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How to survive on the first day of college?


Hello folks. I hope you guys are doing well. In today’s article, I am going to discuss everything about the first day of college. At some point of time, we all go to college. We all have our shares of funny stories of college years. In spite of this, there is a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness on the first day of college. When approaching the college on the first day, thoughts start running through our mind. “Is everything going to be okay?”, “How will my seniors treat me”? , “How would I start a conversation with my mates” etc. These are some apprehensions of a typical student. Worrying? Don’t need to. I am going to share some fascinating points that will help you on your first day of college. After getting into college, you might be stuck with something. In such cases, you can take online assignment help.

Since you start this new journey, you can also expect a lot of homework or assignments. Only students know that they have to balance out different things in their life. Students can ease their burden by taking online assignment help. From interesting first day stories to amazing tips, you will find everything from soup to nuts in this article. Keep reading till the end if you want some guidance on your first day of college. Are you ready for this?

I will be sharing the following points in this article.

  • First day of college tips
  • First day of college stories
  • What happens on the first day of college?
  • What to expect on the first day of college?

First day of college tips


College is a transition phase from a wannabe to an expert. Undoubtedly, you feel a bit of nervousness on the first day of your college. Your luck is favoring you if you are reading this article. Yes, you read it right. I am going to share some stunning tips that will save your save on the first day of college.

Get a good sleep

Everyone wants to look their best on the first day of college. You desire to make a good first impression on everyone you meet. You don’t want to look tired. Make sure to take a good night sleep before your first day. It will help you to look fresh and be attentive. Also, set the alarm to get up on time.

Dress up well

Remember your outfit tells a lot about your personality. But wear something which you are comfortable in. Dress up something simple but attractive. Avoid shimmers and wear subtle colors. Also, college is a place where you wear formal pants one day

Be on Time

In most colleges, the first day happens to be an orientation day. Reach there on time and get the front seat. This will help you to get noticed by your teacher and fellow students. You never know this could be great for your relationship with your teacher in the long term.

Bring a Notebook

On the first day of college, your professor will probably discuss a plan for the semester. Also, he could make important announcements about an exam, attendance criteria, and syllabus. These are the things which should be noted down for future reference. Make sure to keep a notebook with you on the first day of college.

It’s Ok to be Nervous

College is an enthralling journey for everyone. However, when you take the first step in this journey, you feel a bit of nervousness. Know that this is perfectly ok. Everyone around you is as nervous as you are. Therefore, don’t think you are only one who is tensed. You can beat this anxiety by initiating a conversation to new people around you. Don’t hesitate to say “Hi.” They will probably appreciate this.

Introduce yourself like a Pro!

How many times have you started at your pen or avoided eye contacts? This shows your diffident personality. If you have this personality, better be aware! A college is a place which demands openness and flexibility. Introduce yourself like a pro! Get some tips from the Internet. Communicate with your seniors as this will help you during your upcoming days in college.

Make Friends

So, you are there! Remember college is the place where you meet a hell lot of people. Don’t shy away from them. Be at ease and communicate with your classmates. You never know who will be going to become your friend for life. Friends are the ones who add flavors to different joys of college life. Be sure to spend time with as many people as you can. You can make study buddies who will help you when you miss an important lecture or just before an exam.


Explore the campus

Since it’s your first day, you will ample free time. Once you made yourself comfortable, go and explore your new campus. Whether you head straight to the canteen or figuring out how is the auditorium looks like, try to observe everything from a new perspective. Walk around the whole campus to know where everything is located.

First day of college stories

There is still a lot more for you. I have assembled some beautiful first day of college stories. Continue reading to know how other people felt on their first day of college.

Hey people. My name is John Taylor. I still remember my first day of college. I had mix feelings. As I entered, I could see a lot of people like me. However, I went straight to a group of people who seemed like seniors. I asked them for directions, and they explained me the way to my class. However, when I had followed their direction, I reached a different place. I felt a bit of fool. Thanks to God! I met a person who happened to be my classmate. He enrolled himself in the same course. Had I not met a person there, I would have missed the orientation and introductory session.
At orientation sessions, I met a lot of people. The best thing about college is that you meet a lot of people with different background. This helps you to adjust well to their views and culture. All in all, I indeed had a positive experience on my first day of college.

Hi guys. This is David Smith. I am going to narrate my first day of college story. Getting into the desired college was like a dream come true for me. As soon as I entered my college, there was a banner saying “Welcome the new batch of 2016”. It started with reaching on the class before time, having an introductory session and getting aware of the different amenities present in the office premises. As we took our seats in our class, everybody was looking each other. To my surprise, I made few friends on the very first day. Soon after, a Whatsapp group was made having all the members of a class. It was a wonderful day which I never forget.

What happens on the first day of college?



Something is interesting about the first day of college. College is a new world to explore. There is an incredible atmosphere on the first day of college. So let’s plunge into what happens on the first day of college.

Exploring the Campus

The first thing you probably do is to explore your new college. From canteen to the auditorium, everything appears enticing. The whole college environment is so vibrant that you will be able to connect.

Classroom confusion

As it is your first day, you don’t know the way around the place. You have to ask a hell of people the way to your classroom. You meet people who mislead you, while still there are some who can guide your way.


You could feel apprehensive as what will going to happen on orientation day and who is going to take your orientation day. You feel bit nervous. But remember everything is going to be very normal in upcoming days.


Obviously, you will be asked to introduce yourself. You might not get prepared. There is a general feeling of nervous, but that’s okay. Almost everybody feels this way.

Food satisfaction

Looking for food in and around the campus until you find something that suits your taste buds, is what you desire the most. You will never settle for cheaper foods. You see yourself end up eating frequently.

Relief that day is over

Your first day varied from sharing the contact information to a promise of sending a request on Facebook. You go out of the college gate with a feeling of satisfaction. You look forward to the upcoming days.

What to expect on the first day of college?


You just wrapped up your high school and now going to college. The most important thing to consider is that college classes will a different experience compared to your school classes. Be sure to be very attentive in your classes. As your classes are the best way to discover internships. You can take assignment help if you get stuck with some difficulty. There are online expert writers who can help to complete your assignment on time.


On your first day of college, you will receive a course outline containing assignments, syllabus, reading, required material, etc. Be sure to jot it down when your professor explained everything, or take a printout if it is available.


College life gives you the unbridled freedom which you never have in your life. You can do what you want when you want. There are no restrictions on attending classes. Since you may go out with your friends for a movie or spend some time at the canteen. You can do as much or as little as you want. You will have the freedom to your limited amount of money, and you decide how to spend it. Spend it all on party or buying a new camera. Freedom of choice plus less accountability to parents make everything seem so much fun.


Expect confusion as your companion for the first few days of your college. You will be confused regarding “What to bring in the college?”, “Whom to sit with at lunch?”, “How to spend your free time?” These are some confusion which continue to haunt new students for some days. Do not expect everything to be at ease. You are new to a new place. You will take a bit of time to adjust.

People with different culture

College is a place where you meet a lot of people with different backgrounds, culture, and country. Have an open mind about different things that you will probably encounter. When you come across any such person in your class, just start communicating with them. They will probably appreciate this if you initiate. Try to make connections with them which will help you in the long run.

Phone battery

You may click a lot of selfies or spend time just browsing through your Facebook, in all cases your phone consume battery. Make sure to charge your phone to its full capacity so as to avoid irritation.


A friendly welcome

You can expect a wonderful welcome on your first day of college. Your seniors might plan some activities as well. All the teachers and staff will be around you. You might get students badges. Your principal might give you an introductory lecture as to what can you expect over the next few years.

Be prepared to actually work

While you could be expecting ample of free time, but things might not turn up like this. Your professor might take some long and distressful lectures. So be prepared to any situation that would come in your way.

Final words

There is nothing as exciting as your first day of college. You simply step into a totally different world. From making friends for life to prepare a base for your career, college offers much more than we think. But the reality is not as rosy as it seems. Many a time, students feel burden by the piles of assignments. They ended up being frustrated. To avoid such situations, students may take assignment help online.

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