Career opportunities you can find with Bachelor of Arts


High School has been full of assignments projects and examinations. But, these days students handle these difficulties smartly by taking online assignment help services. After completing high school almost, all the students gear up to start up a new life in their academic career. A major flock of students with literary taste tends to go further to pursue Bachelor of Arts. Planning to get an arts Degree is believed to the most comfortable stream for the students. This education qualification can make you prepare for the future in a better way than you think.

The Arts degree appeals to many of the students, but they hesitate to opt it. Many people complain that an Arts degree cannot get you a job. One must acquire any technical degree for any Job. The primary reason behind this myth is the lack of knowledge in career direction after this degree. In this blog, I am going to break all these myths with the Bachelor of Arts degree. Hence, I will discuss these following points in my blog:

  • Benefits of getting a degree in Arts

  • Career options with Bachelor of Arts

  • Courses offered under Arts Stream

  • Major colleges in Australia for this course

  • Why is Australia better to pursue a Bachelors degree in Arts?

Benefits of getting a degree in Arts

Benefits-Of-bachelor-of-Art- Degree

Creativity can lead you to great places. Bachelor of Arts degrees majorly focus on enhancing the perception of a student. There are numerous subjects that can interest you well under this stream. Subjects that come under Arts degree are- literature, history, fine art, philosophy and many more.

Broad understanding and creativity

Arts stream needs extensive reading and research. This will further help you in forming a broad understanding of the world and its ways. Such kind of knowledge is important to learn. It helps in growing our analytical skills and a comprehensive understanding of society. Furthermore, this stream welcomes different ideas and imaginations. Hence, it helps you to widen up your creative skills as well.

Flexibility and Versatility

Arts Degree is flexible and versatile in nature. Hence, you can have the lion’s share of choice to think about the career opportunities. The record of last year says that the students with the Bachelor of Arts can found employment in Business administration, Sales, management, media, and Government agencies as well as in legal and social professions.

Improved Communication skills

In the present times, the most preferred skill in the job market is good communication skill. The Arts stream helps to improve this skill in an effective way. Due to various writing projects and presentations, a student masters the skill of absorbing and transmitting the information in a better way. Hence the coursework of the Arts stream is designed in a peculiar way. It enables the students to synthesize the complex information in a beautiful manner, both orally and in written form.

Widens your critical reading and analytical thinking

The Bachelor of Arts needs a vast amount of reading for their Bachelor’s degree, as they were asked to visualize the text in a critical manner. This continuous critical reading starts to develop as a habit in these students. Hence, it further helps them to understand the meaning behind every text or matter. This sophisticated skill allows the student to see beyond the limits of an argument. This skill makes them a strong candidate in their personal as well as professional field.

Enhances research skills

The students with Arts majors get well skilled in good research skills. They expertise in finding different information and fetch out the best quality among them. These students have to do a lot of research work through primary and secondary sources, as a part of their coursework. This information is further analyzed and distilled to make them relevant points to clear any argument. Hence, this skill helps them to find out reliable sources to prove anything.

Apart from all these benefits, if you get enrolled in an Arts course, you can get one more benefit. You will not have to think about the assignments and projects provided in this course. With good research skills, you can make the assignment easily. However, you can also avail assignment help online services. With all these benefits, are you still unsure about this stream? Probably because you are unaware of the various career opportunities in this field. Read the next section to know about them.

Career options with a Bachelor of Arts

It is a myth that getting a degree in Arts will not gain you any strong career prospects. It is not like the other technical and vocational degrees. These vocational degrees aim at specific career outcomes. Whereas the Art degrees focus on increasing the critical understanding of a student. However, with the right tools and training, you can take your arts degree wherever you want.

So if you are planning to choose your majors in arts stream, do not get upset by limiting your possibilities. There are a plenty amount of career options in Bachelor of Arts. Some career options require additional training or qualifications. But you will never regret choosing this stream. Here are a few options for you:

Government sector

With sharp analytical knowledge, you can get a job in Australian Public Service. You will have to pass the Graduate Employment programs to enter into the Government sector. Public servants in Australian Public service has a wide range of options for you. Such as- community and social service, defense, foreign affairs, industrial relations, and transport. Every job profiles need a different form of training, but the arts graduates are competent enough to apply for these services. However, the training requirements are dependent on the position in the Australian Public Sector.


The art graduates are well-prepared to become teachers due to their good writing and speaking skills. The learning and explaining features of the Arts students are usually too sharp. These qualities are best to become a teacher.

However, if you are planning to become an elementary, middle school or high school teachers, you need to be licensed. To get the license, you need to complete some teacher- preparation program and state exam. To get hired in any college, you need to hold a Master’s Degree. In this profile, you get a direct chance to use your subject knowledge.

Media and communications

Media and Communications is a long and lucrative career for you if you are comfortable in expressing yourself properly. You can choose any profession in this sector. All you need is good communication skills and a better way to express yourself. There is a vast array of job options in Media and communication careers. It includes newspaper reporters, advertising sales agents, public relation specialists, etc. All these media positions may vary from each other, but they share a common goal. Most of them require a Bachelor’s degree with excellence in speaking and writing.

Business administration

Have you heard about the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration? This three to four-year schooling program can prepare you to enter the Business world with proper skills and knowledge. This degree will provide you with practice-oriented knowledge in the areas of Management, marketing, finance, and sales. Often people doubt the professional skills of an Arts, degree holder. With the professional training and experience, you can find success in many job profiles of Business administration. Some of them are- Social Media Manager, Management Consultant, Information System Manager, Entrepreneur, Business Analyst, etc.

Interpreters and translators

Do you have a passion for learning new languages? Do you have the talent to learn, comprehend and use different languages in your daily life? Then you can pursue a career using this talent!!

With the Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation, you can master both the oral and written components of a foreign language. This skill can be further use to pursue a golden career. Some of the major work positions you can find with this talent are- Foreign-language editing, language teaching, linguistics software management, and many more.

These are a few of the professions that I spoke about. There are still plenty of career options in this field. Basically, Bachelor of Arts emphasis in the Humanities. But it can give you a chance to enter into many different industries. These qualities make this degree versatile and valuable.

Courses offered under Arts Stream


Humanities or Arts stream is a broad academic field, under which students are offered various subjects. Subjects that fall under arts and humanities include languages, literature, philosophy, religious studies, art history, creative writing, History, Government and Politics, Law, Literature, Psychology, Sociology and many more.

Most of the Bachelor of Arts courses are comprises of three to four years of duration in most institutions abroad. Many Australian Universities offers a choice of over fifty different subject majors when they enroll for Bachelor of Arts. Hence,  you can find many courses that are offered under this stream. You just need to research properly:

1. Bachelor of Arts in Aboriginal Studies

This degree will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the social, political, economic and cultural aspects of life in Aboriginal communities.

2. BA in Archaeology

This Bachelor program focusses on the discipline of Archaeology and its allied areas. Such as- museology, ancient culture, etc.

3. BA in Asian Studies

This Discipline can provide you with a broad knowledge of traditions, ideologies, and contemporary developments in the Asian regions.

4. BA in Gender, Sexuality, and diversity studies

This course will help you to explore the relationships between gender, class, ethnicity, nation, and identity.

5. BA in Historical and Cultural studies

This undergraduate program prepares the students to work with individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds.

6. BA in Humanities & Social Sciences

This course will give you a professional qualification to teach in secondary schools in the Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines.

7. BA in Hospitality & Travel

This undergraduate course involves planning, managing, and providing lodging, food and travel services. This course is ideal for anyone who is passionate about improving the hospitality industry.

8. Bachelor of Arts in Animation

Bachelor’s degree in Animation teaches the students about the skills to become Animators. Such as- character creation, special effects, background design, concept development, etc. They are necessary to become animators.

9. BA in Arts (Fine/ Visual/ Performing)

This course includes a full array of artistic techniques and media. It reinterprets and expands a traditional academic approach to visual arts.

10. BA in Development Studies

BA in Development Studies is an undergraduate course designed for students to train them for the various challenges faced in public policy and development. It teaches the students about the complexities of the economic growth within different societies.

The above mentioned list is about only a few courses. This stream offers many more courses. You need to research well and find out what interests you well. These courses help the students to acquire strong management and communication skills. These skills are highly valuable in every aspect of our life.

Major colleges in Australia for this course

Getting a Bachelor of Arts degree from some abroad University is a pride in itself. Australia is undoubtedly one of the happening study destinations for foreign students. It is the popular choice among the students to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree. So we can help you if you are also interested to gain Arts Degree from top Universities of Australia. According to the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2018, here are eight universities of Australia that comes under top 100:

  • The University of Melbourne

  • Australian National University

  • University of Sydney

  • University of Queensland

  • Monash University

  • University of New South Wales

  • University of Western Australia

  • The University of Adelaide

Apart from these major Universities, there are many more colleges that could interest you well. Try to find out more Institutes so that you have a vast number of options to choose from. You will get a chance to compare and contrast different universities according to your comfort. This comparison will help you to analyze well.

Why is Australia better to pursue a Bachelors degree in Arts?


One visualizes about the koalas, kangaroos, and beaches when they think about Australia. Well, Australia is famous for one more reason. After US and UK, Australia is the third most popular study destination for international students. However, I can give you reasons behind this popularity:

  • Australia is known for several top-ranked universities, which welcomes students across the globe. As discussed above almost six universities in Australia comes under 100 in the Times Higher Education Ranking.

  • The higher studies of Australia is based on the British model. Hence, you can be assured that you will be the best training in your chosen study field.

  • Students with an Arts Degree can enjoy a guided approach to explore and appreciate the art and culture of Australia’s historical, social and political discourses.

  • Two years of education in Australia can benefit you with two years of Post study work Visa. You can work up to 20 hours per week while studying.

  • One of the major reason is the lower living expenses and tuition costs. Hence, this country lures students from all around the world.


Until now you may have got an idea about the career options and various things related to Arts Degree. There are many students who do not know much about the courses under this stream. However, this blog can help anyone to know about the opportunities in Arts stream. Even I discussed few famous colleges and universities in Australia where you can shape up your career brightly.

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