education plan in community service industry

Create a 5 page leisure education plan in community service industry.


Leisure education is the process which enables the individual or the organization to develop and understand the environment in a much better way. Providing leisure education in community services industry is very much important nowadays. As the community service industry try to make the organization respond the global challenges by making the individual eliminate their personal barriers in the way of enjoyment and development (Cohen-Gewerc et al., 2016).  As leisure education make the individual maintain their work-life balance in a better manner. So to provide the full and effective leisure education in the community services industry need to have proper plan to deliver the leisure education. Community industry tries to work for the betterment of the society as a whole. It supports and tries to connect the people, try to strengthen the communities.

Plan (Leisure education in community service industry)

Leisure plan is been delivered in the community services industry in a way to make all the member of the community enjoy their lives and make their lives more satisfying. As leisure education make the individual break his or her barriers to enjoyment. It will assist the individual to make the use of their time in best and productive manner. So leisure education plan should mainly focus on the objective that how to educate the individual in the community service industry so that they may be able to eliminate their barriers in enjoyment (Chang et al., 2015). So before going into detail, the target audience is to be identified here, in this case, the target audience to which the leisure education plan is to be arranged or conducted to impart the knowledge about how to use the time in best and effective manner. 
The plan should focus on the vision and objective of the leisure education program. Person to whom the education is to be delivered. And proper timing, manner to deliver or impart the education should be determined in advance. How this education is going to benefit the audience and whole society should be addressed. 
The target audience is community service industry.
1. Defining the objective of the plan- this is the first step in the planning process. While imparting the leisure education in the community service industry. Proper objective of the  plan and program should be identified and communicated. Objectives may be as follows-
To uplift the society.
To raise the level of living standards.
To make the public and the organization handle the globalization and its challenges in an effective manner.
To make employee and individual live balanced life.
2. Methods- this is second step in the planning process. Here the method should be identified and addressed. That is how to impart the knowledge and leisure education to community services industry. The proper method should be followed according to the audience capability and understanding skills.
3. Arranging the venue – selecting the place to where the education is been given.
4. Communicating – at the end communicating with all to make aware of the program and plan for leisure education.
5. Execute the program and take the feedback.
Leisure education is very much important in community services industry as it enables the community member to make the best use of time and make other individuals also to utilize their time in a productive manner and making the individual maintain its health and wellness. Community services industry is much diverse as due to diversity in the communities. So it the need for imparting the health and leisure education to community service industry for the sake of improving the community as a whole.

Brief plan of leisure education plan in community service industry.

Before planning the program a brief outlook has to be prepared. Which should address the target audience and objective of the program and the means to deliver the program in an effective manner. The health and leisure education in community service industry means that uplifting the community member and individual to live better and enjoy life (Dattilo et al., 2015). So here the target audience are community members who are living in the community and are not able to enjoy their life due to personal barriers or physical barriers (Hardman et al., 2017). So the main aim of this program is to make them eliminate their personal and physical barriers and to enjoy their life.
Target audience- community service industry member.

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To make aware of the importance of health and leisure education to community service industry.
Making people who are disabled to enjoy their life by participating in various activities. That is eliminating the barriers to enjoyment.

Duration of the program – Three session

The first session will be of 2 hours.In this first session briefing about the program and its content. That is what leisure education is and how it will benefit the community to develop. How this program is going to make the individual live happy life and remove the barriers to enjoyment. At the end of the first session, 10 minutes presentation will be given on what is the leisure education and its importance.
The second session will be of 3 hours. In the second session making the individual participate in the event and overcome his barriers to enjoy. In this session individual will be made to participate in a various event such as taking part in sports activities, sharing his or her views on the life and its importance, participating in the debate session. This session will be of 3 hours and it allows the audience to take part in the various event. The main aim of this session is to remove the personal barriers to enjoyment.
The third session will be of 1 hour. And in this third session debriefing about the program and evaluating the effectiveness of the program. Here in this session, the program effectiveness will be judged. How this program will enhance the lifestyle of the individual. In this session, the audience is also allowed to share their views regarding the program and what they gain from this program.

Program content

Debriefing about the leisure education 10 minutes.
Making the audience aware of the content of the program.
Learning activity 1 and half hour as par the second session. Here the audience is required to take participation in the various recreational events and activities. 
Presentation 2 minutes from the audience side (this content is same for both two sessions).
The conclusion of the program- 10 minutes, at the end of the program conclusion of the program is been delivered to make the audience fully aware about the program and share their views regarding the program and what they gain from this recreational program. Here leisure and leisure lifestyle importance are to be briefed once again.


At the end of this assignment, it can be concluded that health and leisure education impart the knowledge to the individual and make the individual live the life with enjoying. Education eliminates the barriers to enjoyment. So to impart the leisure and health education program in community service industry need very much needed. To make the program successful planning must be done in advance that is brief program plan should be prepared. Which will assist in making the program effective. So here the leisure and health education program for the community service industry has been made. And the target audience for this program is a member of the community. And the main aim of this program is to assist and help the individual to live better healthy and happy life.


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