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Ways to Help Children in Writing Creatively


Student life is something in which students have to do many types of writing. They write assignments on different subjects, have to write essays on various topics and have to write many other write-ups throughout the school year. So, they dont get the chance to try hands on creative writing.

 Although it has been seen that lots of students dont enjoy writing. But creative writing is something that might prove helpful for them in gaining the interest in writing. The reason is simple, it involves writing with the use of imagination and kids could like the idea of wandering somewhere in their imagination and showing their thoughts on a paper. So, keeping this thing mind, we have come up with a writing piece that tries to give the teachers the idea of how they can help the students in learning creative writing.

 Ask the children to write their experiences

 First of all, you need to ask your students to share their experiences through writing. It is a useful way of learning creative writing as describing experiences is similar to story writing. So, assign them this task at first and ask them to show their creativity as much as possible without getting worried about getting scolded if they make some mistake.

 Tell the importance of reading

 Next thing you need to do is to tell the importance of reading to your students. Although your students might not understand why you are asking them to read but when you tell them how it can help them in understanding the sentence structure, usage of vocabulory and in describing their imagination, then they can like the idea of reading the books. One more thing, also tell the students how interesting it could be to read a fiction book.

 Assign some themes to the kids

 As you introduce creative writing to your students, they might find it hard to come up with themes to write a story. So, here comes the time for you to do your duty as a teacher and should assign them some themes or ideas on which the students can write a story.

 Ask the kids to come up with the ideas rather than stories in one go

 Once you assign them a topic to write, ask the students to come up with the ideas on how to expand the story rather than writing the story in one go. For example, you should ask your students to give a thought to how they will start the story, what they will feed in the mid part and what will be the ending? With that, they need to give time to thinking about characters as well. This way they will be able to write the story smoothly as they will be well-prepared for that.


Calm environment is much needed

 Just like your students need calm environment to write an assignment, they also need the same to write a story. Its like this because in story writing a person has to use the imagination. So, noisy environment and uneasy sitting postures could put hinderance in their task of story writing and they might lose interest in it. So, you should make sure to ask them to find a calm place to write. Whether its their room, some park or some other place, tell them how beneficial it could be for them to write in a calm place.

 So, it was a writing piece from us for the teachers to give you an idea of how they can help students in learning the craft of creative writing. Hope it could prove useful for you.

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