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Career Prospects for Mass Communication Graduates


In the modern era, media and entertainment industry has seen huge surge. Lots of news channels have come up, film production has increased, with all that, the emergence of the internet has also resulted in lots of news and many other types of entertainment portals opening. So, it is quite obvious that people will also get attaracted towards it not just for entertainment but to make a career in this field too.

Thats why you can see a large number of students enrolling in mass communication course both at bachelor and masters level. It is happening because this field not only fun to work in but people enjoy amazing salary packages as well while working in this field. So, keeping the interest level of the students in mind, we have come up with a write-up that tries to give you the idea of career prospects for mass communication graduates.


If you have fantastic command over a language and you are gutsy enough as well to deliver your thoughts without getting bothered or influenced by lots of people around you and many other people such as politicians, celebrities, etc. then you can make a career in journalism. You might think that journalists task is simple as you see them giving a report on TV. But they have to do this after collecting enough information without caring about the situations of the area from where they deliver a report. War reporting can be a good example to give you the idea of a journalists job.


Now when it comes to editing, there are two types of editing that get done in the media sector. The first type of editing is news editing, as a news editor, you have to give a proper shape to the newspaper, like which news will feature in which section, how much words should be given to a news and many others. The second kind of editor is a video editor, a video editor is a technician who does the job of editing a video, whether its a news report or film. An editor uses important parts of a video and tries to make it catchy by adding VFX and sound effects in it.

News writer

If you are a student who has a flair in writing and you can describe a situation well, then you can try your luck to make a career in news writing. Its a job in which you sit on a comfortable chair in the air-conditioned room and have to write news for print or digital media.


When we say producer, you might take it as a film producer who invests in films. Well, you are right! But with the growth in digital media sector, there are lots of opportunities for the youngsters to work as a producer in different news channel. As a producer, you dont have to invest your money on some project. Instead, you have to keep a check on the broadcast and other types of news or serial productions running in a channel.

Event manager

Its a career in which you need to be active and talkative, as the name suggests, you have to manage events working as a event manager. It means that you have to do all the planning required to make an event successful using a limited amount of money. For example, you might be given a certain amount of budget and could be asked by organizers to help them organize this event by getting required artists, decorators, and many other people on board within that budget. So, you need to give a thought to your managerial and communication skills before entering this field.

There are many more career options for mass communication graduates like you can try your luck to be a radio jockey (RJ), fashion designer or sound engineer and many more. That sums up this writing piece from us, hope it was helpful.

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