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descriptive writing

Hello friends how are you? Today you will read something which can help your writing skills in a great way. The topic for today’s blog is what descriptive writing is? This blog will help all the students who are writers and want to excel more in writing. You all have a basic idea regarding descriptive writing. In this blog, you will get detailed information regarding descriptive writing.

This bog will help those students who opt for taking assignment help when they get essay writing work. In short, your next five to ten minutes going to be the informative one.

Let’s have a look at the topics which we will discuss in today’s blog:

  • What is Descriptive Writing?
  • The purpose of descriptive writing
  • Descriptive Writing Techniques
  • Descriptive Writing Examples
  • Types of Descriptive Writing 
  • Features of Descriptive Writing
  • Tips for good descriptive writing work

So let’s begin the reading of this blog

What is Descriptive Writing?

We can define descriptive writing as a type of writing that gives a clear and concise description of everything. It includes places, people, object or an event. The primary objective of descriptive writing is to provide a clear picture of the place, people or thing in reader’s mind. The writer provides enough details to evoke the senses. A reader can feel all their senses working while reading any descriptive writing work.

Descriptive writing is used to draw vivid details in the reader’s mind. The reader will use sensory details when he/she reads the text. He can feel the environment of the text through senses like seeing, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. This form of writing will help the readers to go into a world of the writer. You can find descriptive writing in almost all forms of writing styles. These styles include a journal, travel writing, biographies, poetry, diary writing, nature writing, memoirs, etc.

The purpose of descriptive writing

Being a student you want to understand and know the reason why one must use descriptive writing. For every student, the end purpose of writing a descriptive work is the same, which is to describe. You need to give a perfect description of the topic which you are describing. Your description should be so realistic that reader can feel it.

Let’s see first the purposes of descriptive writing for students:

  • It helps in writing paragraphs and essays in a detailed and structured manner. You will learn how to describe various small and large things. It helps you to maintain balance, and you get the idea what should you need to elaborate and what is not.
  • Descriptive writing helps in holding the reader for your writing work. By this I mean your reader will stay attracted towards your text. It will keep your reader engaged in your work. An engaging work would be the best compliment for any writer. So if you want to see yourself as an excellent writer, enhance your skills of descriptive writing.
  • Are you the one who lacks the vocabulary, or feel difficulty in writing because of a shortage of new words. It’s time to practice descriptive writing. Why I am saying this because, it will help you in finding new words and enhances your vocabulary, when you get the task to write more and more, you will look out on the internet for various new words. This automatically enhances your knowledge regarding the new words.
  • Descriptive writing is a great way if you want to clarify any topic or any subject. It describes everything. You will see that you have to describe minute details as well as other details in an elaborative manner. So more the description, better clarity it will make.
  • With the help of descriptive writing, you will learn how to present sensory details. The presentation of sensory details will help in conveying the main idea. For those who are planning to be a novelist or a writer, descriptive writing is gold for them.

Descriptive Writing Techniques


As I have told you the definition of descriptive writing, it should contain all sensory details. Your writing should evoke sight, taste, sound, smell, and touch. Evoking these senses is not as easy as it looks. You have to gain mastery over the descriptive form of writing. Only then you can make your writing work an excellent one. Below I am going to tell you some tips to enhance your descriptive writing skills.

Select a Right Topic

The first and most important thing is to choose the right topic. Before writing anything, choose topic aright. You should be able to write on your selected topic. You must be able to provide a precise description of your topic to the reader. Your topic should have enough details to convince and involve the reader. Your topic should be able to make a picture in the reader’s mind.

Use Descriptive Words

As it is descriptive writing, so words should also be descriptive. If your words are descriptive only then it will help you in a precise description. Use words which can provide sensory details more clearly.

Organize all the details in a Chronological Order

When you are writing a descriptive article, structure everything logically and in correct order. Your details should not be erratic. Otherwise, it will reduce the readability and reader will not stay connected.

Use Figurative Language

Whenever you are writing a descriptive essay or paragraphs, use figurative languages like simile and metaphors. For example, Her smile was like sunshine.

Figurative language will add feelings to your text and enhances the value of your work. A reader will also find your work as a masterpiece of writing. It will help in stimulating the interest of the readers.

Descriptive Writing Examples

Now after talking so much about descriptive writing techniques, I think we should now see examples. Below you can see a few good examples of descriptive writing:

  • The Life of Princess Diana
  • Describe the Castle at Vincennes
  • Describe the Beauty of Niagara Falls
  • The Great Himalaya Mountain Range
  • The Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Description of your childhood memories
  • An event that changed your life
  • A trauma or happiness

These are the few examples of writing or beginning descriptive writing. You can choose any topic of your choice also. But keep in mind that your topic should have things which you can fluently describe and evoke some kind of emotion in the reader. This will make the writing work more impressive.

Types of Descriptive Writing 


Now its time to look out for the types of descriptive writing. These types will help you more to know in what way you should begin descriptive writing. As I said earlier, descriptive writing could be seen in any form of writing. Whichever writing is describing things in a detailed manner, it is called descriptive writing. 

Let’s have a look at them one by one:


A biography is a form of detailed work, tell you about famous people’s life. A biography may include many surprising facts and details which you never heard.

Travel writing

This would be the best thing one would love to experience. Being a writer, you will love to write on travel topics. Being a reader one would love to read on travel topics. Travel writing also allows the writer to portray skills of descriptive writing in a great way. You have to describe the beauty and uniqueness about the places you visit. Your words will take the readers in that place.

Nature writing

Nature writing also describes the beauty of nature. It can be fictional or nonfictional. You must read John Keats’s poems, or Wordsworth’s poems to learn the art of nature writing.


Many people form a journal. It is a daily record of events or work you do. Journals also refer to periodicals and newspapers that are published on a daily basis. In Journal writing work you must give details of important events to meetings in extended form to make it informative.


This is a form of descriptive writing that describes feelings, emotions, and ideas. A poem is the best form of descriptive writing when it comes to expressions. The poem expresses the best. A poet can bring a dead person to live with his/her writing and use of words.

Features of Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Writing form encompasses the following features:

  1. Descriptive writing describes all information in chronological order. If describing a person, start with his appearance, nature, and background. If you are describing a place. Tell readers about the atmosphere, environment, day and night time, etc. these small things are very useful to make text excellent and keep readers engaging.
  2. When we talk about ideal descriptive writing, it should have nouns, adjectives and strong action verbs. These three things bring life to text and only then a writer can create images in the mind of readers. The reader will also love to read that text again and again.
  3. Most of the forms of descriptive writing are colorful and holds a vivid description of sensory details. These details play a key role in forming of the image in reader’s mind. The reader will also get escapism from daily life only through this piece of art.
  4. Last but not least is the use of simile, metaphor, and analogy. These things are like the final touchup to the writing. Without them, a piece of descriptive writing will remain incomplete.

If you want to be a good descriptive writer, understand the above-mentioned features very well. I understand that learning this form of writing is not as easy as it looks. You cannot master in it overnight. It requires a lot of time and efforts to gain expertise in descriptive writing. If you have some urgent work where you need to use descriptive writing, then taking assignment help online is the best way to deal with the problem. This will surely help you out from a current difficult situation.

Tips for good descriptive writing work


So it’s time to write a descriptive essay. You cannot start it without any preparation or else you will fail for sure. To make your first descriptive essay an easy one, I am going to suggest you some tips which will help you out. Let’s look at them:

Prewriting for the Descriptive Essay

This is an important phase of writing a descriptive essay. Prewriting phase will define how you will shape your essay. In this phase, sit back and think what you are going to write, how you are going to write, and on what topic you are going to write. You need not to have a famous or popular topic, but your writing should make it famous. When you select the topic, think about the qualities you are going to describe that topic. Give your brain a boost and make a list of all the details you will describe. You will have to make great use of what, where, and when.

Drafting a Descriptive Essay

Drafting is the second most important thing in descriptive writing. Make a rough draft of the final essay which you are going to write. In that draft make an outline of your work.  In the drafting, part focus on the things which will make the images in the reader’s mind. This will include the vocabulary, jargons, and emotional and psychological description. These things easily make an impression on readers mind. Also, make a list of sensory information which you want to provide in your work.

Revising a Descriptive Essay

Now write a descriptive essay based on your rough draft. After writing it, revise what you have written. Make required modification in it and reorganize it if needed. Reread your work and look out for language errors. Correct if there are any grammatical errors.

Ask questions from yourself

  • Does the essay unfold in a way that helps the reader fully appreciate the subject? Do any paragraphs confuse more than describing?
  • Are there enough details to give the reader a complete picture?
  • Do the word choice and figurative language involve the five senses and convey emotion and meaning?
  • Has a connection been made between the description and its meaning to the writer? Will the reader be able to identify with the conclusion made?

Whenever you write, keep the reader in mind. Your essay should be precise in details. It should cover everything in a detailed manner but no exaggeration. Do not exaggerate or repeat if not required. Repetition and exaggeration create monotony and dullness in work.

Publishing a Descriptive Essay

Publishing a descriptive essay is of utmost importance. If you do not share your work to others, you will not be able to get the good and bad about your writing. Take feedback from your users in a positive manner. And improve it in the next one. Publishing will also help in spreading your views and your skills. You may get a good opportunity from somewhere.  

These tips will help you to write an excellent descriptive essay. If you are still hesitant to write a one take help from the expert writers online. They have got all the skills required for a great essay. They will provide you with excellent help in the descriptive essay. 


So moving towards the conclusion, I would like to have a recall of the things which we have discussed in this blog. I began this blog with the definition of descriptive writing. The second thing which you will read is the purpose of descriptive. Here you can read the reasons for writing a descriptive essay. How it will help you. The third thing in this blog is writing techniques for descriptive work. In this section, I have explained the techniques of descriptive writing. Then I have discussed examples of the topics you can choose. The fifth part is about the types of descriptive writing in a detailed manner. This section describes all the types of descriptive form of writing. After that, you can see the features of descriptive writing. The last thing of this blog is tips I have provided to enhance the descriptive form of writing. If you follow all these things, then you may develop great skills for descriptive writing. Please share your feedback to help me write better in the future. Hope you like the blog. Thank you for your stay.

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