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Key to Write a Descriptive Essay


We have come up with this article to discuss how you should write a descriptive essay. But, if you don’t know what is a descriptive essay in the first place, then it would be a total waste to give you some tips about writing a descriptive essay. So, first of all, let’s shed light on what is a descriptive essay.

According to experts, a descriptive essay is one of the four types of essay. In this genre of essay, you could be asked to describe a person, object, place, emotion, experience, situation or some other things. In this process, you have to use all the five senses to describe something so that it seems realistic to the reader. So, now you have got an idea of what is a descriptive essay. Let’s have a look at the points you should remember while writing a descriptive essay.

Read thoroughly about your topic

You must be familiar with the fact that reading is a must for you if you want to write effectively. So, when it comes to descriptive essay writing, you should give even more importance to it. The reason is that you will get rewarded by high grades in your academics if you do so. That’s why as soon as you get the topic to write your essay, you should start reading about that particular topic using library book or the internet. You can also talk to your professor about that topic to gain valuable knowledge about it.

Write in spatial order

Once you feel like you have got enough idea about your topic and you can write a descriptive essay on it without falling short of the information, you should start writing it in spatial order. In simple words, you should try to describe least important points first in your essay and you should write most important ones after that. With that, you should also make sure that you write your descriptive essay in such way that it matches with the university standards.

Give emphasis on showing rather than telling

As mentioned above, you write a descriptive essay to describe a person’s life, a place or an object, etc. So, it is necessary that you write it in such a way that the reader feels like experiencing it when he or she goes through it. For that, its a must for you that you use five senses to describe your essay. For example, how a thing tastes? How did a person feel from the touch of other people? Or how a person felt like when he or she saw a place in your essay. It’s a must for you to do because your reader will feel interested in reading your essay if you write it this way.

Don’t forget to proofread and edit

After you are done writing your essay, you should spend much time on proofreading and editing your essay. We suggest that because its possible that you could make many mistakes while writing and cant find it at the moment. But, you should make sure to take some rest before that and try to forget about your essay and should have a go at proofreading and editing after that. This way you will be able to stay more critical while proofreading and will be able to find more mistakes. That could benefit you a lot in writing a spelling and grammatical error free essay.

So, it was a small effort from us to tell you the key points you should remember while writing a descriptive essay. Hope it was helpful.

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