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Does competitive exams hammers the morale of students?


Competition is in the blood of the students. After school, there are lots of struggles and competitions to get entry into colleges. Each year after school, each student fight with pressure, tiredness, lack of poise and time to exceed one of the most imperative milestones of the life. A hard working student spends days and nights in studying properly, sit in the exams, write the applications and survive in a wearing expectation. Each pupil endeavors to get admission in a college. Each student will be agreed that this situation is one of the most hectic experiences in their life. So the question is it really essential for the admission procedures rivet so much competition that certainly escorts to stress?

Is Competition in your class killing your moral?

Now a lot of students have been passed out per year from school, which is a clear indication of competition for the admission procedure of college entry. We can hardly imagine a noncompetitive admission system. The criteria of taking admission in college are – a student must have the intensity of knowledge that would let him or her manage with the course effectively, certain skills like analysis, capability to plan your work and be liable for the consequence is also imperatively necessary. It is not necessary that all the school, students can become successful graduates. It will automatically create a situation for those incapable students for not getting any job. That means all the efforts of schooling time will be wasted.

Consequences of competitive admissions:

On the contrary, the admission systems look too competitive. The open view somehow makes it a make-it-or-break-it age in the life of students. Every student after passing out the school has a fear that if he or she will not be admitted to college in the same year, then the career will be ruined. This thinking makes them nervous and most of the time it creates disaster in their lives. There are some cases where students either committed suicide or tried to kill themselves which is quite pathetic.

In the era of 1946 to 1964, applying to college was very easy. Those were compelled for a four-year college typically after passing out the school. Some of the students applied for more than two to three colleges. The choice of the college was basically depended upon the location, program offerings, cost, and the complexity of admission. At that time applying to a college was really very easy. They could get seats as per their choices.

Wrap it up:

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to get a seat like it was so easy before. Students have to score higher marks to survive in this competitive age. Some have huge money to get admission into the college where they want. But it is not always right. College seats should be for the right candidates because the donation hammers the morale of the good students. The simple rule is for studying more, then get high ranks in the exams. Then there will be chances to get admission in good colleges.

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