Warren Buffet Recommendations on Book Reading

warren buffet recommendation

Stock Market has innumerable opportunities for everyone. All one needs is the right guidance and the right approach. Also, if you are an enthusiast willing to venture into the stock market who else other than Warren Buffet can be your guide? We are sharing some most sought Warren Buffett’s recommendation. Hence, have a quick glance on the list of his top book reading recommendations and pick out any of them you want to read first.

warren buffets recommendation

Business Adventures

Business Adventures came into public notice when Bill Gates asked Warren Buffett for his best book and he sent a copy of this John Brooks’ book in 1991.

This one is a collection of New Yorker stories compiled by Brooks. For the co-founder of Microsoft, “Business Adventures” is a constant reminder that the principles behind a winning business remains constant. He wrote, “For one thing there is a crucial human factor in business endeavours, it does not matter whether you have a full-proof plan, a perfect marketing pitch or a perfect product, you will still require the right people to follow and implement the plans.”

Truly, the book has gained popularity as a Warren Buffett’s recommendation in recent years.

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The Intelligent Investor

Buffett was 19 when he came across a copy of “The Intelligent Investor”. It is a book by Benjamin Graham that highlights the basics of value investing. Graham is considered as one of the most notable value investors of his time and this book is one of the best in Warren Buffett’s recommendation on book reading.

The words of the legendary Wall Streeter impacted him immensely after reading this book and ultimately shaped his investment career. Specifically, he considers it as one of the fortunate moments of his life as it let him develop the intellectual approach to investing.

Dream Big

Cristiane Correa presents a story of three Brazilian founders of 3G Capital. This massive investment firm joined hands with Warren Buffet in 2013 in acquisition of H.J Heinz. In an interview with The New York Times, Correa highlight that there were three reasons behind 3G Capital’s success: their cost-cutting strategies, management style and meritocracy.

Dream Big came into public notice as Warren Buffett’s recommendation in Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting that was held in 2014. Besides, it is one of the astounding books recommended by him.


Poor Charlie, the author of Almanack serves as a vice-chairman of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. Overall, this book is a collection of suggestions from the great investor Charlie Munger. In the 2004 letters to shareholders, Buffett praised Almanack’s edition by Peter D. Kaufman. 

Warren Buffett said, “Scholars have for too long debated whether Charlie is the reincarnation of Ben Franklin. This book should settle the question”. Besides, this book encapsulates information on Charlie Munger’s life. Accordingly, it also reflects his sought after philosophical opinions on the conversations Munger had at the meetings of Berkshire Hathaway on investing. To summarize, Almanack offers an insightful look in the world of the stock market investment.

Ground rules

In 2015 Warren Buffett wrote “Mr Miller has done a superb job of researching and dissecting the operation of Buffett Partnership Ltd. and of explaining how Berkshire’s culture has evolved from its BPL origin,” Also, he voiced that the people who finds fascination in investment practice and theory will enjoy Ground Rules.

Extracting letters from the letters Buffett wrote to his partners between 1956 and 1970, Jeremy Miller, genius financial advisor dissected the book as Buffett’s ‘ground rules’ for investment.

The clash of the cultures

The clash of the cultures is a book that Buffett reads himself. This recommendation was brought up in his 2012 shareholder letter.

In this book, the author John Bogle presents that speculations of the short-time period are crowding out long-term investing options. The Clash of Cultures has ten complete and action-worthy step which investors from all backgrounds can adopt. Bogle is of a view that his strategies may not be the best ones ever devised. In fact, there are way too much worse strategies in the market.

On the whole, this one is undoubtedly an intriguing and insightful read offering various practical suggestions for investors. Beyond, one can understand how to build a good investment strategy.

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Security Analysis

Buffett has stated that he finds himself fortunate for having teachers like David Dodd and Benjamin Graham at Columbia University. He strongly recommends the books written by these two bright minds on investing. On his personal impact of “Security Analysis” he said that the book is a roadmap for the investing he has been following for 57 years.

Furthermore, he said regarding the roadmap that the book laid, Buffett “commented, “There has been no reason to look for another.”

The major insight of “Security Analysis” is that if an analysis is well-planned, one can easily understand the value of an entity. It can be easily understood what the market realizes about the company. Warren Buffett considers Graham as one of the most influential figures in his life. Further, he even regards him as the second most impactful person after his father.

The Outsiders

Warren Buffett recommended The Outsiders in his shareholder letter from 2012. Indeed, it was one of his several recommendations that he considers reading worthy. He said, “The Outsider is an outstanding book about CEOs who excelled at capital allocation.” Again, this clearly shows that he had high praise for the book and recommends it.

Subsequently, Berkshire Hathaway has a major part to play in the book. A chapter of The Outsiders based Tom Murphy, firm’s director. Buffett regards the same as “overall the best business manager I have ever met.”

MiTek: A Global Success Story By Jim Haley

This is another of the Warren Buffet’s recommendation. Truly, this is one of the book that is not easy to buy. You cannot buy it on amazon. This book talks about MiTek Industries Inc., which was the supplier of engineered products in the construction sector. This book consist of the story of how a company began as a small line firm in 1955 and almost became bankrupt. Then again it eventually became a dominant presence in the industry.

A Few Lessons for Investors And Managers From Warren Buffet Edited By Peter Bevelin.

This is one of the short read book suggested by Warren Buffet. This book consists of 81 pages that are edited by Peter Bevelin. This is easy and must-read book for investors and managers. In this book, you will learn things from the wisdom of the Oracle of Omaha. In this book, you will read in the words of Warren Buffet how to think about crucial topics.

Investing between the lines: How to make smarter decisions by decoding CEO Communications by LJ Rittenhouse

Warren Buffett’s recommendation on reading this book in his 2012 annual shareholder letter. In this book, you will find that LG Rittenhouse uses more than a decade of research to tell about the system that measures the trustworthiness of an organisation as a prediction of his potential for investment. This book will help you to solve the problem for investors who really want to invest in between the lines.

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Where are the Customers’ Yachts? Or a good hard look at the wall street by Fred Schwed

This is one of the Warren Buffett recommendations in the shareholder letter of 2012. Warren Buffett says, “this is the funniest book ever written about investing. It delivers many truly important messages on the subject.” This is one of the best recommendations by Warren Buffett. It is an invigorating and engaging read from start to finish

Common stocks and uncommon profits by Philip Fisher.

Philip Fisher is another historical name in the world of stock market investing. Additionally, in this book you will read about how to fixate yourself on financial statements when it comes to making your stock picks is not enough. There is also a need to evaluate the management of the company.

Stress test: Reflection on the financial crisis by Tim Geithner

This book is written by the former US Secretary of the Treasury. This recommendation is a must-read for any manager, especially during a financial crisis. Indeed, this book is an energizing read recommended by the man behind Berkshire Hathaway.

There are several other remarkable books that received praise from the legend himself. We will keep posting Warren Buffett’s recommendation. For more such information stay connected to AllAssignmentHelp.com. Here, we help students in understanding finance better. We can not only provide you with valuable information but we can also help you with academics. You can also get help for your market assignment, finance assignment and many others. We provide you with overall assignment help.

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