How To Make Sure That Your Assignment Is Plagiarism Free?


Assignments are a hectic task. Despite how important assignments can be, sometimes students get really exhausted and are left with no energy to work on the assignments. At this time, plagiarism is the feature that entices students and makes students take wrong actions by copying someone else’s material and using that material as their own. Whereas, their teachers demand 100% plagiarism free work.

Before we start with the blog, we would like to make clear that this article is written by the assignment experts from, and have credible knowledge regarding assignments and how to avoid plagiarism. It is also important to highlight that the blog in no way brings bias towards any organization or promotes any organization in any way. The sole reason for the blog is to help students about understanding why plagiarism is not the right way to approach the assignment, and how students can avoid plagiarism while writing assignments. 

What is Plagiarism?

Well, before we go further, let’s understand what plagiarism is eventually.

Plagiarism is a technique or a hack that students or professionals refer to in order to get done with their work quickly. Plagiarism is however a general term which is referred to the process of copying someone else’s work and calling that work your own. This work could be anything, it could be a startup idea, an assignment, homework, an article, or anything else. Plagiarism is a disease which is widespread in today’s professional and academic arena. It is calling something that is not originally, yours. And this practice is malpractice as it could be also referenced with cheating or copying. 

So, now that we have set the idea of how plagiarism is a wrong practice, let’s delve more into how we can draft plagiarism free assignments and also some hacks that students can go with. So, now that we have set the record straight, let’s get started with how we can make sure that the assignments that the students right can be plagiarism free. 

Tips To Writing A Plagiarism Free Assignments

Finding all the information you want to incorporate into your work is no easy feat. There are also many guidelines that must be followed by the students. Taking information from a source and incorporating it into your work is not so easy. Plagiarism is a serious offence and may result in the rejection of your work. No one wants that to happen after hours of work. Even if it is not intentional, it will be assimilated with theft. 

Uncredited copying of someone else’s work can have disastrous consequences. While it’s easy to find article rewriters online, there are other ways to get around the problem. Once you understand the need to avoid plagiarism, you are more likely to take steps to avoid trouble. Here are some important tips for avoiding plagiarism. 

Early Start  

An easy way to be plagiarism free is to take your time writing your paper. It’s easy to miss something when you’re in a hurry. With enough time to do your research and pay attention to your content, you can be miles ahead. Under pressure, you are more likely to make unnecessary mistakes. 

Cite Properly 

Citing sources is one thing, but it doesn’t do much if you don’t do it correctly. Know the standards for the paper you are working on and apply them accurately. Even if you try to do the right thing, you may be wrong. 

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Proofreading is mandatory and helps prevent plagiarism. You can find the best article rewriters, but proofreading your work does a good job. It doesn’t take that much time to read your essay and make sure you cite all the sources you used. It doesn’t cost. This procedure is easy to apply and gives results. 

Expert’s Advice


Another way to give credit is to use citations when directly quoting someone. It won’t take long and I’d like to run it as soon as I write it down. Citing a reference does not indict you for plagiarism. This not only makes your work plagiarism free, but the reader is also impressed with the credibility that you have shown while doing your assignment. However, students face difficulties in writing citations in the correct format. To overcome this, they can seek some online assignment help.


There are ways to use other people’s work, but of course, we want to give credit. Paraphrasing works well when you rephrase a sentence without losing its meaning. You must write in your own words and you cannot take one word and replace it with another.

Do not try to use all the information in the source to add values. 

Try to add value to the topic by including some of your own insights. Anyway, you’ll get better grades. Show that you understand what you are talking about. This is only possible by doing extensive research until you get to the point where all information clicks. 

A Step Ahead to be Plagiarism Free

Plagiarism Checkers 

There are many good plagiarism checkers online. You can find the best article rewriter online instantly when you need it. The same goes for avoiding plagiarism. It does not take a lot to check your work through a checker, to make sure that it is plagiarism free from your side.

Reference Page 

Another simple way to avoid plagiarism is to add a reference page at the end of your paper. Just add to the page of references as you keep doing your research and then later know what you want to include in the actual references. Do not try to add references when you are in the midst of researching. Add the references only when you are done with your paper as it is easy to miss anything important. 

Ask your teacher 

Spend some time with your teacher to make sure you understand the guidelines for the task you are working on. Sometimes just asking can save a lot of time. Inquire your teacher if a reference page or any other citation is required. This is how the prepared task starts. 

The Internet is a Resource 

Just because you find something on the Internet rather than in a book doesn’t mean you can use that information without citing it. This is still someone else’s original work, so be very careful with this. I want to reference or cite the online sources I use to avoid plagiarism. Just because you find something on someone’s blog doesn’t mean it’s there for you.

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Best Online Tools To Help Students Write Plagiarism Free

In the modern world, students’ ability to access and copy other people’s work has never been greater. There are many thorough and effective paid solutions for educators to check student originality, but here are a few free solutions that are worth trying. Below are compiled some of the best free sources for online plagiarism checkers to ensure that you write plagiarism free assignments.  

Plagiarism Check

Just paste text or upload a file to check for plagiarism with this easy-to-use free plagiarism checker website. Create a free account that allows up to 200 free plagiarism, grammar, and SEO checks to generate detailed reports with exact matches and sources. However, the Paid accounts provide more features and unlimited plagiarism tests. 

Duplicate Checker

Users can check plagiarism without an account, but only once a day. Create a free account to do even more. Dupli Checker is easy to use and you can download a Word or PDF plagiarism report. We also offer many imaginative and fun free text and image tools such as reverse text generator, favicon generator, and md5 generator. 

Google for Education Originality Report

Educators with a Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals account can enable originality reports for up to five assignments for free. Students can also use this service as soon as they activate it. Originality reports are generated from Google searches for similar content on websites and books. Teachers with a paid Google Education license have unlimited plagiarism reports. 

Some More Popular Tools


PapersOwl is primarily an essay writing site and offers a free plagiarism checker tool. Insert essay or website content or upload files. .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf,  .odt files are supported. It’s true that this site encourages students to pay for their essays to cheat, but at least the plagiarism checker is completely free. 

Plagiarism Detector

Educators can check for plagiarism and download her free PDF report without creating an account. The site offers the customer several languages ​​and also offers unlimited free plagiarism tests. Premium account available. 


A fairly basic website that allows users to paste up to 1,000 characters of text and get free quick search results. Easy to use, no account required. Clicking on a result will highlight the matching text and tile it. Flexible paid plans range from $1 to $100 and offer deeper search and analysis. 


With a clean and well-designed user interface, QuesteX is a pleasure to use. After the initial free search, you will need to create a free account. Unlike many other plagiarism sites, QuesteX makes it easy to compare free and pro plans.

With these easy-to-use free plagiarism detectors, students will now be able to check their plagiarism scores and access their assignment’s originality without any hassles and problems. 

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Plagiarism is an ill practice that students must definitely avoid irrespective of anything. In case of too much burden of work, instead of referring to the ideas of cheating and plagiarism, students can opt for assignment writing help that would help them get a well-researched quality assignment on time without any worries. 

Moreover, Students can attempt to utilize the tips and tools above, to help them write a plagiarism free assignment and get the best results of their own will. 

Ques: Does Assignment Help Services Use Plagiarism In Their Articles?
Ans: No, Assignment help services don’t opt for plagiarism as a means to complete articles on time. However, it is important to go through the assignment help that the students opt for and research for themselves whether that particular organization indulge in the malpractice of plagiarism or not. 
Ques: Will My Marks be deducted if I have a percentage of plagiarism in my assignment?
Ans: Yes, in fact at times, plagiarism in an assignment might lead to the cancellation of the assignment. However, there is an exception to a certain level of plagiarism, but if the percentage increase the exception limit, then the student’s assignment could be in grave danger, and so would the marks.