Ways to Help Children in Writing Creatively


Student life is something in which students have to do many types of writing. They write assignments on different subjects, have to write essays on various topics and have to write many other write-ups throughout the school year. So, they don’t get the chance to try hands-on creative writing.

What does writing creatively mean?

Writing creatively simply means that writers don’t need to follow the professional, journalistic, academic or technical norms of writing. Some of the most common and excellent examples of creative writing are poetry, novels, short and long stories, playwriting, memoirs, personal essays, etc. Creative writing involves fiction as well as non-fiction writing that too in an expressive manner.

There are certain elements of creative writing to create a masterpiece.

  • Point of view
  • Character development
  • Vivid setting
  • Underlying theme
  • Metaphors and similes
  • Figures of speech
  • Dialogue
  • Anecdotes
  • Imaginative language
  • Plot development
  • Emotional appeal
  • Heavy description

Students who are about to write something creative should use these elements in their writing work. You can take further help from allassignmenthelp.com for this type of work as well.

Different ways for writing creatively for the children and students

Although it has been seen that lots of students don’t enjoy writing. But creative writing is something that might prove helpful for them in gaining interest in writing. The reason is simple, it involves writing with the use of imagination and kids could like the idea of wandering somewhere in their imagination and showing their thoughts on a paper. So, keeping this thing mind, we have come up with a writing piece that tries to give the teachers the idea of how they can help the students in learning creative writing.

 Ask the children to write their experiences

First of all, you need to ask your students to share their experiences through writing. It is a useful way of learning creative writing as describing experiences is similar to story writing. So, assign them this task at first and ask them to show their creativity as much as possible without getting worried about getting scolded if they make some mistake.

 Tell the importance of reading

The next thing you need to do is to tell the importance of reading to your students. Although your students might not understand why you are asking them to read when you tell them how it can help them in understanding the sentence structure, usage of vocabulary and in describing their imagination, then they can like the idea of reading the books. One more thing, also tell the students how interesting it could be to read a fiction book.

Assign some themes to the kids

As you introduce creative writing to your students, they might find it hard to come up with themes to write a story. So, here comes the time for you to do your duty as a teacher and should assign them some themes or ideas on which the students can write a story.

Ask the kids to come up with the ideas rather than stories in one go

Once you assign them a topic to write, ask the students to come up with ideas on how to expand the story rather than writing the story in one go. For example, you should ask your students to give a thought to how they will start the story, what they will feed in the mid part and what will be the ending? With that, they need to give time to thinking about characters as well. This way they will be able to write the story smoothly as they will be well-prepared for that.

A calm environment is much needed

Just like your students need a calm environment to write an assignment, they also need the same to write a story. It’s like this because in story writing a person has to use the imagination. So, noisy environment and uneasy sitting postures could put a hindrance in their task of story writing and they might lose interest in it. So, you should make sure to ask them to find a calm place to write. Whether it’s their room, some park or some other place, tell them how beneficial it could be for them to write in a calm place.

So, it was a writing piece from us for the teachers to give you an idea of how they can help students in learning the craft of creative writing. I hope it could prove useful to you. The next section of this blog will discuss the importance of writing creatively for students. 

Why is it important for kids to write creatively?

According to statistical data, reading helps in developing writing skills. However, if you want to develop your cognitive ability, organizational skills, and persuasion technique, you need to start writing. In a nutshell, we can say writing enhances the brain.

Various studies conducted on students show that students who are writing creatively are good in other subjects as well. Creative writing skills help in solving problems in mathematics, science, and languages. When a person is writing creatively, he or she is challenging themselves to generate great ideas and thoughts. Here you are brainstorming that further helps in the growth of the brain. Thus, you will automatically gain confidence and discipline in life and achieve success.

Get acquainted with the benefits of writing creatively

There is no doubt that creative writing has lots of benefits. Whether you are a college student or a kid, writing creatively does help you in various areas of life. Here I am listing some of the most crucial benefits of creative writing.

Growth of imagination

Writing creatively encourages students and kids to tap on their creative minds. It allows them to use their mind. If you are doing creative writing, you will come up with different ideas. This will help in widening the thought process of students and kids. A broad mind can help you to solve various problems in life. You can come up with an alternative solution to a given problem. 

Help in self-expression

You might have noticed that often kids find it difficult to understand and express their feelings. But, with the help of creative writing, kids easily explore themselves and are able to express their feelings to others. 

Gain self-confidence

Writing creatively provides an opportunity to claim opinions and raise the voice. Students become more confident in presenting their views on a specific topic. This really strengthens self-confidence in students. After learning or practicing creative writing exercise, they feel more confident while taking part in various academic competitions such as debates and group discussions.

Enhanced persuasion skills

A good shred of writing involves a lot of ideas, planning, organization and correct usage of words. For instance, an academic essay consists of a number of ideas on a topic, information is also presented in a planned way and the whole essay is organized in a certain pattern that has a proper introduction, body, and conclusion. Ideas are also arranged well and linked through linking words. Similarly, any type of writing requires proper communication through words. Creative writing allows students to learn persuasion skills that may help in persuasive writing. 

As we grow old, we lose creativity, we would rather become more practical in our approach. It is better to encourage students to hone their creative writing skills in order to compose academically excellent essays. If you are having the skills of writing creatively, you will surely excel in academics. Moreover, you can also use your creative skills to achieve your dreams. The stories and fairy tales you have heard or read in your childhood, don’t you want to recreate them. With the help of creativity, you might become the next author as well. If you need more help in writing creatively or want the information to form a creative work in your academic subject does visit Coursera, Khan Academy, or Jstor. Here you will find research essays and articles that will surely help you in getting the quality information.

A quick way to learn creative writing can be exercising. If you want to boost your pace, you can try creative writing exercises as per your preferences.

What Are Creative Writing Exercises?

Creative writing exercises are used to spark an idea, story or simple thoughts in mind. They can help in practicing creative writing skills easily and quickly. From one liners to short stories, the writing job makes a writer able to approach one topic in different ways. You can consider them as short and smooth improvisational writing.
People are now taking creative writing classes to practice these exercises. In such classes people work on short and spontaneous assignments. Those who aspire to grow as a creative writer must do the following, whether or not they are taking a class:

  • Make it a habit to write short and spontaneous content.
  • Try to broaden their horizons while writing every time they sit to write.
  • Must practice creative writing exercises every day, for at least 10 minutes.

Easy yet effective creative writing exercises

In between a writing project or during a break from work, these creative writing exercises can be done any time you want. Whenever, it feels like taking a refreshing break from your regular chores, try them and improve both your mood and creative writing skills.

Try creative writing prompts

In order to bring fresh writing ideas, writing prompts are always beneficial. They are also called story starters. You can easily find them online, you can pick up any line from a book you have read or may be from a magazine. May be, it can be a line from a great novel.
Basically, a writing prompt is any short passage or sentence that you will use as a spring board in your spontaneous story.

Borrow other’s story and write is as your own

No, we are not asking you to favour plagiarism. It’s a different case here. Try to think about any life story, or a general story someone told you. Pick a story that’s interesting. Stories that you have heard from your grandparents, or a recollection of memories of a friend or any other family member is what we actually mean by “other’s story”.
Now, pen down the story as if it was you who lived it. If it’s a story that goes decades back, then details may be missing. Create its pieces from your imagination.

Make your blog

Blogs are not always meant to be for a commercial purpose. You can start your own blog just to write whatever comes to your mind. Because the key to learn creative writing is to keep writing. Blogging will not make it look like an exercise or homework. Write a post daily, it will keep your mind and fingers nimble.

Incorporate these creative writing exercises in your routine as soon as you can. They will improvise your writing without any hard work. Sometimes people don’t even realize how quick and easily they bring changes in creative writing skills.

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