How Does Intelligence Affect One’s Writing


Intelligence is a factor which is imperative for everybody to do a job effortlessly. However, sometimes this factor can create traps while writing an essay or homework given by your faculties or even if you are writing something for a public domain. Although it sounds very unreasonable sometimes intellect comes in the way of good writing. Moreover, if you are a student or a writer who has to write articles, technical or essay writing, then there are possibilities that intelligence can lead you into the pitfall of poor writing. However, don’t worry, with the help of this blog All Assignment Help you would easily understand various intelligence factors which need to be avoided to become a good writer. 

 Everybody has a right to showcase their intelligence and talents. Yet there are some black sides to this factor. Moreover, if you showcase your talents at the right time and right place, then you can accomplish great things. Furthermore, when it comes to writing using the right talent at right time can help you win the hearts of your reader. Now, let us read about the factors that you must take care of while writing. If you fail in doing so, regardless of your intelligence, you will end up writing a poor piece of paper. 

General Intelligence Trap You Shouldn’t Fall In 

Everyone coming to read your content want something informative yet simple. Something they can absorb easily. Moreover, no one cares about your creative writing degree. Furthermore, as discussed above, there is always a right place to show the right skills and talent. You need to find that space when you are writing. Additionally, you should not let your intelligence come in the way of good writing in a bad manner. So, given below are some general intelligence traps that writers often fall into, try not to fall into the trap. 

Not everyone thinks similar 

You should not think that everyone has the same knowledge as you. Moreover, you are allowed to put in your best efforts and take your time to make difficult concepts simple. In addition to this, do not forget to use examples that a reader can easily relate to. For example, cardiology (someone who studies about heart) might explain the better functionalities of the heart, its problems and how to avoid them. Furthermore, make it easy for your readers to understand by using examples. Also, giving multiple examples is better than writing in a complex manner.

Therefore, we can say that you should not compare your intelligence with others and always write something from the perspective of your reader. In case you are a still student and still cannot figure out how not to let your intelligence be a hurdle in the way, then opt for online assignment services. They will help you with A1 quality work and help you score well. 

Write for your readers as they know nothing 

Try to avoid thinking that people will know how to fill in the blanks left in your writing. Because your readers know nothing about what you are writing. Moreover, it often happens while explaining something in writing. However, you should be clear and your writing style, selection of words, etc. should be proper. So that your readers feel amazed with what they read. Remember a single omission can create a negative impression. Hence, your intelligence should never come in the way of good writing negatively. 

Do not follow the idea of being trendy literally 

You might be updated with all the trendy words, slang, and phrases. However, you need not show off your intelligence when it is not necessarily needed. Moreover, as a writer, you need to avoid jargon in your writing, especially which is not known to everybody. In addition to this, try to keep your writing simple. Furthermore, most of these terminologies and phrases are not familiar to your reader and are ahead of their intelligence. Also, if you think that it will create an impression of you as smart, you are wrong. Because as mentioned above, it will only end up making you appear pretentious and out of touch with your readers. Additionally, writing is the industry of people and you cannot avoid that. Therefore, sometimes you need to keep your intelligence at bay and write for your readers as per their needs. 

Stay away from mind blindness 

As a writer, you need to stay away from mind blindness. Moreover, to prove this psychologist used one example of a kid entering a classroom, opening a box of pens and finding out that it was filled with pencils. At that time, the child tried to hide that box because any other kid who see that box will claim the same. This example proves that some folks do not want to show their extra knowledge for fear that other individuals don’t know what they know. Therefore, we can say that you need to make the right use of your intelligence when you are writing. Also, you are required to find out on your own what’s the right situation and place to share your intelligence. Now, let us go further in the topic and read about things a writer must know while writing. 

Intelligence Tricks a Writer Must Know 

There are certain things that you must never due to your writing. Moreover, we can also say that sometimes applying your intelligence literally can make your writing look poor. Therefore, broaden your knowledge of the different kinds of writing so that you can make the right use of your intelligence in the needed places. So, let us talk about certain things that any writer must consider before applying their intelligence literally and making a mess out of their writing. 

There is no playbook for writers 

For writers, there is no playbook or rules that you need to follow blindly. Moreover, you are the voice of people. Therefore, you must know what works best for you. You need to listen to the voices calling from inside. However, that also doesn’t mean putting things in your writing based on your intelligence if that is going to give an ugly look to your writing. Furthermore, listening to your inner voice would always suggests the right path. In addition to this, there is no yellow-brick road in writing and you are allowed to present a diversity of perspectives. However, make sure what suits your intelligence and ability in a unique manner. 

Do not imitate your idol’s writing 

You need to be yourself when you are writing something. Moreover, you cannot be swayed away by the intelligence of your idol and blindly follow the path. Furthermore, as a writer you are required to use your own voice, approach, style, and intelligence in your writing. However, ensure that your intellect is not coming in a way in a negative manner. Moreover, trying to pretend to be someone else would let your readers know. You might worship the intelligence of your idols, their literary tradition, savour it but when you are writing, try to avoid such things. 

Showcase intelligence never put everything in one basket

When you are pitching something through your writing, never put all your eggs in one basket. Here, you need to showcase your intelligence and while querying you must work on your next idea. Moreover, if you want to keep your writing in the business for a long time then keep the creative side in gear. Furthermore, you can seek courses that how you can craft good writing. In addition to this, if you are a student and failing at showcasing your intelligence in your writing then you must opt for assignment help online. The experts would help you write a quality piece of paper. 

You are not universally loved

Your intelligence must tell you that you are not universally beloved and you are not allowed to hate on anyone who is giving any kind of feedback to you. Moreover, every reader and editor would have an opinion of your work as per their intelligence, and you need to accept it respectfully. Furthermore, every opinion has value. In addition to this, believe the valid nuggets and issues you must address according to your intelligence. Hence, be open to criticism if you want to be a good writer. 

Don’t assume it is easy 

Writing is not easy. You need to make the right use of all your intelligence to stack up your bookshelves with manuscripts and unpublished content. Moreover, you are required to do so until you reach a good publisher. However, there is still no guarantee of success. 

Therefore, these are a few things that you must consider before writing a piece of work. Also, ensure that you are using your intelligence righteously without affecting the quality of your writing. 

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Intelligence Factors You Must Take Care of

Given below are certain points that you need to take care of while writing without affecting your writing much. 

  • There is always a debate of intelligence of whether and whether not you should outline or not outline and write what you know. Moreover, you must know whether you are required to make edits by the end. Furthermore, you are allowed to experiment with the work you do. 
  • You are not allowed to be rude, hostile, or dishonest in your writing without any reason. Moreover, you would not want to bring intelligence your way and you should know that in the publishing industry word spreads with the speed of a storm and without you knowing you would develop friends and enemies in the industry. 
  • In case you are confused with all the ideas and techniques of writing, you can always opt for expert assignment writers for assistance. Moreover, never post sociopathic comments in the public domain just because you think your intelligence is up to the mark. Sometimes, it can land you in a situation with trolls. 
  • Take care of the basics. Moreover, always ensure that your spelling, grammar, and mechanics in the writing are in place. Furthermore, these are the basic writing foundations that would keep you going. 
  • Just because you think your intelligence would work fine in a situation, never write anything just to satisfy the needs of the market and make a quick buck. 
  • You are required to celebrate the success of other writers instead of being envious. 
  • Writing is effectively the reflection of events and things you see in real life. So, make sure to feed your intelligence with enough healthy and good content. 


Hence, this was it. In this blog, we learned how intelligence can be negative if you do not know how to make the right use of it at the right time and how it can affect your writing for bad. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Question: 1 Which intelligence is associated with good writing?
Answer: 1 Language intelligence or linguistic intelligence is required to be a good writer or be good at writing.
Question: 2 How does multiple intelligence affect learning?
Answer: 2 To lay it out plainly, numerous bits of intelligence recommends that we as a whole learn comprehensively however fostering various limits and insights which modified guidance through tutoring can additionally draw out and support every person.