Good argumentative essay examples and how to write it


Are you trying to write a perfect argumentative essay but perfection seems far away? If yes, then invest a few minutes on this guide. We have listed some vital information which you must know to write a good argumentative essay. Also, we have curated multiple argumentative essay examples for you. Read more learn better.

What is an Argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay aims at presenting evidence to support a view. The crux of this type of essay is to support all the information by evidence and facts. To write an argumentative essay you will have to carry out extensive research to back your claims.  For instance, you may write an essay which argues that smartphones help in achieving work-life balance. However, you will have to carry out research to show where people have gained work-life balance benefits by using smartphones. You will favour one side of the topic, but you are also expected to acknowledge the counter arguments.

Different ways to approach an argumentative essay

Given below are the ways you can approach an argumentative essay.

1 Classical approach

The classical approach is one of the most commonly used ways. It includes the below-mentioned layout: 

  • An introduction with a thesis statement
  • Background on the topic
  • Main arguments of the essay
  • Refutation
  • Conclusion

2 Rogerian approach

The second one is the Rogerian approach which is used for polemical topics. This method does not have any particular structure that compels to go behind. The Rogerian approach recognizes and sympathizes both sides of the raised argument but favours only one side of it.

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2 Toulmin approach

Under the Toulmin approach, the writer finds common measures to remove superfluous arguments. It is also used in highly polemical arguments. 

Types of argumentative essay

The argumentative essays discuss all aspects of an argument, however, different types of argumentative essays show a distinct approach and style of presenting the data. We have classified some major types of argumentative essays: 

Persuasive essay

Persuasive essay dictates argument and focuses on persuading the readers that one aspect of the argument is superior or better than the others. While writing these essays you must begin with clearly explaining your viewpoint and use evidence to support it. If you will go through persuasive argumentative essay examples you will see that the author persuades the readers. 

Argumentative research paper

Argumentative research paper depends on the external sources to a great extent in order to support the main argument.  In case your professor has provided you with argumentative essay examples or research paper examples, you may already know that they carry a balanced approach. You must aim to cite roughly equal sources for conflicting argument as for the main argument. If you want to have a look at our argumentative research papers

Argumentative analysis essay

The argumentative analysis essays are written to analyse the argument of other authors. Some of the main elements of this type of essay are clarity of writing, presentation and style, evidence, persuasiveness. To write an analysis you must know that along with being an analysis it is an argumentative essay. You should always present a clear case regarding the persuasiveness of the essay which is being evaluated.

Personal argumentative essay

Personal essays do not require research to make a case. They are based on personal views and taste. Thus, the writer can present an intriguing case on the basis of his/her subjective reasoning. A detailed study of personal argumentative essays will help you to observe the convincing way to share personal views. In this type of essay, you can and should use research to create a compelling impact on the reader. The main challenge is to convince others to share a personal opinion. If you want you can get expert guidance on personal argumentative essays at AllAssignmentHelp

4. How to write an argumentative essay? 

If you think that writing an argumentative essay is going to be hectic, then you are taking it all wrong. Just focus on research and writing style and you will get the desired results. 

Perfection isn’t tough to achieve if you know the do’s and don’ts of argumentative essay.

4.1 Choose your topic carefully

If your professor has not assigned then you will have to choose a topic on your own. Before choosing anything always check whether it can be argued strongly or not. It should have a strong counter-argument. To write a whole essay you must have some knowledge about it. Thus, go for a topic if you already know it and have a view about it. For a better understanding, you can go through argumentative essay examples. Also, you can find lists of argumentative essay topics on the internet as well.

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4.2 Carry out in-depth research

Research acts as a base for every essay. Try and find informative materials such as blogs, books, articles etc. from credible writers and sources. You can read some argumentative essay examples on your topic, extract some common issues to build your argument. Where on one hand it is vital to talk about the common issues in your argumentative essay, it is also important to bring uniqueness. For doing so, you will have to read as much as you can. Once you will gather extensive data you can bring the spotlight to the points which have not been explored much. 

4.3 Create an outline

By writing a good outline you can make your work easier to a great length. Invest your time in creating a well-organized outline and you will be sorted. It is done by making four sections:

  • Introduction
  • Supporting Paragraph/ paragraphs
  • Counter argument
  • Conclusion

4.4 Fill the outlines

If you have done the previous step correctly, your job is going to be hassle-free. Now, all you have to do in your argumentative essay is to fill the outlines with the relevant information you have gathered via research.

4.5 Proofread and edit

After writing the essay, don’t rush to submit it right away. Wait for a while and edit your errors. Students often skip this step and degrade the quality of their argumentative essay. If you will closely look at expert-written argumentative essay examples you will see that they are completely flawless. You should also write an error-free essay. It is very natural to make mistakes but you should never forget to edit them.

Apart from the grammatical and typing errors, here are the few issues you need to focus at. We are listing them here, just check them out and you can surely write a perfect essay.

  • Arguments of your essay are clear or not?
  • Does your essay present and refutes the counterargument clearly? 
  • Have you successfully created a thesis statement which can argue for or against?
  • Does the conclusion leave a compelling viewpoint for the future of your topic?

Argumentative Essay Examples

Now when you have read on how to write an argumentative essays, let us have a look at some examples. It will give you a clearer picture. These argumentative essay examples are submitted to us by the students. These are not written by our experts. If you want essays that are of higher quality than those below, you can order an argumentative essay anytime from us.

5.1 Argumentative Essay Example 1

Topic: The Smartphone enables employees to achieve work-life balance. Do you agree or disagree with this claim?

Today there are two types of trends, one is about the awareness of future, and another is about the fast development with enormous technologies. From childhood to senior all types of people want happiness from the stress of work.  So the main thing is that those people are being divided with generation x and generation y. Generation Y has an increased requirement for balance in the work-life basis and at the same proportion generation- x has a different kind of mentality.

The usage of Smartphone or like the same technology is not contributing too. On the other hand, the business will be developed with the Smartphone too. All are in the one option or one click. The world is far enough from it. So the argument is totally clear to that statement. Work-Life Balance is one of the most important subjects of this type of discussion all over across the world among people of all ages. Here Smartphone is the issue and needs to solve the problem by argument.

Work-life balance is in a problematic stage as Smartphone is one of the major things for everyone. People across the world they need Smartphone and not only this use it in daily life for 25% of the whole day. Internet connection is one the major issue as well for it. At the moment the daily life balance cannot be maintained for a normal person. The whole day is belonging to the phone and with many issues like WhatsApp, Facebook and other kinds of things or maybe it apps.

With an increased job, confront or kind of challenges, the pressure or stress levels are the commencement to increase for almost everybody. When the work-life and individual life is out of stability or out of balance, the stress will increase at any time. It will increase proportionately all the time. So here in this argument, it can be identified that stress issue will go a bad stage and that’s why Smartphone is needed to decrease the stress.

Within the context of health economic social and legal all the subjects in the life of any individual personal things or happiness will be the right answer to decrease the stress. Using mobile with the cell phone and also with anything like the internet will definitely develop the mind with freedom and happiness.

The happiness is in using YouTube, happiness is in using Facebook to know people. The argument is genuine and this will be the major thing to decrease the stress. From work, practice to work development stage the phone with the internet connection is mandatory nowadays and it will be the best option for development. 

Work-life balance is definite as generating a productive as well as fruitful employment environment where anxiety between work and personal life is reduced. It means an ideal combination of contribution in paid employment along with unpaid employment (personal life, societal responsibilities as well as family work).

Work-life equilibrium is all concerning the implementation of strategies which will useful for workers as well as staff to preserve their strong and satisfying lifestyle which will guide to improve presentation and efficiency of the employee. The main reason for this learning is to appreciate the impact of a mobile phone on the work-life equilibrium of field personnel. This learning is a plan to offered detail psychoanalysis of exercise of the mobile phone throughout work time along with off instance and its force on work as well as the private life of employees.

Pertaining work-life balance in the organization is extremely important to expand the efficiency of personnel. It is generally considering so as to mobile phone as well as internets are distorting margins amongst a place of work and individual life.

Many researchers consider that mobile phone is the hazard to the current life, while additional think it as an innovative opportunity to continue work life and family existence. No other tool has been increased drastically among the populace than mobile phone other than its societal and private impact is not obviously recognized. This investigate report is support for charging impact of the mobile phone on work existence balance of field personnel.

For today’s life, the Smartphone is necessary for work purpose. But there are many issues regarding the utilization of Smartphone-based on health, economic, social, as well as legal. Individuals were asked to explain what impact these new phones contain on their running lives. The consequence a Smartphone has on individual life is moderately dissimilar than so as to it has on employment.

For employment life, contributors found that containing a Smartphone was helpful, as well as while they as well found it helpful in individual life, not all were optimistic. Individuals were as well asked about containing notifications intended for Facebook sent to their phones. But mobile functioning as well carries significant hazards for individuals as well as organizations.

On the subject of fast decision making as well as the answer to e-mails, the smartphone allows the acquaintance personnel to create fast judgments and reply to e-mails as fast as possible. The fast judgment making, so, could diminish the probable waiting time to acquire a reply to urgent concerns. This elevated speed in judgment making comprises that workers do not have to hang around for days to obtain stuff complete, which considerably augments their competence.

Smartphones supply consumers with speedy contact to facts, as a consequence delivering people’s brainpower with the risk of cognitive overwork. These results can unite to source higher anxiety stages, depression along with deficiency of sleep. Technology can contain pessimistic consequence on work-life balance. Though a fraction of generation y considers that smart technology contributes a significant part in work-life balance because it provides them suppleness.

Work or family margin hypothesis specifies that there is a well-built connection between work suppleness with work-life balance. Studies are arguing that technology is controlling the measurement of work suppleness. This accordingly places technology like an essential part of examining work-life balance with work suppleness connection.

The argument is clear and this kind of usage of the phone is not only for the entertainment but also for the development of the up-gradation. So this is a very useful thing and stress is being cleared also by it.

5.2 Argumentative Essay Example 2

Topic: Smoking in public place

Smoking in public place has turned into an important issue, particularly in those areas where there are very high populations and are densely populated. Few people are addicted to smoking, and they are not able to be segregated from non-smokers. The issue is that the individuals who smoked between smokers are making the most of their cigarette in zones where non-smokers live are there.

Do you realize that consistently around 4.5 trillion cigarette bum is being raised as trash? This is true, in the Plus One magazine, distributed in January 2015, Giuliano Bonanomi and his partners have noticed that cigarette bits are dismissed each year in a wasteful way consistently.

Many aspects of life are being harmed because of smoking in the public place, this is why it should be banned. Through my individual experience and weeks of research, I have discovered proof of supporting my stand that smoking out in public places is unhealthy and harmful to both the environment and non-smokers. In this paper, I will discuss the harmful effects of smoking in public place as well as an argument to those who oppose that smoking is injurious and should not be banned in public places.

Few people use to say that smoking can’t affect the environment as the cigarette is very small and how could any small butt effect environment?

Even a small cigarette butt is harmful to the environment and does major ecological damage. This isn’t just smoking which harms the environment, but even Cigarette manufacturing procedures can likewise cause huge scale harm to the environment.

Environmental Degradation related to the developing procedures of tobacco by deforestation can be harmed each day by the ecological tobacco industry. Every large number of cigarette butt which is not properly disposed of cause harmful effect on the environment as well as well being.

The greatest issue about disposing of cigarette butts is accidentally taken by kids or small animals. Studies demonstrate that residential pets or other little creatures who tragically takes cigarette litter can be a respiratory failure, vomiting, shocks and even death.

Since I have argued and disagreed that public smoking isn’t hurtful to the earth, we will now observe the correct rationale of smoking.

Smokers believe that they have the right to smoke as long as they want and whenever they want.

Although it is true that if you are over the age of 18 years, you can legally smoke cigarettes, but, what are you actually doing and at what cost?

Smoking cigarette is not at all cheap thing to do, in fact, it cost you a lot. But who cares? Despite the fact that the government used to increase the tax on such products which are not healthy for living beings, still, people are buying and smoking cigarettes with an increasing rate.

More and more people are getting addicted towards the smoking of cigarette without concerning about their health and family’s health or public’s health while smoking withers in-home or in public places.

Furthermore, in a CBS News article written by Marie Marcus, according to which the World Health Organization reports, “more than 1.7 million youngsters died under the age of 5 years because of the impacts of living in the polluted environment”.

Smoking not only affects them but the people around them whenever they choose to smoke in public.

Specialists from Nottingham University found that pregnant ladies are 23% more prone to smoke and 13% more inclined to have a child with a deformity. They took 19 studies around the globe and utilized these investigations to pull examine together.

Since some individual may associate, the smoke with tobacco harms the human as well as makes harms to the animals and pets we love. Animals may confront issues like respiratory issues, allergies, and nasal and lungs cancer in dogs and lymphoma cats.

I accept many individuals will agree to help in banning smoking in public places. In the event that the government restricted this dangerous medication then our world would be a superior place and it would enhance the way of life.

Nowadays, with the cost of cigarettes are very high, it will help the family in saving a lot of cash that can be utilized better, where the family can enjoy the advantages.

Since there are a substantial number of smokers on the planet, I believe that if smoking was restricted then this could be the reason for the mob and can bother many individuals, however, they have to comprehend that Smokers are a stage toward a superior life and for everybody around them.

5.3 Argumentative Essay Example 3

Topic: Do you think Harvard was justified in rescinding its offer of admission to Gina Grant?

In this paper, we are going to discuss the case of Gina Grant, who is a 19-year-old girl and a student, who killed her mother and so Harvard decided to void her admission in the next year freshman class. In this paper, we have to make an argument on the question that was raised that “Whether Harvard was justified in rescinding the offer of admission of Gina Grant.”

Many decisions and suggestions have come on upfront regarding the cancelling of offer of admission of Gina Grant in Harvard .many are in favour of the cancellation of admission of Gina Grant in the Harvard due to her past character and activities, and some are in favor of Gina Grant , that only for one mistake that she has done in her past at the age of fourteen ,is taking her to the stage where she has to pay for that act at the age of 19, by not admitted to Harvard for further studies.

In this particular argumentative essay, I would like to share my thoughts on this controversial topic of Gina Grant that has been an issue of Debate from the last many years. The question that is arising over here are-Should Gina Grant be a Harvard Student? Or Was Harvard justified in rescinding the admission of Gina grant?

The answers to both of these questions are yes and is not a contradiction. There is no doubt of the fact that remains to be done on the diversity front. But there are so many institutions in the area who are not able to match the image of Harvard, and irrespective of that many people are there who want to take admission in Harvard, and become a graduate over there but not be able to do so.

Regardless of the fact that who Gina Grant was and what she has shown herself for taking admission, according to my viewpoint Harvard was right in rescinding the invitation at the early stage because of three specific reasons.

Firstly Harvard has made a declaration that it will enforce in the stronger terms, according to the principle of Harvard, nobody is allowed to take admission in Harvard by lying –either by lies of omission or by the lies of commission.

If Gina Grant is allowed to take admission in the university this time by leaving her extreme conditions of past, as for any purpose, then how many applicants will be justified in taking admission next year by following the same trend as that of Gina Grant, year by year for taking admissions.

Harvard further states that if we break the rule for one in sever case than in that case, we have to violate the rules for everybody year by year. The university further states that in an application if the truth is not revealed by the student about her past misconduct, and no penalty will be imposed in that condition then telling the truth is the matter of individual choice and it is not a moral obligation. This point gave the strength to the argument for rescinding Grant as we all know that speaking Truth is our moral obligation and we cannot change this application for any act.

Secondly, Harvard initiates that the university is not an open admission college. The admission committee is not obligated to accept any individual student, no matter of the fact that the individual is wonderful, or score so many 800s in college boards, no matter he or she is involved in the community work or with his father, mother, uncle or aunt.

The university further states that it is the college committee who will decide that who is eligible to take admission, and not the leaders or the student welfare committees. This point also makes advocacy on the part of the university that Gina grant will not be admitted in the admission process.

In the last after going through the whole argument in regards to essay of Gina grant, my argument is in favour of Harvard as the university follows the values that were followed by the university in the admission process which includes the values of truthfulness, application process is in the hands of committee and all the students are treated equally and no biased treatment will be there for any student.

In my opinion, Gina Grant would tell the truth to Harvard before application rather than hide the fact as it creates a negative impact on the minds of other students in future.

5.4 Argumentative Essay Example 4

Topic: Will dollar remain the world’s leading currency in future?

The biggest challenge for the USA in today’s world is the sustainability of the dollar.  Huge economies are working for the achievement of growth making their currency strongest in this highly competitive world. The future of the dollar is quite changeable with the emergence of the strong economies in the world.

The US dollar has gained its importance for a long time back. The paper dollars were started printing before the 1913’s but the individual banks used to print their own currencies. The same was corrected after FRA Act 1913. But the dollar competed against the British Pound. Britain used the gold standard for the value of its currency.

After the first world war, as the US didn’t participate in war till 1917 and it had greater money to lend as compared to Britain. And countries dumped the gold standard to pay the military expenses. US dollar proved its supremacy over a pound by lending the Anglo-French loan denominated in dollars. It became the world’s leading currency.

The dollar has remained the strongest currency in the world in the past as well as the current situation.

The dollar is the most acceptable currency throughout the world for trade. Greater than one-third of the world’s gross domestic product is totaled from the countries who have attached their currencies to the dollar. Also, the foreign exchange market is dominated by the dollar as most of the trading happens in the dollar.

The dollar is required by foreign banks for performing business activities. Another reason is that global countries have more exports than imports. These countries have earnings in dollars and the dollars are then utilized in the US financial markets making dollars even more strong.

The size of the US economy has helped the dollar in maintained the topmost position around the world. The US economy has surpassed the most internationally significant economies in the past. Also, the US has a strong economy which has come across major jerks in the past but still able to maintain the position.

The economy has a positive impact on the international trade and foreign exchange markets which helps the dollar to preserve the highest position in international market.

Reserve currency is the currency maintained by the government as part of the foreign exchange reserves. The global currency reserves are highest in the dollar. The dollar is the favorite reserve currency because of the stability of the economy. The countries are reluctant to invest in other currencies because of lacking confidence as the currency tends to fluctuate in the long term.

The dollar has always remained the preference for the countries. The countries have foreign exchange reserves in the form of treasury bills, government securities. The US treasury bills are preferred because of high-interest rates and stability.

Although the dollar has maintained the strong and top position in the world market in the past but is now becoming difficult to maintain the position with the emergence of strong economies and their currencies.

China is coming forward economy due to huge size and recent developments. China is making huge efforts in internationalizing its currency, Yuan. China has entered the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights which is helping the country to make the way for Yuan as the reserve currency.

Also, China seeks to make a strong position of Yuan in the foreign exchange market. The Chinese currency is becoming strong day by day due to the stable and strong position of the markets. The Chinese currency has become the second most used currency in a period of just five years. The future of currencies will not always remain the dollar focused.

Economists suggest that the major hindrance in the Chinese currency for becoming reserve currency is that the countries are not largely interested in the investments in the Chinese economy because of huge political interference.

The US economy has lost most of its dynamism and growth with time. This is because the country has faced significant jerks in the past. Also, with the upcoming global players, the scenario for the dollar can be changed at any time. In future, a reasonable substitute will arise for the dollar because of the momentous growth of the economies.

The currencies which will shake the dollar include Euro, Renminbi, and Yen. China mainly is striving hard to get the top status of its currency in the international market. Also, the investors predict that the dollar will become less secure in future.

The dollar is the most trusted currency in the global world. Also, the dollar will continue its position for some time. But in the long run, the dollar currency may get replaced with the other strong currencies. But, the dollar has remained the first preference for the economies of the world. US economy is considered as the world’s commercial powerhouse.

The dollar is at peak position as it curbs the inflation and the country has made bold moves despite volatility in the economy in the past. It facilitates world commerce and the economy has the ability to pay its debts well.

Nevertheless, the dollar will continue to have the highest position for some time but the future of the dollar, in the long run, maybe less sustainable. But this scenario is difficult due to the lack of strong alternatives to the dollar.

5.5 Argumentative Essay Example 4

Topic: Plagiarism – Breaking the rules

It is the copying of someone else’s work and ideas and presenting it as own. It counts to the infringing the academic honesty and is not legal. Plagiarism can be in the form of self-plagiarism, lazy plagiarism, patchwork plagiarism, and complete plagiarism.

Plagiarism not only adds up to the illegal means but it also leads to a negative impact on the academic performance of the student.

The students indulge in the different forms of plagiarism which may be intentional or unintentional. Nowadays the universities are becoming stricter towards the plagiarism issues. The social workers are indulged for working in developing the academic integrity among the students. The academic dishonesty is considered as negligent from the social and academic viewpoint. This leads to leaving the student far behind the development of writing skills and thinking skills.

It is not good for the students in the long run. The education is finished not to get good grades in examinations but to get success in career. The success cannot be achieved through plagiarism in the long run. It leads to foregoing of own education and learning process is destroyed.

The writer has highlighted the setback of academic success in the summary of ‘Breaking the rules’ due to plagiarism. This is central to the success of any student that the student uses own work and ideas. Plagiarism free paper is the most crucial to the success of the student. The copied paper can lead to triumph for short-run but takes the student far behind from the academic success.

The students get involved in cheating to get good marks and grades. This is against the school policies. The plagiarized paper can result in serious penalties and punishments. The penalties include monetary repercussions. Also, it is a legal issue as it involves copyright laws. The author has an absolute right to sue against the plagiarist. Few forms of plagiarism are deemed as a criminal offence and lead to imprisonment.

The universities should go ahead to prevent the students to get involved in plagiarism. This can be done by a regular meeting with the student and teaching them the right path of academic success.

The students should be made aware of the past cases of cheating and plagiarism. Also, the students should be made aware of different forms of plagiarism as sometimes, the plagiarism is unintentional. The proper referencing should be incorporated when referring to papers of different authors.

Plagiarism leads to damaging of the student’s reputation in school which hampers the classroom relationships. In the later stage in life, when the student takes writing as a profession, then it may lead to damage to the professional reputation. In universities and schools, the academic career can come to an end if the student is involved in plagiarism.

The writer has covered the important drawbacks of plagiarism. But the writer has ignored some of the serious consequences of plagiarized paper in the summary. If the universities ensure that the repercussions are well known to the students, then the students will not involve themselves in such kind of activities.

Cheating and plagiarizing can never be an excuse in any case. If the students realize that the cost of getting caught in plagiarism is too elevated, then they will never resort to plagiarism. Also, if the universities design the assignment task in such a way that it is nearly impossible to plagiarize, the work of students will be complex and innovative also.

Plagiarism is a very serious issue and if the consequences of the same are not known to the students, they can put themselves in a difficult situation. The students should stay away from cheating whatever may be the reason behind the cause.

The self-realization is important to the students that ruining their thinking capabilities, distorting the process of education is not worthy to get good grades in the papers. The universities and schools should make the proper arrangements which help their students to keep away from plagiarism.

5.6 Argumentative Essay Example 5

Topic: Difference between each gender at succeeding at engineering college

There is various career option after completing school level but to choose right career depends on the student’s strength, weakness, area of interest and long-term career goal. In this case, discussion for the selection career as per gender, i.e. male candidate choosing engineering career rather than a female candidate. There is various reason for build career in the specific area.

Every person has rights to choose own career according to strength but according to a study of choosing engineering college or career, the male candidate is more interested in developing an engineering career rather than a female candidate.

Usually, it matters about the interest, core strength, guidance, convince long-term goal, college location, marital status, family background, financial condition, future goal etc. in this report discussion for the succeeding at engineering college as per gender priority.

Problem Statement:

  1. Why male candidate is more succeeding at engineering college and engineering career.
  2. Why male candidate chose a technical field rather than psychology and other career options.

Primarily question for the male candidate elect the engineering career more compare to a female candidate. As per research review, the motivation get for the candidate have affected various factor like society, an area of interest, physical strength, mind power, career guidance, family background etc.

If compare the factor of succeeding at engineering college of male candidate compare to a female candidate are discussed as follows:

Majority of the engineering field require physical work compare to other careers. So as per research female candidate did not like to work physically rather than management work, supporting work or any other work which are associated with the organization.

Majority of engineering work have to do physical so female candidate are not able to do heavy physical work and male candidate are able to do heavy physical work. Also, a male candidate can manage physical work in an organization.

Apart from this situation, the working hour for in industries may not fix. The worker, employees, and engineer have to stay a long time in the day which female candidate might not interested to work such long hour in each day.

Industries people have to travel across the world or any other location for a job as per organization requirement whereas female candidate cannot manage to frequent travel and want to priority to stay with family rather than more priority of career.

Still, if consider a technical point of view then the male candidate is more interested in an area of technical specification innovation, development, robotics, research, and development because it takes physical work and mental work also.

So the male candidate is more able to link up with both works which are mental and physical work. Here female candidate might be weak for the physical work. It is approximate 1: 10 ratio that a female candidate is ready to work physical and mental work at the same time and same location. 

I consider, the industrial culture then it difficult to manage by the female candidate whereas the male candidate is habitual for the industrial environment and culture. Majority a female candidate is shy, concessions and less socialize where are a male candidate is able to manage all condition.  

The behavior and attitude from the manager to employees and engineers are always harsh in industries which is difficult to bear by a female candidate. The manager and higher authority always use harsh language in order to make familiar with work whereas female candidate cannot bear violent behavior. 

Many companies and engineering organization are located far away from the city, so daily travelling is majority unconvinced for the employee. Especially night travelling is difficult for a female candidate because a majority of industries have rotational ship and employees and engineer have to do night traveling and night job so, the night travelling and working is difficult for a female candidate and they like to work on the day and fixed hours duty. 

As per survey and research, a female candidate like to develop a career in academics, organization management, human resource department, information technology and other supportive departments, the rest of the female are the housemate. So rarely female candidate ready to work in industries rather than selected to a simple path for career aim.

Many times, an engineer relocate their living location in any other area of country or state. Majorly they have to stay alone and with other unknown people therefore female candidate not ready to relocate living location with prior to career and not ready to stay alone or with an unknown person.

To manage a different culture, different lifestyle and different environment are difficult for female engineers and managers with that situation is difficult for a female engineer. Whereas male candidates can manage with all condition and all situation in the industrial organization.

I consider the family background and family condition then a male candidate can survive in a different situation with mentally, physically and emotionally. I consider the condition of underdeveloped and develop country many communities may not allow a female candidate to work with engineering organization due to social pressure and less knowledge about education and growth. 

In some case like petroleum plant, power plant and steel plant are not permitted female employees where they face difficulties and probability harmful to health. 

The female candidate has to struggle at a civil construction site where they have to do mostly physical work if they chose civil engineering.  is also a risk in electric plant and an electric panel where require physical and mental work which is difficult for a female candidate.

At the end of the report, the recruiter also likes to hire a candidate who is strong in physically, mentally and emotionally. All the above points against the ability of the female candidate, so that they don’t like to develop an area of engineering especially mechanical, electrical and civil where physical work have to do.

5.7 Argument Essay Example 6

Topic: Cyber-bullying – Cause & Effect

Have you ever been bullied in your real life or on the internet? Do you think that people usually used to bully for getting attention? You feel like your head is spinning and then finally you find that everyone is just staring at you. A tear comes from your eyes and straightaway rush to the washroom, and then you think that is that the real-life you are living in? What would you do that time?

Considering the scenario would you like to take everything in your hand? Most of the cyber specialist says that if cyber-bullying continues for the long-time period, then it could also lead to suicide. There is a quote on cyber-bullying by Dr. Martyn Wild “Cyber Bullying is now transformed into the greatest stress on the web, which is now influencing up to 35% of all kids”.

In this argument, I will discuss the issue of cyber-bullying, and I will do the sensible discussion of this issue. In this contention, I will demonstrate my support in the battle against bullying. During the time, numerous things have changed; however, it is a serious issue around the world.

Creating troll on social media, or developing a website for making fun of other persons like teachers or students. Cyber-bullying is an extremely wide topic; thus, here are a few illustrations:

  • Sending somebody an email or threatening email, text, or instant message.
  • Deleting or blocking someone from Instant Messenger buddy list no exactly no reasons.
  • Teasing somebody to uncover individual or humiliating data and send it to others.
  • To send a brutal or untrue message while presenting that person, breaking into somebody’s email or text account.

Since 2003, 41 suicides have included cyber threats in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, however, most casualties were additionally punished in school and many were experiencing psychological sickness, including depression as said by John C. LeBlanc who was a professor and conducted the study at Dalhousie University at Halifax. Who will take care of this crime? Why is the government not doing anything to prevent this? Why are parents not taking care of their children’s activities?

I think that before the government can do anything to stop this, it’s the responsibility of individuals and parents to take care of their children’s activities on the internet and real life. Here are some ways that it can be managed: Parents can keep their PCs at home in a busy region, for example, a lounge room. Aside from this, they can also check their companion’s list consistently, their email and passwords, look at them who they communicate with; and who endeavors to reach them.

All things sufficiently considered about cyber-bullying. In a portion of the standards, the risk is thought to be a crime. For what reason does this happen? All things considered, there are a few purposes behind this. Regularly, youngsters are age groups who more often punish each other or blame. For what reason does this happen? A few reasons include:

  • They believe its fun, or it makes them well known or calm.
  • They feel all the more capable or vital, or they need to get their own specific manners constantly.
  • They feel uncertain or need self-assurance or are attempting to fit in with a gathering. They fear contrasts with other youngsters, or they are envious of the other tyke.
  • They are despondent. They are mirroring what they have done before others, or what has been finished with them.

So the whole thing is that bullying needs to end. The threat is a dangerous activity which is acting ethically, and I’m a previous victim of such an activity. The danger should be eliminated, and I strongly support every one of the developments to eliminate bullying. What ought to be done is that individuals ought to be volunteers and support these developments.

5.8 Argumentative Essay Example 7

Topic: Do Attractive Teens Don’t Have More Self-Esteem Than Peers?

Beauty and Self-esteem are a piece of a cycle, an attractive individual gets more positive consideration and along these lines feels superior to the individual who looks less attractive. Since the esteem is kept within the sight of this individual, he will attempt to show up later. An ugly person will never receive any praise, never be promoted, and this will decrease the probability of looking good.

Do Attractive Teens and Adults Don’t Have More Self-Esteem/Self-confidence Than Peers? But what in the case of attractive youngsters? It is broadly trusted that beauty and confidence go together, however, in reality, there cannot be a case for young people, as indicated by an examination distributed in a Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. Around 230 Photographs of 13 to 15-year-old were assessed for face attraction and contrasted with their confidence levels for a long time.

They found that the teenagers who were evaluated as the most attractive were lower levels of self-esteem compared to their less attractiveness. While the research was going on, it was founded that a wide number of self-esteem developed and turned out to be more stable as adolescence changing quickly into adulthood, particularly for the individuals who were having higher educations

Society places too much value on appearances. There is no doubt that society used to go behind the beauty rather than intelligence. There is a large part of the society where the individual is giving a great deal to their physical appearance. While developing opinion against someone, their physical appearance should be considered in the last. But it is unavoidable to stop someone judging someone by his/her appearance.

Are Women Dying to be Beautiful? Lots of women are worried about their appearance and some of them are very beautiful, by watching all the women of the society some of them also get worried about their appearance. That’s the reason they are willing to do anything to get a beautiful appearance. Fashion and beauty are. Ladies try to meet an incorrect weight standard since the form is required.

Men are urged to be powerful and strong when they work to build up their energy in the exercise center and in work, they connect with “thin” and “slim” and “frail”. Although female models often look weak, (the men who hate themselves), the female thin is not classified as “thin”. Instead, it is defined as popular and glamorous and sexy. It probably helps to explain that only five to ten per cent of people with the disorder are male.

I think “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Beauty, however a comparative word, has turned into a word that cannot be affected by the meaning of society. For whatever length of time that love is in presence, individuals have thought about beauty. From old days, when the ruler looked for the most beautiful woman of the area to the current day, when individuals get the chance to pick their life-partners.

Evidence: Barbie is a figure, a good example of what beauty is; The tall, blonde, and thin beauty is at long last tied with Fashion and fashion changes after some time. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder if a person looks beautiful and no other individual does not see, at that point, there is no definition that what is beautiful, and everybody has its standard in. They are additionally viewed as beautiful that it can be summed up, however that does not imply that everybody hold adheres to those principles.

The real part of the world is that everyone is looking at physical beauty and ignoring the rest. I think personality is going with beauty. Sometimes we find beauty where it doesn’t fit.

Instead of attempting to be, we should simply be pleased with the way we are, be pleased with our essence, be happy with what we have been given, be frank in our evaluation of our self-esteem, since it is directly affecting our activities, and above all, trust in yourself.

At exactly that point will we discover our internal peace, yet we will discover peace with others. Think about a society where the quality and importance of life for women is not subject to the silence of physical dishonor.

5.9 Argumentative Essay Example 10

Topic: Energy drink a worthwhile performance enhancing beverage?

Energy drinks incorporate the gathering of refreshments which is utilized by the buyers and furthermore give an additional lift in vitality, advance the attentiveness, furnish subjective alongside the upgrade of mood. At the time of conducting the research, there are different issues which are identified related to consumption of energy drinks include cardiovascular, psychological effect and dental effect.

Energy drinks are showcased with the case that these items give a jolt of energy to build up the physical alongside the subjective execution. This examination analyzed the useful and also unfavourable wellbeing impacts related to caffeinated drink. Finally, it is inferred that a caffeinated drink may have a helpful effect on physical execution.

Energy drinks are the beverages that contain different ingredients which are marketed to increase the energy along with mental performance. Energy drinks are targeted to adult and young consumers who are in sports and other activities. By consuming the energy drinks, there are so many adverse effects in relation to ingredients.

In the energy drinks, caffeine is considered as a primary active ingredient. The purpose of conducting this study is to determine the consumption pattern of energy drinks among young adults. This research also demonstrates that are energy drinks effective in enhancing the performance and these are healthy and safe for use.

In the lights of Alsunni, it has been analyzed that charged beverages are planned for the jar of vitality to the buyer by the blend of stimulants nearby the essentialness advertisers. The genuine constituent in most juiced drinks is caffeine. The other ordinarily utilized constituents include vitamin B, ginseng, acai, inositol, creatine, and glucuronolactone.

Energy drinks are promoted as products which assist in increasing the energy as well as enhance the mental alertness along with the physical performance. Energy drinks are the most popular dietary supplement which is consumed by American teenagers along with young adults. 

Among people include athletes, energy drinks become very much popular as it can hydrate and boost their energy level. Reid, McCrory, White, Martineau, Vanderkooy, Fenton & Hammond, remarked that for the athletes, the idea of a caffeinated drink is seen as an ideal route in expending additional vitality in a sound way and remain hydrated.

Caffeinated drinks don’t offer the high calibre and might be hurtful. Athletes need to understand the best form of energy which comes from the proper and effective rest as well as proper nutrition. Energy drinks are not effective and appropriate substitutes for sleep and food.    

According to Gallucci, Martin & Morgan, it has been examined that energy drinks are said to be as beverages that contain ingredients marketed to increase energy as well as mental performance. All the energy drinks contain the ingredient caffeine in stimulating the function of the brain. Along with this it also assists in increasing the alertness and concentration. Thus, according to the product, the caffeine amount also varies.

In the lights of Hardy, Kliemann, Evansen & Brand, it has been reviewed that mixing energy drinks as well as alcohol has serious health risks. This has a stimulating impact of caffeine which is included in the energy drinks which can abrogate the depressive impact of liquor. The combination of energy drinks and alcohol can be extremely alarming.

The person who ingests caffeinated drinks with liquor tends to furnish the report with the heavier utilization of liquor. In the present time, numerous people and bars keep on blending caffeinated drinks alongside the liquor on their own.

According to the viewpoint of Quinlivan, Irwin, Grant, Anoopkumar-Dukie, Skinner, Leveritt & Desbrow, it has been claimed that a large amount of caffeine may cause the serious heart along with the problems associated with blood vessel to include disturbances of heart rhythm as well as increment in heart rate along with the blood pressure.

When the adults consume caffeine, then it had an impact on the developing system of children whether it is cardiovascular as well as nervous. When caffeine used in energy drinks, then it is associated with sleep problems, anxiety, dehydration, and digestive problems.

According to Clark & Landolt, it has been claimed that intake or consumption of caffeine in huge amount in energy drinks by the adults having an adverse impact on elevated mood, enhancing the level of memory and increased alertness. It also helps in improving the mental performance which includes choice reaction and concentration which indicate the increment in alertness.

Energy drink is helpful in increasing the muscle of upper body endurance because of Wingate cycle performance effectively and significantly. Moreover, energy drinks cause a significant increase in the reaction performance at the time of exercise but with no effect on power performance.

As commented by Turton, Piché & Battram, it has been examined that the limitations of the study about the adverse health effects of energy drinks which include cardiovascular, psychological, metabolic effects, renal as well as dental effects. The cardiovascular effect denotes that increase heart rate after consuming energy drinks.

Moreover, it includes the cardiac manifestations include ventricular arrhythmias, segment elevation has been documented by the overconsumption of energy drink. Another limitation is psychological effect as in this, individuals develop or improve the symptoms of intoxication of caffeine in above or equal to 200mg. In this, symptoms include the stress level, restlessness, muscle shuddering, inexhaustibility period and insomnia (McCrory, White, Bowman, Fenton, Reid & Hammond).

The intake of high caffeine is related to a daily headache whether it is chronic and acute by stimulating the state of cortical hyper-excitability. Energy drink provides an effective contribution to ischemic stroke as well as lead to epileptic seizures.

As Alsunni, remarked that energy drinks also include and contain the large amount of sugar which is going from 21 g to 34 g for each oz. The substance of sugar incorporated into the type of glucose, fructose corn syrup, and sucrose. In this way, those caffeinated drinks which have high sugar substance may diminish the movement, quality articulation of intestinal microorganisms bring about expanding the danger of heftiness alongside the metabolic disorder.

At the season of admission of intense caffeine diminishes the insulin affectability which assists in explaining the increment in the level of blood glucose after the consumption of energy drinks. Moreover, it also includes that individuals who are highly susceptible as well as underlying the mechanism by which energy drinks may cause hepatic injury.

As commented by Alsunni, it has been remarked that renal effect describes that caffeine in the energy drinks assists in enhancing the diuresis. So, energy drinks should be ignored at the time of delayed exercise in the hot condition in light of the potential for the parchedness. The level of dehydration is 1.5% because of prolonged exercise which may result in boosting the temperature of a body, heart rate as well as a seen rate of effort.

Caffeine likewise advances misfortunes of sodium in pee which adverse affecting plasma volume and results in the critical adjustment of cardiovascular execution at the season of working out. Moreover, lop-sidedness of sodium amid the drawn-out exercise in hot condition may diminish the isometric power in the legs.

Another impact is a dental impact as it incorporates the solid connection between the caffeinated drinks alongside the dental disintegration. The utilization of caffeinated drinks as it was related with an addition in dental disintegration and credited to high sugar substance of caffeinated drinks.

In the end, it has been concluded that energy drinks denote the positive and negative impact on exercise performance in different sports activities. Energy drinks help in providing benefits in performance among the children along with the adolescents.

When teenagers or athletes consume energy drinks and beverages which are sweetened with sugar leads to elevations in blood sugar and it may impact on health, particularly it may cause diabetes.

Moreover, the consumption of drinks among adults provide the advantage such as increment level of functioning of the brain and also assists in increasing the sleeping level. It also includes the different concerns associated with health particularly related to intake of excessive caffeine.

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