Frantically Trying to Complete a Plagiarism-Free Assignment


The word “assignment” is familiar to the students of higher studies as it is an integral part of academic life and it carries significant grades in the exams. Writing assignments is a tedious job for the students as it requires so much information, extensive research work, proper knowledge of framing formats, and so on. The difficult part is writing a plagiarism-free assignment. The professional field demands the most creative and unique ideas from the students. Assignments create the brainstorming in your mind that helps to produce novel ideas and new approaches to the problems.

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What is Plagiarism?

When someone uses the ideas and thoughts of one by incorporating them into his work without the owner’s consent, this particular activity is known as plagiarism. It is one kind of intellectual theft and an act to steal unique ideas without crediting the source. It is considered a serious offence.

There is a lot of plagiarism exists.

  • The verbatim quotation is the quotation that gets direct copy-paste without any acknowledgement.
  • Paraphrasing is the rephrasing of one’s work or thought into own language and presenting them as own ideas.
  • Direct plagiarism happens when students copy and paste directly from internet sources or any fellow novice’s assignments.
  • Incorrect citation happens when a citation is not properly mentioned at end of the project.
  • The most problematic situation occurs during citing an unreliable source. Students take references from various internet sources but can’t understand which one is genuine. This mistake leads to a seriously bad impression of the students.
  • Mosaic plagiarism is the type of plagiarism where some data are taken from one source and another copied from another source and pasted together. This type of copy-paste issue is more harmful than simple paraphrasing.
  • Self-plagiarism happens when a student uses the information from their previous assignments.

These are the various types of plagiarism cases that the students should keep in mind while writing an assignment. Are you now thinking to get plagiarism-free assignments from academic experts? Yes, you are on the correct track. Making plagiarism-free assignments is quite problematic, it is better to rely on some reliable assistance in this case.

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Why Is Plagiarism Viewed as a Terrible Crime in the Academic Community?

Assignment writing is introduced to test the creativity and unique thoughts of a student. As this is essential in the professional world, examiners check the problem-solving skills of the students through these projects. But if any student copied it somewhere, how his skill can be represented in this project? Plagiarism is theft as well as fraud simultaneously. It is considered a serious offence because the user steals some unique ideas from a source without giving proper credit to the actual writer. The person copied, just use these ideas as his own which is strictly a crime. Most universities have strict rules and regulations to prohibit this activity. If any student gets caught with plagiarized content, he will be suspended and his project will be rejected too.

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Causes of Plagiarism in a Paper and Its Repercussions

Assignment writing is not so easy on any subject. It requires some format that includes a catchy headline, attractive index, furnished body, justified conclusion, and so on. Naturally, they look for the same content on the internet. There is available so many websites that provide all relevant information with decent writing on it. Students just copy it thoroughly and put them down in their assignments after some editing. The content shown in the various internet sources was written by different authors, but the students use them without giving any credit to this source. This also affects negatively their professional life.

Consequences of Plagiarism

ThSome serious consequences occuror this plagiarism issue.

Let’s talk about them.

Academic Penalties

  • Students often face some serious consequences for submitting plagiarized assignments.
  • Like- grade penalties, course suspension, expulsion, or other disciplinary actions.

Stunted Creativity

  • If you are not trying to submit original content and ideas, your creativity will also get end as a result.
  • You will lose this quality when you are copying someone else’s work.
  • This will seriously affect your professional work.

Blacklisted in the Professional Field

  • Plagiarizing content not only hurts your creativity.
  • But you may also have to bear the cost as an employee of any company.
  • This is a serious threat to your career.

Reputation Impact

  • Maybe your plagiarism is not so severe.
  • But a mild copy also can spoil your reputation in front of your authority.
  • They can’t even trust you to further any project and it is not good for your career.

Potential Legal and Criminal Action

  • Lastly, one of the most serious consequences of plagiarism is the criminal action taken by the authority.
  • If the plagiarized content happens to be protected by copyright law, you may bear legal penalties or fines.
  • Even it can show you the jail also.

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Ways of Writing Academic Papers and Assignments by Avoiding Plagiarism

Copying content is considered to be a cardinal offence in all educational institutions across the world. As violation of copyright is a serious crime. It hampers the career of a student and makes him suffer to find any job again. So, it is essential to take protection against plagiarism seriously. Let’s discuss some ways of writing by which students can avoid plagiarism on their submitted content.

  • Cite your used sources properly at the end of the projects. It also helps to increase the impression of the writing and shows the honesty of the novice.
  • Including quotations is also an important part to avoid the problems of copying issues. Students should write down the relevant quotations in their content.
  • Paraphrasing any writing or information without changing the meaning is a good idea to get protection from plagiarism. It helps the students to safeguard themselves from any issue of violating copyright law.
  • The best idea to avoid these hurdles is to present your ideas and thoughts in your content. This is also very good for your professional field as it requires the most unique problem-solving skills always. This will help students to impress the authority as well as it is the safest way to submit any content with full confidence.
  • Check each writing with remarkable plagiarism checker tools online before the final submission. These tools help a lot to identify the copied content in each phrase. It is one of the best ways to avoid all types of hurdles related to plagiarism.

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How Can Allassignmenthelp Assist You?

Is the assignment submission snatching your midnight sleep? Do you desperately want to get plagiarism-free assignments from academic experts? Then we are the best provider in this world and you can trust us blindly in case of plagiarism checking. Our hub delivers plagiarism-free writing with a checker report.

  • We draft every assignment on any topic with 100% originality. Our experienced assignment writers create every piece of content with their wonderful skills and utmost perfection. Our provider is famous for delivering the most unique writing in the world of assignment making.
  • In any assignment, we include only verified and relevant information from authentic sources. We have a lot of collection of this type of data on several topics. Our maestros are also aware of the latest events in their respective subjects which reflect on their information choices. That’s why; there is no chance of getting any rejection.
  • Following all instructions and proper format is another main weapon of ours. This strict maintenance protects from any type of violation of any law. This is the most convincing feature to safeguard our potential clients from any problem.
  • After any project, proper and decent citations are a must in our service. Referencing diminishes the plagiarism issue as you are getting credit for the used source. This rule is strictly maintained by our all experts. That’s why; there is zero chance of sticking in any plagiarism issue.

Lastly, the contribution of our quality controller team is unavoidable. They check every nook and corner of the content to submit it with zero error. If there arises any percentage of copy, they remove it immediately with their best efforts. This is a great advantage that helps the students to tolerate zero problems related to any issue in their assignments.

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Final Thoughts!

The assignment is an essential part of our study system. Nobody can skip this section. It has been introduced for the welfare of the novices. Assignments can reveal the inner creativity level of a student as well as can spoil the entire life if caught with plagiarism issues. It is a representation of the creativity of every student, their ideas and thinking level, and their representation skill also. It also shows the problem-solving skill of a student which will be needed in their professional field. But if the content is just the result of copying from some resources, it goes in vain. Plagiarism is a serious offence as it is theft as well as fraud with great intellectualism.

Copying someone’s idea and using it into own work is not expected from anyone strictly. How a student can give justification after doing this crime? If he fails to create the original product, then he has to pay the cost of it in not only academic life but also in professional life. Therefore either try it completely based on your skill or take help positively from the assignment help services to get plagiarism-free assignments by academic experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question- What is plagiarism?
Answer- When someone uses the ideas and thoughts of one by incorporating them into his work without the owner’s consent, this particular activity is known as plagiarism. It is one kind of intellectual theft and an act to steal unique ideas without crediting the source. It is considered a serious offence.
Question- What are academic penalties?
Answer- Students often face some serious consequences for submitting plagiarized assignments like- grade penalties, course suspension, expulsion, or other disciplinary actions.