Things every student should know to become a business analyst


Are you eager to enter the business world? If yes, then you must be searching for all options you can go for. Sounds relatable? Well, hereby, I am going to share the basics of a perfect business personnel job, i.e., a business analyst.

Give a right start and enroll yourself in a good business analyst course. Make your mind to pursue it with perfection. Ask for help whenever you think you need it. In case your professors are not available you can go for online assignment help and clear all your doubts.

The main motive is not to leave any stones unturned. Trust me, the value of business analyst jobs are not exaggerated at all. Being an analyst can add immense value to your career.

If you really want to know what it is all about, you have landed on the right page. I assure you that you will know the below-mentioned things completely when you will leave:

  • What is the role of business analyst?
  • What is business analysis?
  • Business analysts job responsibilities
  • Importance of Business Analyst Courses
  • Job description of business analyst
  • Business analyst interview questions

Who is a business analyst?


You may have heard that by being a business analyst you can earn really well. Undoubtedly! You have heard it right! We will talk about this in detail later. For now, let’s now who are business analysts and what do they do:

Just read the term carefully, and you will get a slight meaning of the profession itself. “Business analyst”- One who analyze a business. Now you may think what is there to be analyzed in a business? Well, there are a lot of affairs and activities in businesses which needs proper monitoring and assessment. They need a continuous evaluation and revisions for improvement for ensuring a smooth run and bright future.

Business Analysts are trained professionals who possess a sound knowledge of latest business and business-related trends. They keep an eye on vital as well as trivial activities of a company or organization and record outcomes of efforts. Thereafter they find out ways to improve the current performance and increase efficiency.

I hope by now you have understood who is a business analyst.
Still, there is a need for a perfect definition. Time to get into some technical or you can say a formal definition of a business analyst.

Here we go:

A business analyst is a professional who analyzes a business domain (hypothetical or real) document the business systems and processes and also assesses the current business model and its integration with contemporary trends.

Well, this was all anyone can tell you if you will question who is a business analyst. But the concept doesn’t end here. To know the job of a business analyst completely you must understand business analysis better.

Stay glued and know what does it mean to do analysis of a business.

What is business analysis?



In very simple terms analysis of business means finding out what a business needs and finding easy methods and solutions to bring positive changes. You can also understand it as addressing the issues and halts and developing solutions for the same. This includes the proper allocation of manpower and other resources to maximize efficiency to the fullest.

As you know we have a multitude of industries around us and those industries constitutes a large number of business entities. Owing to a large number of businesses, there are several business analysis techniques which are useful in managing things with perfection.

Business analysis techniques

1. The six thinking hats

This one is used in a brainstorming session to lead a group’s line of thinking. The different ideas and perspectives are taken into consideration. The six hats are:
White: logical, data-driven thinking
Red : emotion-based reactions
Black: adverse thinking which is focused on cons
Yellow: positive thinking which is focused on pros
Green: creative thinking
Blue: a big-picture overview

2. The five whys

The five whys are the most used among all business analysis techniques; this is a series of questions which helps business analysts to find out the root cause of issues and problems. It includes questioning why a situation exists, and then subjecting the answer to another “why?”, this process continues.


How can Moscow be a business analysis technique? 🙂 Relax, it’s not the place instead it is an acronym which spells like Moscow. In this process, you will see prioritization of requirements. It is explained as
: Must or Should, Could or Would
it includes like, Is this a must-have? Does the project should have it? Would it be a valuable addition for future prospects? etc.


This technique is all about identifying the major parties and processes that may be affected by any changes or actions that business will undertake. CATWOE enables a business analyst to evaluate the future influence of proposed action under consideration as a whole.
The full form of CATWOE goes as :
C: Customers,
A: Actor
T: Transformation Process
W: World View
O: Owner
E: Environmental Constraints


PESTLE is a technique which focuses on the external environment of the business. The full form is :
P: Political
E: Economic
S: Sociological
T: Technological
L: Legal
E: Environmental
As the full form suggests, PESTLE helps a business analyst to determine how these external forces will influence business.

Sorted? Don’t they look like the most sorted ways to carry out such a complex process like business analysis? Well, I think they really are… This is not my view only as today there are a lot of business analysts who rely on these methods for doing their jobs.

What makes business analysts admirable?

Friends, now we know the process of business analysis and the profession of a business analyst thoroughly. RIGHT? So, this is the time to move this list to the responsibilities of a business analyst.

You may have heard people appreciating the profession. You may have seen a kind of proud and reputation is business analysts.

Indeed the job is worthy of all the fascination people show towards it. But have you ever think what makes the analysts so admirable? It is probably the nature of their job.
There is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of a business analyst. He or she has to ensure that the company or organization is going in the right direction. If they leave a loophole in their work, their related entity may be subjected to heavy losses.
This sense of responsibility is something that builds a strong personality of business analysts. Do you want to have a look at their job responsibilities in detail? I will give you an insight to the same too. Just scroll the screen, and you will confront the responsibilities that an analyst has.

Job responsibilities of a business analyst




  • Documenting and defining customer business processes and functions.
  • Designing a training curriculum and carrying out formal training sessions by covering assigned systems module.
  •  Performing as a team leader on designated assignments and providing direction to technical and clerical staff.
  • Undertaking the functionality testing of a new system, Taking part in user acceptance testing.
  •  Assisting technically in training technical and professional staff.
  • Defining, Identifying, and documenting business needs and goals, problems, input, and output needs and levels of systems access.
  • Assessing requirements for new systems developing upgradations to existing system.
  • To ensure the system design is apt as per the requirements of the users.
  • Developing a comprehensive change in management strategy.
  • Monitoring and maintaining wizard-driven configuration tables in the case management system.

This is all a business analyst has to do in his or her job to ensure the success of a business. You can to become an analyst and shape the future of business as per your preferences.

Why the job is perfect to choose?

Imagine would not it be a proud moment when you will see a whole entity growing to a new height of success and the reason behind the same will your efforts. Sounds good? Indeed it is nice.

What’s better than facilitating something to grow. When it comes to an aiding a business, it implies that you are going to benefit the people who are connected that specific entity. Both your wise decisions and silly mistakes will directly or indirectly impact a large group of people. This is why the job of business analysts holds great responsibilities.

So, if you intend to choose business analysis as your profession, keep two things in your mind:
– Be prepared, be learned
-Be ready for challenges

Don’t get feared by looking at all those responsibilities. They may seem hectic to you at this time because you are yet to enter that world of business activities. You might be a student in his school life; you might be a someone who has just finished her education. Also, you may be a person ignorant of the business world. Don’t let the clouds of stress overcome your zest to be an analyst. You may not be perfect enough to start a job right now. But you can train yourself.

All you need to do is to follow three guidelines. I have seen them working, and this is why I am suggesting you the same.

– Go for business analyst courses
– Give your fullest to your course
– Be ready to update yourself

Train yourself to become a business analyst


I will start this section by stating why you should go for business analysis courses. For clarifying the reasons let me tell you the benefits of doing professional courses.
As business analysis course is itself a professional course.

Let’s move back to the benefits, Doing such courses build a strong knowledge base in students. This is why it is always better to start your career the right way and choose a business course which is suitable to you. Some freshers are keen to join the corporate world and gain experience. This is good in itself as experience deserves appreciation. But at the same time, a sound foundation is also vital. If you start a job straightaway, then you will get to learn too many things. But the pace will remain very low.

There will be peers and guides to help you in tough times. You can get valuable advice by your teachers. Plus you can also get assignment help online and clear the doubts by the experts as well.

It will take time, plus there are chances that you will face difficulties in stepping ahead. There will be unknown hurdles to hamper your growth and survival.
In contrast to this, when you will be well trained under a business analysis course, you will already know too much.

Read the benefits of relying on business analysis courses

You will take better business decisions

By acquiring a fair knowledge of fact-based analysis, statistical & quantitative analysis, explanatory & predictive modeling. You will surely be able to take better decisions. The courses will increase your skills related to data interpretation & problem-solving

Better understanding of analytical tools

You will get to learn the basics of design of experiments, and forecasting with R, SAS and Microsoft Excel Tools logistic regression, data management, decision trees, segmentation,- best for all kind of business analyst jobs. Isn’t it great?
You will already know the concepts of your future work environment.

Chance to get the best business analytics jobs

Being a student of business analysis courses, you will get a lot of opportunities. Some of the sectors where you will too many doors open for you are Finance, Marketing, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, IT, Analytics, Marketing Research, or Commodity markets.

You may get high-salaried jobs

Companies prefer those candidates who are well trained. The candidates who have command over professionals skills always have higher chances of getting good jobs. Some of these skills are Project Management, Requirements Analysis, SAS, Microsoft Visio, and SQL. This is because a perfectly-trained employee can add value to the companies output. You will be entitled to grab high-salaried jobs.

Update yourself with latest trends

When you will enroll yourself in a business course. The technological environment changes very fast. This is why you need complete training before starting your career. If you are not ready to stay on your toes, you may lag behind. With a right business analysis course, you can stay abreast of the changing arenas of business.

Make sure you make full use of time and opportunities. Pursue your business course carefully. Don’t leave any chance to learn better. If anything seems tough, just ask for help. Focus on assignments. They are vital for a better understanding. If you are not able to do them on your own, you can go for business management assignment help. This will help you to get different insights.

Now, I am going to tell you the best thing which you should know:

Salary of a business analyst! Well, it is evident that they earn well which is a major reason why students are attracted towards this profession. But wait! Are we not forgetting interviews?
Interviews are a must when it comes to jobs. Preparing for them with 100% efforts in nothing less than a crucial thing.
Relax, I can make this easier to you. Herewith I will show you five basic business analyst interview questions. If you answer them in right and appealing manner, you will surely get into the list of deserving candidates.

Have a look to the most asked questions to aspiring business analysts:

1. Being an analyst, you will have to work with various people in different positions in a company. DO you have a unique and better way to deal with a difficult stakeholder?
2. If a client has a Festival-themed e-commerce shop, that deals into seven items. How will you identify potential problems with their revenue streams?
3. What is the most important aspect of analytical reporting according to you?
4. What are the tools do you think are essential for business analysts?
5. Can you steer a client toward a different course of action than the one they were set on taking?
Believe me; these are the five questions on which many of the interviews can be based. If you give the answers to all of them with perfection, you will be on a safer side for sure.


Here is the end to this blog post and I hope by now you know enough about business analysts. To n become an analyst you should have certain qualities. Persistence  and analytical skills are two of them. A business analyst has a wide range of duties. This means, the job comes with a set of responsibilities. So, if you are ready to take all of them altogether, then only aspire to become a business analyst.

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