer to assess the students on the basis of the essay test as well.
  • The SAT score ranges from 400 to 1600 for the whole test.
  • The official website for the SAT:
  • The SAT is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).
  • Mode of writing the exam: Paper and Pencil
  • The number of SAT exam centers: 25000 globally.
  • SAT helpline numbers: 866-756-7346 (Domestic), 212-713-7789(International)
  • The SAT registration can be done by online or offline methods.
  • SAT exam fee for SAT: $49.50 and for SAT(with essay): $64.50.
  • There are no eligibility criteria for the SAT. Anyone who is above the age of 12 years can sit for the SAT.
  • Students below the 8th grade don’t put a photo in the registration form.

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