A Parent’s Guide to Helping the Kid in Improving the Handwriting


Every parent want their kid to prospering in every field since the childhood. One thing that makes you happy is the first word your child writes. However, you also want your child to work on their handwriting as they progress in in academics and move to higher classes. See, how can parents help child with improvement in handwriting. There are small tips and tricks to improve handwriting. 

You may want the start being well and wish that your kid will have beautiful handwriting even when he or she gets old. Our this write-up could be your guide to know what you could do to help your child in improving the handwriting.

Recognize the reason for poor handwriting

Every problem could be solved, however, it is a must for you to recognize the problem for that purpose. Some of the common problems children have in handwriting are; difficulty in forming or sizing letters, linking words on the page and some of the kids find it tough to leave right space between the words.

You should take the next step only after if you find your kid having some of these difficulties. You could help the child in writing on a tracing paper if it is troublesome for him or her to form letters. Writing on a lined paper could prove helpful for the kids in sizing the letters correctly.

Help the kid in developing fine motor skills

One of the premier things that preschool kids get to do at the school is working on the projects that involve the tiny objects such as rice, beans, beads, etc.

It is something that makes it easy for them to develop fine motors skills and improves the functioning of the muscles that is much required for better handwriting. You should also help your little one to develop the fine motor skills at home. Asking them to do the tasks such as watering the plants with a mug or finger painting could work wonders.

Get the right tools and teach the right way to hold the pen

According to the experts, one thing that hinders the children’s progress in improving the handwriting is the use of the wrong tools. The grip of the pencil must be comfortable for the kid and the surface must be flat as well. For better and consistent practice, use of the dry erase board is recommended.

Teaching the right way of holding the pencil is a must as well. The ideal way to hold the pencil is to put the pencil between the thumb and index finger and rest it on the middle finger. You should also make sure your child does not press pencil too hard while writing.

Ask the kid to write slowly

First of all, it is not easy to convince the kids to attempt the homework and it could be too much if you ask them to write slowly. However, if you want to help your child in getting better at handwriting, then you have to ask her or him to do the same.

You could also write slowly with your kid at times. It could inspire them to write slowly and handsomely.

Keep encouraging the kid to improve

It is highly doubtful that your child will start writing beautifully only after few attempts. It is possible that you may not get instant results. In such situation, it is better to encourage the kid to keep making efforts and you will get the positive results for sure.

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