Economics Research Topics – Ideas For Research Papers

Economics Research Topics

Economics studies how to allocate resources wisely and efficiently while dealing with scarcity and uncertainty. Economics is one of the most challenging subjects to study nowadays. Many economics research paper assignments are given to those majoring in economics, and they must be finished at home. However, the major struggle starts when they need to find some intriguing Economics Research Topics. Also, finding relevant economic study topics for a research paper becomes incredibly challenging. Therefore, we at All Assignment Help, have compiled 50+ innovative ideas for competitive economic research topics to help you create the best possible research work!

How To Choose an Interesting Economics Research Topics For Your Paper?

You must select an engaging and motivating topic. The topic should compel you to conduct a study and offer an opinion. You must first decide whether your issue is more closely related to microeconomics or requires a broader variety of economic considerations. In order to do this, you should keep in mind the following advice:

  • Pick a good topic you are knowledgeable about based on what inspires you.
  • Find any gaps in your knowledge by conducting research on the topic you want to investigate.
  • The fundamental thesis statement of an economic research paper must be related to every issue.
  • You can state something in your paper’s title if it is a descriptive or explanatory paper.
  • You are allowed to pose a query in your title when writing an argumentative paper.
  • When working with broad concepts, keep things specific.
  • The topic of your research should be sufficiently obvious while avoiding revealing the findings.

What would make a great topic for an economics paper is not always obvious. Therefore, an economics research paper writing service can help you with this.

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List of Informative Economics Research Topics 2023

Since there are so many potential areas of study in economics, our experts choose to focus on crucial areas that are most well-liked by college and university students. You can utilize the list of economics research topics that our economists have compiled to choose the ideal topic for your paper.

Microeconomics Research Topics

  • The principle of marginal utility has prompted a subjective revolution in pricing
  • The idea of demand elasticity and its application to economic decision-making
  • Natural monopoly and government regulation of its operations in the USA and other nations
  • Schumpeter on the role of entrepreneurship in the production process
  • Value of a supply and demand elasticity estimate for entrepreneurial activity
  • Why is researching tax incidence critical to assessing the fairness of a tax system?
  • Determination of output and price in a non-collusive oligopoly
  • Depression and startups: the shadow side of entrepreneurship
  • The negative effects of cartels on consumers
  • Income inequality. Relationship between Lorenz curve and Gini coefficient.
  • How can the audit’s supply and demand be made clear?
  • The techniques for monitoring consumer balance

Although writing a research paper on any topic of microeconomics is not easy as it seems. Therefore, hiring a microeconomics assignment help writer will prove fruitful for you.

Research Topics For Macro-Economics

  • A comparison of global unemployment rates with those in the United States
  • The place of a single household in the economy as a whole
  • The approach that addresses unemployment in the economy most effectively
  • The causes and effects of the world recession
  • The connection between internet access and office productivity
  • Education’s economics in emerging markets
  • Socioeconomic imbalances and public policy
  • What long-term effects does the Greek financial crisis have on the EU economy?
  • Why is insurance essential for a nation’s economic growth?
  • Analysis of the macroeconomics and performance of Africa
  • Monetary policy, monopolies, and the American economy
  • Macroeconomics and economic self-regulate

Development Economics Topics For Research

  • The most effective methods for improving physical capital results
  • Considering both short- and long-term objectives while addressing economic development
  • Industrial diversification’s significance in the era of globalization
  • Command economies compared to standard economies
  • The factors that influence high-performing institutions in developing countries
  • The financial repercussions of population expansion in underdeveloped nations
  • Iceland’s reliance on natural resources as a key driver of economic growth
  • The relationship between development and migratory incentives
  • Review of aid and the prosperity of emerging economies
  • USA overview of the effects of population expansion on economic development
  • Tax and taxes issues in relation to economic growth
  • The financial toll that terrorism takes on emerging markets

Behavioral Economics Topics

  • How can behavioral analysis be applied to diabetes lifestyle management in the healthcare industry?
  • Big data and behavioral economics implications
  • How businesses bury clients in a blizzard of options can cause decision paralysis
  • A research project on the discounting behavior economy
  • How behavioral economics affects consumers’ online shopping behavior
  • A survey of the empirical evidence on ethics in behavioral economics
  • Quantitative research exploring the connection between behavioral economics and the psychology of incentives
  • A thorough examination of the function that decision-making serves in the study of behavioral economics
  • Analyzing the quantitative link between economic incentives and provider behavior
  • Effects of behavioral economics in the area of end-of-life care
  • A correlational study of behavioral economics and macroeconomic models
  • The Behavioral Economics of Discounting: An Amazon Case Study

We understand that behavioral economics topics are broad to understand. However, there are many assignment writing services available online that can help you understand the topic and can write your research paper as well.

Topics For Financial Economics

  • A descriptive approach to researching the connection between financial economics and actuarial practice
  • Applied financial economics: emphasize the difficulties and necessary actions
  • Financial economics and public pension plans: a correlational study
  • The contribution of the financial development system to the expansion of an oil-dependent country’s economy
  • A review of the literature is conducted to look into the connection between financial economics and social mood
  • Financial accounting and managerial economics as a foundation for business decisions
  • How does the FSTE 100’s behavior impact economic expansion?
  • Analysis of the worldwide financial crisis in the 2020s
  • How accounting, economics, and finance are related
  • Compared to the European Union, the financial structure of British businesses
  • Financial economics and instances of security fraud
  • Market risk to the extreme and financial economics

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Environmental Economics Research Topics

  • Who is financially liable for environmental disasters caused by humans?
  • The connection between financial incentives and the production of environmentally friendly goods
  • Comparative comparison of the UK and US water management and conservation policies
  • An economic analysis of American trash disposal initiatives
  • Environmental effects of technological progress for environmentally friendly items
  • Environment and Economic Development
  • Firm decisions regarding environmental compliance
  • The economic views of resource distribution across borders
  • Political Economy of Resource and Environmental Policy
  • Ecological and economic issues nowadays
  • Support for Economics and Cost Analysis in Technology Transfer
  • Economic Analysis and Statutory Requirements for Drinking Water Contaminants Regulation Development

Research Topics for Employment Economics

  • Employee well-being and working from home or the office: The COVID pandemic case
  • An investigation on how political support for social policy protection is impacted by flexible employment
  • Local pools on joblessness in the UK: Seeking similarities
  • Various elements that affect self-employment in the UK
  • The impact of minimum wages on employment in Britain
  • Economic cycle effects on employment, innovation, and workforce productivity: A case study of Hyundai
  • Local unemployment rates in Canada and how they are comparable to one another
  • The need for the immigrant workforce in the European Union to be economically viable
  • How has digitization altered the job market’s traditional structure?
  • How does workplace gender imbalance impact economic growth and worker productivity?
  • An analysis of the methods used in collective bargaining
  • What impact does technological advancement have on unemployment in Britain?

Miscellaneous Economics Research Topics

  • The digital economy and how it affects how contemporary socioeconomic interactions are managed
  • Innovation’s function in the contemporary economy
  • The global economy’s entertainment sector: trends and potential prospects
  • Origins, determinants, and quality of contemporary economic growth
  • A mathematical model of the current global crisis and the medium-term economic cycle
  • An updated perspective on the organizational and financial foundations of company management
  • Constitutional Bases of the Current Japanese Economic System
  • Forecasting and analysis of the economy today
  • Modern instruments for making economic decisions include financial analysis.
  • The foundation of systemic economics for the advancement of contemporary economic theory
  • Alternatives and Innovation in the Modern Economy
  • Bank as a user and player in digital finance
  • Digital currencies and the digital economy
  • The theory of religious economics discusses the relationship between the church and the state
  • Moral politics and ethical economics
  • Creation of a financial management game for distance learning
  • The use of gamification in modern marketing
  • Values and the economic mainstream: a discussion of economic theory positivism
  • An effective and expanding modern market economy depends on trust
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of increasing Income Tax Rate
  • Models and Missions of the Modern University as a Driver of Economic Growth
  • Global issues of the current time include economic expansion and social inequity

All these topics are current and trending and you can use them for your research assignment. However, if any topic troubles you or makes you feel exhausted, then you can also take economics assignment help online from professionals.

Last Words!

It requires effort to produce a truly informative economics research paper assignment. It requires much research, analysis, and study. The study of economics focuses on a variety of human interactions at various scales, so the topics for economic papers are nearly endless. It can be challenging to select an economics topic that is both relevant to your assignment and engaging to investigate. However, we can help you with your economics research paper as well from the start to the end. You can hire our writers whether you need help with selecting a research topic or you want a complete research paper.


Q: What types of economic research papers are there?
A: There are essentially two types of economics research papers: theoretical studies, which start with a model based on specific premises and then demonstrate that specific results would follow, and empirical papers, which run data through a model (a set of mathematical equations).
Q: What is the goal of research in economics?
A: The major goal of Economics Research is to give national and international scholars a forum on which to share their most recent economics-related discoveries.