Creative writing exercises


Hello friends how are you? Today I am going to put some light on writing skills through this blog. All those who are worried about creative writing skills can learn various things in this blog post. I will be discussing creative writing exercises to make your work artistic.

Creative writing can be defined as a style of writing that does not comes under the boundary of academic, journalistic or professional writing. It is a form of writing that took place with the help of your imagination. There is some sense of reality and more of imagination. For example, a wooden stick in your hand could be imagined as a rifle or a magic wand. It depends on your imagination, how to make things creative.

When someone writes creatively, he does so in order to entertain and share experiences. If you are also looking to does some creative writing stuff, then use your imagination. It has been observed that students of literature are in dire need of creative writing. They often get the work of essay on various topics. And we all know that it gets difficult to make an essay creative within the time limit. Some students are able to write, but others look out for assignment help. Here in this blog today you are going to learn about various creative writing exercises. These writing exercises will be of great help for you guys.

So before proceeding to the blog let’s have a look at the topics which you are going to read in this blog:

  • Types of creative writing include
  • 9 creative writing exercises to enhance your creative writing skills
  • Benefits of creative writing exercises

Types of creative writing include


Poetry dwells upon creativity and imagination. It is a collaboration of thoughts and experiences and expressing them through words.


Again plays are like poetry. You need to create a story which appeals audience. You have to make dialogues for the characters of the play. Your dialogues should have innovation only then you can make an impact on your audience.

Fiction (novels, novellas, and short stories)

Any form of literature is a part of creativity. Fiction is all about profound imagination and love for fantasy and imagination. Writing fiction is not easy. You need creative writing skills in order to make every line mesmerizing.


Songwriting is also a part of creative writing. It is not only a song but a cluster of various emotions together. These emotions shape a song.


Speeches also have the need for creative writing. A good speech is a one which can provoke and enlighten the audience. You have to write a speech which can influence your listeners and make a deep impact on them.

So above you can see different types of creative writing that exist. To be a creative writer you need to have a higher sense of imagination. You should feel connected with your subconscious mind to produce good stuff.

Now the next thing comes is that is it possible for everyone to be creative in writing? The answer is no one can be completely creative all the time. But there are writing experts who can help you with creative writing. Also, you can master it yourself. Below in this blog, you will be going to read about various creative writing exercises. I can assure you that after reading this blog, you are going to have a great sense of understanding regarding creative writing. Also, you will get some crucial information regarding creative writing.

9 creative writing exercises to enhance your creative writing skills

Do you have a question about how creative writing exercises are different from writing or story writing. Then you have a good question. Creative writing exercises are made to teach a technique of writing excellent. The creative writing exercise is not meant to crafting new stories; the sole purpose is to improve the skills of the writing of a writer. When you have good writing skills then you will automatically start writing good stories. Story writing does need to have creative stuff. By this, we can say that story or poetry writing can be viewed as a part of creative writing.   

Answer 3 questions. 

The first out of nine creative writing exercises is Answer 3 questions. In this exercise, you will take help of three questions to kindle creative thoughts. You can make up these questions yourself. Every writer has a different theme in mind; therefore questions would also be accordingly.

Now the next step is answering those questions as quickly as possible. Write whatever comes into your mind. Y

Example 1:

  • Who just snuck out the back window?
  • What were they carrying?
  • Where were they going?

Example 2:

  • Who is Ethan?
  • Why is he crying?
  • What is he going to do about it?

Example 3:

  • Whose house is Julia leaving?
  • Why was she there?
  • Where is she going now?

Write a letter to your younger self

This is the second exercise; in this, all you have to do is writing a letter to your younger self. Here what exactly you have to do is you have to write a letter to your younger self. That younger self can be your child or yourself past a few years ago. Offer advice, compassion, forgiveness, or praise to yourself. You can also recall any past incident which shaped your present.

Now the second thing which you should keep in mind is that this younger yourself should be a separate person. Imagine your younger self as a reader. Now when you write, then it should be in a way that appeals to your younger self.

Use writing prompts.

A writing prompt is an idea that help you to start the writing. It can be a short sentence, or a paragraph, or even a picture, but the purpose is the same igniting creativity in you.

Writing prompts can help you when you feel stuck while writing your book. If you take ten minutes to work on a writing prompt, you can go back to your book writing primed to get down to business. It stimulates ideas and the creative process.

Here are a few prompts you can use:

  • “And just how long have you had this?” she asked, running her fingers over the tarnished brass lock and water-warped wood.
  • He nudged the old trunk with his foot. “Oh no, I never said it was mine.”
  • The rain soaked through his cloak and pooled in his boots, leaching the warmth from his body as he packed the empty vials into the bag. His frozen, shaking hands fumbled one, and it slipped and shattered on the street. He cursed in the old tongue, then immediately covered his mouth.
  • The scream of the jets overhead ripped into her eardrums, and she jumped into the hole she had been digging to the huddle, out of sight, in the mud.

Write about your expertise. 

Now in this, all you have to do is thinking about your expertise. Write the things in which you are expert. For example, you play a sport well and then write about your strength and weaknesses of it. Write a few paragraphs on it or even more if you want. This writing should not be dry, make it conversational. Your reader should think that you are talking to him or her. Breakdown your sentences, the reader should not feel difficulty while reading it. Do not use business jargon or any typical words.

Write a stream of consciousness page

This is a fun and easy exercise. It would be better to write on a piece of paper instead of a computer. Writing with hand allows you to generate more thoughts in mind as it will give you more time. Just take a pen and start writing. Whatever comes in your mind write it on paper. Do not worry about right or wrong, sense or nonsense, just write. It would be like free writing. Don’t worry about any judgment on your thought process, and they won’t matter at all..

Write a story told to you.

Out of nine creative writing exercises, story writing comes at the sixth position. In this what you have to do is write a story told to you in the past. It can be any story, told by your grandparents or your parents. You can also write a story you learned during your school time. All you have to keep in mind is that it should keep your readers engaging. To retain the interest of the reader, you must make it interesting and entertaining. This exercise will generate ideas and a storyline in your mind, and you will become more creative, and you’re writing skills will enhance. When you write a story share your experience and lives. People like to relate themselves to a story character. So portray yourself through a character in your story. This will also take your readers on a small journey.

Pretend to be someone else. 

You may have read many stories, with third person’s perspective. Similarly, in this exercise you have to write with another person’s perspective. You can choose a person yourself, like your friend or any family member. You can also frame an imaginative character. Put yourself in that person’s place and see things from that characters eye. To make writing easy, choose one situation and start writing on it. This will guide you to write a story. React according to the situation and be descriptive with the story.

Write about something or someone who changed your life.

This exercise is good to try. This looks like writing a story like a third person as discussed above, but it is way too much different. Here you don’t have to pretend or imagine a character, rather write about someone who influenced you. You have to share your perspective on the influence of that person. This will help you in two ways one it will enhance your writing skills and another thing is it will increase your creativity.

Describe your surroundings.

When you do not find anything else working for you goes for this last but not the least out of all the creative writing exercises. The easiest and effective thing to enhance your writing skills is to start describing the things you have in your surroundings. You will get various things near you, so you get more topics to write on. You can take simple things like furniture description, or an environment description. You can also go for bigger topics like political issues or people around you. Challenge yourself to use descriptive language to make a start. Whatever is your direct topic description doesn’t appeal much. Describe things in a way to create suspense or make it appealing by using ornamented language.

So these are the nine creative writing exercises for you to make you write well in a creative manner. These exercises will surely help you to take your writing skills to the next level. Even after this if you want any help with your academic work related to creative writing, then you may ask the online experts. They will provide you with instant online assignment help so that you can compete in your academics.

Benefits of creative writing exercises

Most of the time humans do things purposefully. Without purpose, we will not do anything well. So creative writing does have a purpose in every human’s life. Creative writing generates emotions in the reader’s heart. When a reader does not connect with the book, then it is of no use.

So when you write creatively, be sure to make it attractive by using ornamented English and in a structured way. Now below I have mentioned creative writing exercises benefits.

1. Building Confidence

When you learn to write creatively, you learn to express. Creative writing allows you to develop your voice and perception. You get an excellent opportunity to show yourself in a better way. It’s like a weapon you are holding. You can write whatever you want and generate a discourse. Those who can’t write creatively might lose their voice while writing. They end up invoicing someone else’s opinions.

2. Artistic Self-Expression

Those who write creatively on a day to day basis are more engage in self-expression. Self-expression in such a way can be healthy. You can quickly move away from the negative thoughts or emotions by writing creatively. Artistic writing helps in building a positive self-identity. Creative writing also aids in reducing trauma, stress or any setbacks in life.

3. Imagination Boost

You all know that creative writing is a trivial task. It’s all about imagining world, situations different characters. This imagination helps in the real-life scenarios too. When you engage yourself in creative writing work, then you start thinking outside the box. This will enhance your knowledge and will be able to find solutions for various things. It does not matter who you are or in what profession you are serving. Creative writing will boost imagination, and you can push your limits.

4. Thought Clarification

Creative writing skills help in the thought process and emotions clarification. For example, if you are in a business and want to make a plan for your business, then you can write a story to explain it to your employees. Also, this process will help you to understand the whole plan from above. Or if you are a technical writer and writing about a computer program, you can create a scenario of people working on software and how it is helping them. You can also write to monitor yourself. Write about your surroundings or environment and see what you think about objects around you.

5. Better Understanding of the Mechanics of Reading and Writing

More you write, more will be your knowledge. Creative writing helps in the development vocabulary. You will also learn the mechanics of reading and writing. The more you write, more you will become familiar with strict grammar rules. Once you become comfortable and have mastery in creative writing, then you can write anything. Your brain will also work in a quick manner. You will see a big difference in your content. it will become more attractive and alive rather being dull or monotonous. 

6. Empathy and Communication Skills

Now imagine you are writing with a lot of imagination. You are putting a great emphasis on the development of characters in a story. What will happen to you? You will become more sensitive towards emotions. Now you will deal with different emotions in a good manner. You will understand others more and can have a feeling of empathy for others. Creative writing will help in the development of perception. This will further help you in your professional as well as in personal life.


So moving towards the conclusion let’s have a recall of everything we have discussed in this blog. Firstly the blog started with the general introduction of creative writing. In that, we have discussed the definition and brief description of creative writing. The second thing is types of creative writing along with a little bit of explanation. Then thirdly I moved on to the creative writing exercises. In that section, you can see nine types of creative writing exercises. Those creative writing exercises will help you greatly to learn the art of writing creatively. Please provide your feedback on this blog and thank you for reading.

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