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A database management system is an expert software program utilized to manipulate, enable and maintain clients to organize, store, access, retrieve, modify, secure and provide information integrity of the database. Also, a database management system generally manipulates the data itself, the data format, field names, record structures, and file structures. Additionally, it defines the rules to validate and manipulate the data.

The database management system is set up on some specific data handling concepts, as the practice of administrating a database evolves. Additionally, at the earliest the database management systems only handled the individual single pieces of specially formatted data. However, today the more evolved systems can handle the different kinds of less formatted data and also, tie them together in a more elaborated manner.

What are various type of database management system?

The database management system is an integral part of any assignment, homework or project you undertake, hence you should first understand what type of database management system is suitable for your project. Also, a small infographic provides definitions and use of different types of DBMS.

Type of Database Management System
  • Relational Database Management System – Widely used system where you can expect lots of university assignments. It includes writing MySQL queries, creating database tables, normalization of database, finding out vulnerability attacks. You can seek our online assignment help service with RDBMS.
  • Hierarchical Database System – It is a tree type structure database suitable for the applications where you need to setup a parent child relationship.
  • Object Oriented Database System – Based on the concepts of Object oriented programming itself, it mimics the real world objects as database design
  • Network DBMS A many to many relationship driven database where you see the relationships in a form of network.

These concepts are detailed and it is hard to pass on the entire information about these database types through this blog, hence you can take our database management assignment help to know more about the coursework and concepts of database.

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What does DBMS do?

If we particularly talk about the working of database management system then it mostly manages the data. The database engine allows the data to be accessed, locked, and also modified. Additionally, the database management schema defines the database’s logical structure. The three foundational elements help provide concurrency, security, data integrity, and uniform data administration procedures. The typical database administration tasks the DBMS supports include change management, performance monitoring, and tuning, security, and backup. Most of the database management systems are also responsible for automated rollbacks and restarts as well as logging and auditing of the activities in the database and the application that access them.

The database management can provide a centralized view of the data that can be accessed by multiple users, from different multiple locations. This can be done in a controlled manner. A DBMS can also limit the information that the end-user can see. Also, it can manage the information that how the end-user will view the data. Additionally, it provides the different views of single database management. 

Why you need to study DBMS as part of your college coursework?

Also, a Database is something you cannot live without when you are working in an IT domain. Every single application is created around database systems. Moreover, the quality of an application is checked based on how the Database has been optimized. Find out the reasons why you need to do assignments starting from the college itself.

  • Database is everywhere – All applications you use daily , like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat or any website for shopping is created using a database design.  Hence, an early exposure in the college through database assignment, you can enable yourself to develop perfect applications in the future.
  • Professional Database Programmer Jobs – Once you graduate from college and get into IT job industry, you stand a great chance to become a database expert, hence you need to make sure you pass out from college with a good hand on database management systems.
  • Understanding System Development Lifecycle – Also, early exposure to database management coursework at college help you understand the lifecycle of a software driven by database. Additionally, you use multiple database reviews in steps to understand how a system is developed. This process makes it easier for you to deal with real world systems later in your career.

In case you need college assignment help with your database projects, we can assist. Moreover, our database programmers are capable of helping you with professional Database projects as well.

How to do website development using DBMS?

At college, your professor must have asked you to do DBMS assignments. However, have you come across a website development assignment using the database. Know how to develop a website based on database systems

  • Collect website entities – You need to first create a use-case diagrams to figure out different sub-systems of a website. It means, login, logout, functionalities related to search and processes.
  • Make Entity Relationship Diagram – So, once you have established a relationship between system and user interaction, you need to make ERD to figure out relationships between different entities of the system. Also, it helps you see the constraints between the entities.
  • Move ERD to Physical Database Design – Once you have an ERD verified after a few dry runs you need to start creating physical database design.
  • Create database tables and Normalize database – However, you need to create database tables and normalize the tables for best output. You reduce redundant entries and duplicates using Normalization ( 1NF, 2NF, 3NF).
  • Setup connection between your database and Front-end application – Once you have all SQL queries in place to meet your functionalities, you write code to connect database with the front end application. You can develop front end using PHP, Java programming , Java Servlet, ASP .Net , React JS , Angular JS and Node Js.
  • Launch the application – You can use Apache server to host your application in connection with MySQL server to complete your website development assignment.

You can also take assistance related to database-driven Android applications.

Know about a few Database Management based System Applications

Here, is the list of database-driven systems that can be helpful for your major project at college or high school. The systems mention below are basic but help you understand all concepts of Database systems.

  • Airline Reservation System
  • E-Commerce Website with MySQL Database
  • Railway Reservation System
  • Library management system
  • Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and others
  • Banking and Financial websites facilitating online transactions
  • Online movie streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos or YouTube.
  • Human resource management system ( you can get a readymade database design for your HR management system)
  • Online journal management system

There are 1000 systems where the database is used and you can pick any of the systems for your major project.

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What are good research areas of database management systems?

If you are pursuing a Ph.D. or master’s in Database systems, you need to figure out an interesting area for your research. Here are some topics for your research.

  • Metadata management
  • Interactive data exploration and Visualisation
  • Secure data processing
  • Data transformation and crowdsourcing

These are starters topics and there is more to database management systems based on the distributed and network database. Additionally, has the best online programming professionals who can help with assignments instantly. We keep writing about the interesting areas in Database management and related concepts to help students with their college coursework.

Popular Types and Examples

The popular database models and the management systems include the following-

  • A RDBMS is adaptable in nature to most of the used cases, but the RDBMS tier-1 products can be quite expensive for the people. 
  • An in-memory database management system (IMDBMS) provides faster response times and better performance but can consume more resources. 
  • A columnar database management is built and accessed through the cloud, and the cloud service provider is responsible for providing and maintaining the DBMS. 


Q1. What is DBMS?
A database management system (DBMS) is a software package designed to define, manipulate, retrieve and manage data in a database.
Q2. Can you tell some popular DBMS systems?
MySQL.,Microsoft Access., Oracle., PostgreSQL., dBASE., FoxPro., SQLite. are some popular DBMS systems.
Q3. What is the advantage of a database management system?
Reducing Data Redundancy. The file-based data management systems contained multiple files that were stored in many different locations in a system or even across multiple systems.

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