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Which Topics you could be Asked to Discuss in the Psychology Assignment


Psychology is an interesting subject that deals with the human mind and its functions. You

may have to write a psychology assignment during the academics. Hence, it is a must for you to be aware of the topics you have to write on during the academics. So, in this write-up, let’s learn about the same.

Famous studies

There are some experiments that has helped the researchers in gaining lots of knowledge about the psychology. To do an experiment on psychology topics. You have to write assignments on it. Some of the topics that you could be asked to write on are the Robbers cave experiment and Pavlov’s dog. It is also possible that you may have to write on Milgram experiment.


In writing about the cognition, you have to show what you know about the mental functioning. Mental functioning includes attention, perception, reasoning, language and conceptual development. You also have to write about the learning, memory and decision making. When it comes to the subjects, moral judgement, dreams and perception are the ones on which you have to write.


It allows you to study the emotions and thoughts of an individual. You could also learn the reasons of the unusual behavior of a person as well. You may have to write about some mental disorder such as phobias, schizophrenia and depression.


As the name suggests, you have to write about the social behavior of the people. You have to analyze how the society influences the behavior, feelings and thoughts of the people. You may have to mention the studies of the social psychologist such as Milgram, Asch and Bandura. You could be asked to write interpersonal attraction, social influence and group dynamics while writing on this topic.


It is the study through which you try to find out about the development of the human beings. It is a must for you to mention Erikson, Vygotsky and Piaget while writing the psychology homework. The topics such as language acquisition, learning disabilities and development through ages are the ones on which you have to write your academic paper.

One of the topics of your psychology essay could be the explanation of a theory or the biography of a famous psychologist.

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