Tips To Master Academic Writing


Hello peeps. Today I am going to tell you how to master academic writing. Academic writing is all about doing the work which you get from college. Your marks are linked with academic assignments. Don’t ignore this aspect of your academic session, even if you find writing an irksome work. Find out a way to develop an interest in writing. You can work with friends or get assignment help from the experts. These are just some ways through which you can do academic writing with perfection.

Almost 40 percent of scores are based on academic writing work. You need to be on your toes all the time to score well in assignments. If you want to score well, you will have to write well. In this blog, you are going to get some tips and tricks to write well.

Herewith you can have an idea of what you will get by the end of this blog. So, let’s have a look first:

1. What is Academic Writing?
2. Different types of Academic writing students need to focus on
3. Various Academic writing styles
4. Things to keep in mind for successful academic writing
5. What makes an academic writing work a good one

This blog is based on the above-mentioned points. I can assure you that you will gain valuable info here.

What is Academic Writing?


Academic writing is a writing work that students get from their professors. It includes research papers, assignments, thesis, dissertations, essays, etc. The language in academic writing should be formal. It should contain technical jargon as well.

For instance, When you write a research paper, avoid a casual tone. The focus should be on facts, and ideas rather than people and emotions. Use discipline-related vocabulary and structure. Such just as humanities requires theory and large paragraphs. Whereas, science subject needs short paragraphs with facts.

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Want a perfect definition? Here it is:

Academic writing is a style of writing adopted by researchers. It’s used for writing an intellectual work of a specific discipline. Academic writing has certain fixed characteristics, such as :

  • Use of formal tone
  • Third-person usage
  • Use of noble diction
  • Technical terms in courses
  • Refined language

All you need for a perfectly written paper is To keep these things in mind. Just remember to write accordingly, and you will see the difference.

Stay connected; I have to too many things to tell you. Follow them. There will be nothing which can hamper effective writing from your end.

Different types of Academic writing which students need to focus on



Assignments are the basic writing work students often get in college. Lecturers give it in order to judge the performance of the students. These are often on a weekly basis. Students need to write an assignment on a particular topic.

Writing assignments can be both interesting and challenging. The process of writing involves multiple processes. Some of them are research, planning, reflection, and organisation. Befriend your assignments they can prove to be enjoyable activities. At the same time, they will develop your thinking skills. If you think you need help in this regard, you can ask your friends and teachers. You can also take online assignment help to get assistance from the experts.


Essays are both long and short. They require creative writing skills and knowledge. Essays are generally written from the writer’s point of view. They are of both types, formal and informal.

Essays can be used for different purposes. Some of them are criticism, arguments, informative, etc. Students need to use different theories and researches. An academic essay writing should be from 2000 to 5000 words. You may opt for online essay writing service.


A dissertation is a long form of an essay. It is around 15000 words. It holds immense importance in the life of postgraduate students. Dissertation is the academic writing work. It aims to show the level of student’s knowledge in a specific subject.

If doing it all by yourself is not working well. You may take help from online dissertation writing service. The experts there can give you valuable advice to help with submitting a perfect dissertation.

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Research Paper

A research paper is a kind of academic writing based on student’s original research. The research is done on a particular topic. The paper contains the analysis and interpretation of research findings.

Do keep some key points in mind while preparing a research paper. The Introduction must have a short description of the research paper. Citation work should be correct and original.

Five things to focus on while writing an academic paper

1. Use of formal tone

The style of the academic paper should be formal and logical. It should have logical and organized ideas. Tone also refers to the manner in which the ideas are conveyed. Present your argument in a pleasant narrative tone. Have an authoritative point of view while writing. Keep the arguments confidently in a research paper with valid proof. Keep in mind that the reader should stay connected while reading.

2. Third person usage

Usually, a research paper is written from the third person perspective. First and second person narration is valid in storytellings. The author connects himself/herself in a story. But research paper is to convey your argument. For conveying your research, third-person usage is perfect.

3. Use of noble diction

If you are a literature student, then you must be aware of the term noble diction. Literature is about imagination, fantasy and thought process. You must have a good vocabulary to do justice with your work. Your language should express the emotion and feelings. To make it possible you need a language of highest quality.

4. Technical terms in courses such as medical, engineering or law.

Use technical terms if you are making a research paper on technical or professional courses. But, do not fill it with jargons and do not use them scarcely.

5. Refined language with proper grammar and punctuation

Avoid grammatical and punctuation mistakes to make your research a successful one. Grammatical errors need to minimal. You can go for online assignment help services. They have software to remove grammatical and punctuation errors.

Various Academic writing styles


1. Descriptive

Descriptive form of academic writing is the most basic one. It clearly states facts. As the name suggests, it is used to describe the subject. Descriptive information’s primary task is to make an image in a reader’s mind.

A good descriptive assignment includes several things:

  • Picturization of feelings of a person or place. Your academic writing work should be a vivid description of emotions.
  • Chronologically correct information. Focus on the spatial information, and emphasize on important things first. Information should be organized and in a flow.
  • Facts and evidence supporting your argument. Raise an argument but keep your supporting facts ready.
  • Last but not the least a command over the language. Keep the sentences in active form. There should be a minimal usage of passive form.

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2. Analytical

Analytical academic writing style has its own importance. University level work cannot be completely descriptive. Analytical work is more of analysis and less of descriptive. Your research paper should be categorized to make it analytical. Analytical academic writing style is used widely. Especially in engineering, business or law students. There work based on data and numerical and less theory.
Instructions for analytical writing work are:

  • Analysis of data
  • comparison
  • contrast
  • relate
  • examine

Things you can try to make your academic writing work analytically:

Brainstorming facts and ideas, plan your work. Try different ways to group them. You can make tables of similarity and differences. In your academic writing work, put flow charts, tables, etc.
Use as much as possible analytic patterns in every paragraph. This will make the assignment appealing.
Start with an introduction, make divisions in your topics. Structuring of writing work will make it clear for the readers.

3. Persuasive

This style of writing is a step ahead from analytical writing. It consists of all the elements of the analytical and descriptive style of writing. In such academic assignment writing work, you give your own point of view. Mostly essays use this style of academic writing. Research articles also have a persuasive style of writing in its discussion and conclusion.
Interpretation of findings, arguments, are the elements of persuasive writing. You have to give the evidence in support of the argument you raised. These pieces of evidence can be published works, researches by scholars.

How you can master persuasive style of academic writing:

  • Read works of other writers and researchers. Find out whose argument is convincing.
  • Watch out for the strongest evidence they have made.
  • List down the different interpretations.
  • Find out which one is beneficial for you.

Develop your argument with the following checklist:

  • List down the reasons for the point of view you made.
  • Search out for the evidence to support your point of view.
  • See how your point of view is different from other scholar’s point of view.
  • Divide your point of you into parts.

Work on the presentation of your argument:

  • all your arguments in the paper should support your point of view.
  • Make your reasons clear to the reader.
  • Make valid assumptions.
  • Keep every evidence original. It should be convincing to the readers.

4. Critical

Critical academic writing is of vital importance for postgraduates writings. Here you critically analysis someone else works. Often its a criticism and refusal of ideas portrayed in other scholar’s work.
In critical writing, you need to create your own argument on the researcher’s interpretation. Critical writing has all the features of persuasive writing and added criticism element. You must need strong evidence to reject the idea of other scholarly work. Examples of critical writing are, literary review, critique of an article.

Instructions for critical writing are:

  • Criticism
  • refusal
  • Evaluating other’s work
  • debate

Remember one thing Critical academic writing needs great skills. You need to understand the topic completely. If you do not possess such skills, go for assignment help online. Assignment help services can make your work easy in no time.

Things to keep in mind for successful academic writing


Plan before you write

Planning is imperative before doing any sort of work. Be it any academic work, planning is necessary. So before starting any academic assignment, make a proper plan for it.
Two main approaches one should follow for organizing and analyzing information.

1. The planning approach:
As the name suggests, you must plan then write. Do a lot of planning about what you are going to write in paragraphs. Then begin your writing work. You may take advice from online academic writing experts if you feel stuck.
2. The drafting approach:
Make drafts when ideas and thoughts are blooming in your mind. Write as many drafts as possible. Read them again and organize those ideas. Keep doing it unless they get structured well.
Above mentioned approaches are beneficial in most of the cases. If your subject requires analytic skills, then work on the planning approach. Planning is very essential for creating a masterpiece. It also shows your interest towards the work.

Know expectations

Before starting to write on any subject or topic, know exactly what are the demands. Different subjects have different requirements, know them then work on them. Also, understand the type of work you have to do. Case study, essays, articles, report all these things follow the different organization of data. Ask your lecturers what their demands are. After knowing all these things start working on your academic paper.
There are few parameters, check before making academic assignment:

  • Instruction given by the supervisor.
  • Marking schemes, grade allotment. Which part of the assignment is more scoring.
  • Discuss your ideas with your supervisor.
  • What guidelines school or institution is following regarding the format of the assignment.
  • Find samples or model assignments. Usually, academic institutions have model assignments to guide the students.
  • Make a task list

Task list helps you to follow a pattern while making an assignment. Write all the things which you are going to mention in your assignment. Let us have a look at some basic requirements:

  • Make a timeline for the task.
  • How much time you need for specific task. Try to follow it properly.
  • Books and research papers of famous scholars for reference and reading. Create notes from them which will guide you when you will write the assignment.
  • Brainstorming ideas that come to your mind at various points while planning to write. List them so that you won’t forget in future.
  • Format and structure of the assignment. Make a rough structure of your work. How you going to start it, the body of the assignment and appealing ending.
  • Editing and proofreading of work. This task you will perform after making the assignment completely. Proofreading is of utmost importance. This will help you to identify the errors. Correct them and then submit it.

What makes an academic writing work a good one

I hope you all want to score good in your academics. You try hard in exams and with assignments to score well. Often some students face difficulty to gain good marks in assignments. You must understand the difference between normal writing and good writing. I am mentioning a few points to guide you towards good academic writing.

Write clear

Whenever you are attempting to write academic assignments, write necessary information. Do not fill your pages with useless data. Your work should contain valuable information. Reader should gain knowledge after reading your content.

  • Role of technology in education
  • Sample Work
  • Science assignment help
  • Self Improvement
  • Teacher and Motivation
  • Simplicity

Academic writing should be in a simple language. Whenever you write the assignment use readable language. Jargons and technical terms should be only used for the accuracy. Do not overfill the content with difficult terms.

Logical and rational

Keep your work rational and sensible. Use logical assumptions and facts. Try to avoid ambiguous statements or information. Make statements and support it with appropriate evidence.

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So, guys I hope, I have taken up all the points in this blog. The sole purpose of this blog is to help you all. Starting from the beginning, you have read about the definition of Academic writing. After that, I moved to different types and styles of academic writing. In the end, you can see I summed up things with quick tips.

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