Want to get paid to do PhD in US?


There is a saying you reap what you sow, it proves true when you look there are lots of universities in US that offer financial help to the PhD students who have been scoring well in their academics. It is a healthy trend in the educational sector as students also need to be given their fair share of respect for the efforts they have done to achieve academics success. This way, students not only feel more energized to work hard but can feel relaxed as well because they get appropriate amount in hand to fulfill their different needs.

So, if you are looking to enroll in a PhD program and have been doing excellent in your academics in the past, then you will find many universities lined up to offer you financial as well as other types of help to you whether you have a science, commerce or arts background. Columbia University is an educational institution that offers full funding to the students pursuing PhD and has amazing packages for the students who want to do something in different areas such as medical, public administration and science. Duke University can be an ideal choice for you if you are looking to enroll in military history program because it not only provides you stipend but offers you teaching assistance as well. If you are someone who want to pursue PhD from Stanford University, then you dont need to worry about your subject coming in the category of funded courses or not as the university offers a fully funded financial support to the all its PhD students. This support includes living stipends, tuition, health fee coverage and assistantship. If you want to do PhD in computer science and get paid as well then Harvard University could be the right destination for you. University offers a cost of living stipend of around $2686 and students also get support in fee and tuition.

There are many other universities that provide same sort of scholarships to the US students. So when you apply to enroll in a PhD program, you should make sure your university does the same as well. For that, you can take a tour of various universities sites and can also consult with your old teacher and friends about the same or talking to an admission consultant can also be helpful.

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