How to write a comparative essay?

How to write a comparative essay

Hello guys! If you want to master the art of drafting comparative essays, then this is the blog post which is just made for you. Here, I am going to tell you how to write a comparative essay.

Well, before start writing we all know that one should have ample knowledge over the topic. Be clear that you are done with this part. If you think you lack somewhere and you don’t know things better. You can approach experts. You can go for online assignment help and enhance your potential by knowing more.

This blog post is going to tell two valuable things. I am listing the same here:
-What is a comparative essay?
-How to write a comparative essay?

Let’s start with the meaning of comparative essay and then move further to know how to write a comparative essay.

Here we go:

I have a full-fledged definition in my store but to understand how to write a comparative essay, you must know the exact meaning as well. This is why I am starting the topic with an explanation of the concept.

What is a comparative essay?

When we talk about a comparative essay, anyone can understand that there is something related to a comparison. Wait! It is not something related to the comparison, but it actually revolves around comparing distinct things, concepts or individuals or anything.

As simple as the name suggests it to be. Before knowing how to write a comparative essay, know that it is not a tough thing. It is just a composition of some paragraphs which intend to showcase how and why two or more than two components are different than each other.

Majorly these essays focus comparing to figure out the similarities. Apart from this, the contrast aims at describing the differences.

All the readers who want to understand how to write a comparative essay should know that the topic can be anything. Yes, anything! Just as a comparison can be made between anything on this earth, we can write a comparative essay on any topic.
The good thing is that if you are not limited to a certain set of topics to choose from you have plenty of topics to select and write about.

Comparative essay definition



The comparison is something made to and aimed at judging the given topics based on their differences and similarities to each other. We can say that a comparative essay is a type of essay in which the author compares two or more than two topics in terms of their similarities and distinctions. The topics may or may not have a sound relation between them.

Give a right start- How to write a comparative essay?

Yes, here we will go to all the points needed to be in your focus. If you will know these things better than only you should try to understand how to write a comparative essay.
So, before moving to the actual tips on how to write a comparative essay, we have to pay attention to something else.

Here is what you need to know:


1. First and foremost is the meaning of comparative essay

I hope we have discussed enough on this topic in the beginning. And now you know these things in a perfect manner.
If you still want a brief recap, I will love to do that for you. A comparative essay deals with two or more than two subjects. As an author, you will have to show the differences. You may have to raise questions and provide answers to them. This should be done with a motive of showing a clear comparison between things.
Now, we can move to the second one…

2. Second in the list is knowledge over the topic

Now trust me none of my tips are going to work if you lack knowledge over your topic. So, before start writing make sure you are done with all the required research. Make sure you know more than enough to both support and criticise your topic.
If you will able to do so, then only you can draw a perfect comparison. Or else you will end up in presenting an ill-drafted essay.
An author should be familiar with the topics completely. Well, Don’t incur stress if this is not the case with you. You can get help by professional just by seeking assignment help.

There will be professional essay writers and subject-matter-experts to enhance your knowledge. Plus you can also trust them for rectifying your errors. You can get proofreading and editing help and become confident about your essay. Now you are ready to know how to write a comparative essay.

Now, let us move to the tips which will tell you how to write a comparative essay straightway:

How to write a comparative essay?

I have divided this section into three segments. First one deals with the basic outlines on how to write a comparative essay. Second one shares the major methods of structuring an essay. The third one will share the basic details with you. I am sure that all three of them will let you know how to write a comparative essay with perfection.

i. General Outline


This part of an essay is vital, as you need to give an explanatory but concise glimpse into the discussion in your essay. You should present the information in a way that the reader is intrigued to know the solution and is eager to delve into the details, i.e. content of your work.


Most often, the body of the comparative essay has three paragraphs. It is normal that the format may vary as per the complexity of their similarities and differences and the subjects for comparison.
-First paragraph
The important traits of one alternative are being presented.
-Second part
The distinguishing background of the left alternative should be discussed in the second paragraph.
-Third part,
It should feature the two (or more than two) previously discussed subjects need to be compared and related.
Make sure you use clear, factual and understandable language for the reader to get full and, most importantly, objective picture of what is being discussed.

Conclusion or final part

In this part of your comparative essay, you must have to remind readers why it was required to compare the given particular alternatives. After pinpointing the important features of every single topic in the earlier sections of the essay, this is the place where you will have to give your readers a brief view of everything. You should have to summarise the retrieved results of your comparative essay. It should not be long, as this will not let the conclusion serve its purpose. It is supposed to be a short paragraph. But at the same time, it should give the readers a clear picture of whatever you have concluded.

This is how to write a comparative essay in terms of its framing. Now we will move ahead and look up to the facts to see how to write a comparative essay in a different aspect:

ii. The main methods of structuring an essay


1. Alternating pattern

The Alternating pattern is also called as “point-by-point comparison.” This is because this mode of comparison ends up in 5 paragraphs (lengthy full-fledged essays).
In the alternating pattern, you will have to compare and contrast consecutively. This means you have to talk about each of the similarities and differences in the subjects:
In the introduction, you will have to state your thesis.
After this, you should discuss both( or all) of your topics together for every single point of comparison and contrast.
At last, your conclusion should restate the thesis of your essay and shortly summarize your essay.

2. Mixed paragraphs method

In the Mixed paragraphs method, one paragraph is determined to explain all the ways in which the topics compare based on one aspect.
You can understand it as :
-Initially, you will have to tackle the first topic
-Then move to the second topic

3. Block Pattern

The Block pattern is also called as “subject-by-subject comparison.” As per this pattern, you will have to separate the body of the compare and contrast essay in two different parts.The first part of the body will be devoted to the first topic, while the second half will revolve around the second topics:
-In the introduction, you state your thesis.
-First, you will have to discuss the first subject.
-Then you will have to discuss the second subject.
-In your conclusion, you will have to restate the thesis and shortly summarize your essay.


iii. Some basic tips


1. Find out the basis of comparison

With respect to the question, you must have to develop the basis of your comparison. Generally, the question gives an insight to a different basis of comparison. But you should keep one thing in mind that there are some situations in which the authors have to develop the same on his/her own,
Let me elaborate you a bit more:

For example, there may be a question in which you have to compare the concepts of socialism and capitalism. Both of these topics have their own different concepts. So, as an author, you will not have to stress your nerves.
But suppose you have to deal with views of two social groups. Now, this is where you will have to think a little more. You will have to think keenly and come up with your own ideas. You have to employ your thought process.

2. Work on the content of the essay

Yes, I have told you to gather knowledge as much as you can. But wait! This is not the only thing that matters a lot. You will have to present the information in a perfect manner as well.
So, try to focus on the content part as well. Develop your content as better as you can. Dear reader! Don’t let so many things confuse you. I am just telling you how to write a comparative essay without any flaws. This is why I want you to know everything.

How to work on the content of the essay?

-Make a list of the ways in which you have to show the topics are same and different as well.
-This list will let you have a compiled version of your views. You will have a properly categorized draft to start with your essay.
– Evaluate the list in a proper way:
By doing so, you will be confident that you are not missing anything. Also, you will get to know whether you have added unnecessary stuff or not.

3. Prepare a thesis

When it comes to essay writing, a thesis is not a mandatory thing to be prepared. But one should know that ignoring a thesis is also not a good idea. As I am telling you how to write a comparative essay, I want you to know the process thoroughly.Doing a thesis will bring benefits to you only.

Want to know why a thesis is important to your essay?

A thesis is something which focuses on your whole idea or thought in brief. It focuses on what you have written in your essay in one or two sentences. When it comes to preparing a thesis, you should be aware of showing the topic of your essay to your readers. Plus you should also make your position clear with respect to the topic.
The thesis of your comparative essay should tell your reader what the thing that you are discussing in your essay is. It should act as a helping guide to your document and keep it focused.

4. Focus on the structure

I have discussed the ideal structure of a comparative essay in length in the blog post already. Hereby I will tell you why do you need to put your essay in a perfect structure.
As you already know that essays are of different types. Every type of essay is meant to be written in a definite format. This is because the readers can grasp the ideas easily.
Just like every other essay comparative essays are also meant to be written in a definite format. So, that the readers are not left distracted.
From the basic outlines (introduction, body, conclusion) to the major methods of structuring a comparative essay, I have told you everything.
So, Don’t lose your confidence when you start writing your essay. By now you know everything on how to write a comparative essay. Be confident on what you know about the topic and the structure both.

How to choose the topic for a comparative essay?

You may already know that there are lots of topics available for research. You can choose any of them for your compare and contrast essay and start with writing. But, the thing is that is not as easy as it sounds to be. If in case somebody has already assigned you a topic you can’t do much in that aspect. But if it is up to you should make wiser choices.This is because unless you are confident about your topic, you cannot write down with perfection.

Mainly, there are two aspects which you need to keep in mind before choosing the topic:

-To choose the right topic for comparing and contrasting make sure that it interests you. Unless you are interested in the topic, it will not be easy for you.
-Secondly, your readers should be interested in the topics too. Or else no one will bother to invest their time in your efforts. Identify your readers and make sure that the topic can engage them longer.


Hey guys, so after covering all the major points, we have reached a stage where we can conclude this blog. So, by reading all that I have written above, you have become familiar with the meaning of comparative essay. And also you know the different ways to write down an essay. We have discussed the answer of how to write an essay in three aspects. All three of them gives you separate views to come up with a perfect comparative essay. And I hope that by the end of this blog post you can even teach others how to write a comparative essay.

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