Competitive Exams: Blessing or Curse?


The students are born with a spirit of competition! Students suffer from a variety of issues after school. It takes work to prepare for tough examinations to get into the colleges of their dreams. Each student experiences the stress of competitive exams as they study for tests like the SAT or the IIT JEE. There is a frequently asked question given below.

Whether or not competitive exams have a negative effect on students?

Well! It cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. It is a personal decision and will vary for each person. However, we have constructed both sides of the question in this educational blog provided by so that you may comprehend, evaluate, and choose a solution for yourself.

It’s crucial to understand that the purpose of this blog post is not to express an opinion. It is more of an analytical assessment of the many components of competitive exams. The blog’s sole purpose is to educate readers and help them understand both sides of an issue so they may make good judgments.

So, returning to the original query, do competitive exams limit students’ potential?

In order to do that, let’s first clarify what competitive tests are, and then move forward from there.

Basic Understanding of Competitive Exams

Exams that are given in a competitive setting are essentially large-scale tests. They evaluate a student’s aptitude in light of other students. The term “competitive exams” refers to an exam where there are many applicants vying for a small number of seats, increasing the level of competition for each available seat. Competitive tests are now the primary method for gaining admission to the course or college of your choice.

Students who are preparing for the same need assistance with their homework. They also go for online assignment assistance to lighten their load for this reason. Every student must adhere to a specific parameter when taking a particular college exam. Depending on the degree or college a student is applying for, the exam may be aptitude- or subject-focused.

At various levels, students now take competitive exams. Competitive exams are now a common and standard method of choosing students for a needed course or college, from admittance to schools through admission to PhD programmes.

Does Competition Kills Morale of Students?

To know the answer to this question just go on and read below.

  • Students are always competing.
  • To get into college after high school, there are numerous fights and competitions.
  • Every year after school, every student experiences pressure, gloom, imbalance, and a lack of time to get through one of life’s most significant turning points.
  • Students who work hard do their homework, prepare for tests, write applications, and manage their expectations while surviving day and night.
  • Every student aspires to be accepted into the university of their choice.
  • Any student will acknowledge that this is one of their busiest times ever.

So the real question is, whether the admission process really creates such a  stressful environment around the competition?

  • These days, there is a lot of competition for college admissions, as evidenced by the numerous individuals who work really hard every year.
  • A non-competitive admissions system is hard to envisage.
  • The university has the following requirements for admission.
  • To successfully complete the course, students must possess a solid knowledge base.
  • Additionally necessary are certain abilities like analysis, task planning, and responsibility for outcomes.
  • Not every student at the institution needs to graduate with honours.
  • The competitive exam elevates students with diverse ideologies, and capacities.
  • And talents and measures their strengths and deficiencies using the same scales, making these students feel like failures and hence become absolutely insecure.

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A Noteworthy Consequence of Competitive Exams

  • Applying to universities was fairly simple between 1946 and 1964.
  • After high school, most students attended a four-year university.
  • Some pupils submitted applications to two or more colleges.
  • Location, programme options, price, and the difficulty of the entrance process all played a significant role in choosing a university.
  • Students were able to get their preferred seats at the time because applying to the institution was fairly simple.
  • Contrarily, the admissions process now feels overly competitive.
  • It somehow becomes a time of making or breaking it in student life with an open gaze.
  • All students who complete their education experience career anxiety.
  • They are under pressure to enrol in a college that year so they won’t fall behind in the competition.
  • This concept stresses them out and primarily results in tragedies in their life.
  • Due to the intense stress and strain from these exams, it is a worrying side effect that students may attempt or commit suicide.

Competitive Exams: Good or Bad?

Let’s examine two scenarios to find out the answer.

First Scenario of Competitive Exams

  • It is about thousands of students being passionate about it.
  • And as there are only a limited number of seats available for the course, the first scenario involves thousands of students who are passionate about the subject.
  • However, to determine which students truly deserve the prestigious seats, the students take a competitive exam.
  • Competitive tests could appear like a good option in this situation.

Second Scenario of Competetive Exams

  • There are some kids that have varied strengths and weaknesses, which is comparable to the first condition.
  • Even if each student is competent and has the education necessary to perform well on the exam.
  • The set question paper didn’t appear appropriate for many students, which led to an inaccurate assessment of their abilities.
  • Applying a competitive test in this situation would be incorrect.

So, through these two situations, one can know, that competitive exams are both good and bad, however, at times they could be beneficial, but at times they could hamper a child’s ability as well. 

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Techniques For Acing Competitive Exams

It can be difficult to succeed on competitive entrance tests. But information is power, so in order to reach your target, you can follow some techniques. Competitive tests are not particularly simple to ace, but it is also not impossible. Any competitive exam can be passed with ease if you work hard and receive the right instruction.

Some techniques for acing competition law are mentioned below:

Ploy Your Preparation

  • Half the work is completed with a well-laid plan.
  • Learn about the examinations that you are taking and their schedule.
  • Make a time estimate and a strategy for your study time.
  • Plan a proper preparation routine and make sure you follow it very strictly.

Study in Short Time Period

  • Studying right up until the deadline would only cause tension, weariness, and possibly even confusion.
  • Choose the exam syllabus and gauge your degree of comfort with each part before creating a study schedule.
  • Instead of doing everything all at once, students should devote more effort to their weak areas each day.

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Practice Mock Tests

  • Practice with sample tests from past years would be very beneficial.
  • This will give you a general concept of the exam format.
  • And, also force you to practise throughout the allotted time.
  • Your speed and time management skills will also increase by solving practice exam questions.
  • You can also practise mock tests online for free from many websites.
  • You can even take an expert’s help if you get lost in any stage of your preparation.

Go for Smartwork

  • More important than how much time you spend on anything is how much attention and mental attentiveness you give it.
  • One should quantify the quantity of focused study they are performing rather than the number of hours they spend in front of books, especially for competitive admission exams.
  • Minimize every distraction.
  • When you are completely alert, begin with the hardest or most boring subject.
  • Save the simpler questions for times when you don’t feel like studying.

Stay Motivated for Competitive Exams

  • Motivate yourself by looking to your family, friends, and teachers, among others.
  • Always keep in mind that motivation will help you achieve your goals.
  • Additionally, key advice and directives should be put into practice after carefully studying interviews with previous winners of competitive exams.

Taking Breaks are Equally Important

  • There must be a few brief breaks taken.
  • Breaking up your day is crucial.
  • Over-studying could cause you to forget everything during tests.
  • If you spend the entire morning studying, take a break in the evening and do something fun.
  • You might be able to study for a few hours before going to bed.
  • Studying hard, but not so hard that you can’t handle it is the whole objective of this.
  • By taking the proper action, you may make life easier for yourself.

Take Quick Revision

  • Don’t forget to review when you are preparing ready for an exam.
  • During tests, it might definitely aid in your memory of many crucial details.
  • Before taking a test, make sure you review it at least twice.
  • All of this is very important. So remember that.


There are both good things and bad things about competitive exams, however, it has become the most efficient tool to understand a student’s capability for a particular subject or course. But, despite saying that, competitive exams come with several cons, and might not be appropriate for every student’s aptitude and capabilities. With some improvements we could expect the competitive exams to be the tool or gateway to analysing students, but, for now, we’d say that it has both its pros and cons. For some, it would be a good option, while for others it could become a problem. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are competitive exams really bad?
Answer: It would be wrong to claim competitive exams as good or bad. They have pros and cons which cannot be ignored. While some students work hard and perform well due to their pressure, others struggle with mental and social difficulties.
Question: What are the tips to prepare well for competitive exams?
Answer: The tips may differ from student to student, but some of the common tips include making a routine of studying, ensuring that your study environment is comfortable, practising previous years’ questions, and, lastly, being confident.

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