Things to Avoid While Writing an Assignment


Assignment writing is the most difficult task Why? The reason is, as it requires lots of attention, concentration, and dedication. But sometimes, in spite of doing all these, there is the highest chance of you making mistakes while writing your assignments. Being a student, none of us can afford to make mistakes and score fewer marks because of them. To avoid those errors and score the highest grades, the students must take the necessary precautions beforehand. You must have read a lot about how you can write a quality assignment and how you can avoid mistakes in your assignment writing. But you may not be aware of the things you need to avoid while attempting an assignment.

This blog has been created by to assist you and provide knowledge. We understand the importance of this topic, and through this blog post, we will try to give you an idea of the things to avoid while attempting an academic assignment.

Blunders to Avoid While Writing Assignments

Making blunders while writing assignments is not a new thing. Whether you are a high school student or a college student, you might make mistakes. These mistakes can affect your overall performance in academics. If you are one of those students who make mistakes when writing assignments, then do not take any tension as this article is written specifically for you. The following are some of the common mistakes experienced by students while writing their assignments. You can learn from these mistakes and try to avoid them while writing your own assignments. If you include these things in your coursework, then no one can stop you from getting higher grades.

Submitting Without Proper Editing

  • This is the most commonly observed mistake by students.
  • They spend the whole day and night writing their assignments but miss the important step of checking them.
  • Whatever you write, you must edit and check it before submitting it to your professor.
  • Do not be lazy while writing assignments and forget the important parts of them.
  • Whether you are writing a normal essay or a college essay, give equal importance to the formation of it.
  • Start reviewing your assignments before submission and watch the difference in your grades.

Improper Formation of Paragraphs

  • There should be no incorrect piece of writing allocation in any of the assignments.
  • Follow the correct writing structure whether you’re writing a dissertation, an essay, or a thesis.
  • The key premise of the assignment must be present in each paragraph.
  • The central part of the assignment must clearly explain the main issue.
  • The information must be distributed evenly across all paragraphs.
  • Your audience will understand your content more easily if it is distributed correctly.
  • You will undoubtedly receive high marks if your teacher is impressed with your writing.
  • You must also use appropriate word usage across the whole of your assessment without making any grammatical errors.

Not Composing an Effective Introduction

  • The very first section of the assignment is the introduction, which should be concise and free of superfluous sentences.
  • It must be written in such a way that catches your lecturer’s consideration.
  • The background history and further discussion of the main topic should be included in this section.
  • Before you start writing your introduction, make a list of all the major points and decide what you want to say here because the first impression is the most important.
  • It would be best to write your introduction at the end so that you can get a sense of what should and should not be incorporated.

Inclusion of an Erroneous Reference

  • You should write your assignment according to the reference provided by your professor in the assignment’s requirements section.
  • You can use your own reference if you don’t have one.
  • Some of the common references used in the assignments are APA, MLA, ANT, AP, BB, and AMA.
  • You must realize that references are extremely important.
  • If you use the incorrect reference, you risk losing points.
  • Using the appropriate reference in your assignment will improve the appearance of your work and allow you to earn higher grades.
  • It has been seen that many students don’t have the idea of adding references to the assignment.
  • Thus, in the quest to get grades, they write the assignment and submit it with the wrong references.
  • It leads to their assignment getting rejected.
  • So, it is a must for you to make sure to add the right references to the assignment.
  • You can learn references from qualified assignment help writers who will teach you to write your assignment while adhering to all your university guidelines.
  • You can also pay someone to do your homework who will write your assignments with perfection.

Not a Worthy Conclusion

  • A conclusion is something that should indicate that you have concluded your assignment.
  • It must not be in the form of continuously but must put an end to your writing.
  • The conclusion must not be written in a state of hurry; rather, you should take your time and write a well-reached conclusion.
  • Your grader must understand that you have thoroughly crafted your assignment topic till the end.
  • The conclusion should not be written in a long paragraph, but rather in 150–200 words.

Grammatical and Spelling Errors

  • You put in a lot of effort to complete an assignment.
  • You won’t like it if your work is rejected because of grammatical or spelling errors, from research to writing to formatting to referencing.
  • When writing assignments, students frequently make grammatical and spelling errors.
  • We understand that you would not make mistakes voluntarily.
  • A few students make mistakes unintentionally and receive lower grades as a result.
  • You can also pay someone to do your assignment to get out of this situation.
  • Using professional assistance will ensure that you receive good grades.
  • If not, you can proofread the assignment once it is finished.
  • As a result, if you want to write a good assignment, you should proofread and edit it after you’ve finished it.

Including Information That Is Not Relevant

  • First of all, you need to keep in mind that content or information is the key to the success of your assignment.
  • If the content is good and relevant, then you can get decent grades in academics.
  • However, if you don’t do the appropriate research to find the relevant content for the assignments, then you cannot be sure of writing a comprehensive assignment.
  • You must clearly verify and provide proper evidence for any information you include in your assignment.
  • This appears to be the most common blunder.
  • Many students include things in their assignments without doing their homework. This should not be done.
  • Conduct extensive academic research on the topic you’ve been assigned.

Use of Inappropriate Language and Examples

  • Academic writing is the task in which you need to write using simple language.
  • There are many things you need to keep in mind while attempting an assignment.
  • Having the correct sentence structure, having the right tone, and correct use of grammar is crucial for writing a compelling assignment.
  • Moreover, examples and stats are also essential parts of the assignments.
  • If you make mistakes in it or can’t convince the professor with your opinion supporting the examples or stats, then there is a possibility of your grades being deducted.

Too Much or Too Little Writing

  • The common blunder made by students is that of writing too much or too little about the topic.
  • Some of the lecturers mention the word count, if your lecturer does the same then you can write accordingly.
  • If not you can write according to your knowledge without dragging any concept more.
  • For example: If the professor asks you to write your assignments, then you must do so within 3000 words.
  • Nothing more and nothing less and all the parts of the assignment must have only relevant content.


  • Plagiarism is considered to be an illegal activity in most countries.
  • While writing and before submitting the assignment, the students must surely check their work for any trace of plagiarism.
  • There are various free plagiarism tools on the internet that can be used to check the content for plagiarism.
  • Every student must make use of it without being overconfident.
  • By taking advantage of the plagiarism tools, they can even find the minute plagiarism in the assignment to avoid risk.
  • Taking plagiarism checking on your own is definitely not an easy task, so without getting your hands in it, take professional help on the internet.

How Do Prevent Plagiarism in the Assignments?

  • Do not ever copy information from others’ work, whether it is small or big. It shows that you are less dedicated to your assignment writing.
  • While using a copyrighted study, you must first get permission from the owners. You can only use content after becoming a copyright owner.
  • When using others’ words in your content, try to always give credit as it will prevent your content from being plagiarized. 

While writing your assignment, always write it with lots of patience and do not write in a hurry. because making errors in a hurry is more than normal. Making mistakes while writing the assignment is not a secret, but learning from the mistakes is definitely a big task. You should learn from your mistakes to have a bright future ahead of you. I hope the abbreviated writing will help you to write good quality assignments without errors.

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Steps to Be Followed While Writing Your Assignments

An assignment is a piece of writing that is assigned by the teacher to the students. It helps the teachers check the academic growth of their students. Assignments can help students develop their knowledge and understanding of particular subjects or topics. There is a standard format for assignments that should be followed by the students.

First Step: Understand the Requirement

Before you commence to write, you must clearly understand the requirements of your assignment. You will be in a halfway position if you only understand the assignment halfway. First, read the requirement area thoroughly and get an understanding of the following questions:

  • Do what is asked and what you are required to do.
  • What is the word count?
  • And what’s the nature of the task?
  • What is the reference style to be used?

You should only start your writing after finding answers to these questions. No part of the requirements must be neglected.

Second Step: Plan Your Work

Planning is crucial to successfully reaching your goal. You must plan each area of the goal and work according to it. Planning will assist you in working in an orderly manner that is not misleading.

Each assignment must have the following sections:


This is the first part and the main part of the assignment. It gives the intro of the main discussion.

Main Body

The main body can be divided into three to five paragraphs. Each paragraph must have equal information. The main issue or the problem must be discussed in the main body as it is the heart of the assignment. No grammatical errors must be found in this area as the lecturer pays special attention here.


It is the last part of the assignment and it marks an end to the writing.

Third Step: Searching for the Information That Should Be Included

The content which is included in the assignments can be found in encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks, bibliographies, periodicals, and journals. You can also find suitable information from your university portals. You must be very careful that the information that you search for on the internet must not be outdated or irrelevant. After you’ve found the information, compile it all into one document and decide whether or not it’s appropriate for your assignment. Evaluation will help you to choose the best one for your assignment.

Fourth Step: Start Writing

Start collecting all the information and start writing your assignment. While writing, follow all the necessary steps and structures. Missing any of the steps will make your assignment look miserable.

Fifth Step: Draft Your Assignment

Draw your work after you’ve picked the best information for your assignment and written it in the right format. You will be able to determine the final structure of your assignment by drafting it. If there is an error in the work, you can correct it after the draft is completed.

Sixth Step: Edit and Proofread

The assignment’s editing and proofreading is the most important step. The student must check the transcript for any grammatical errors in their content and correct them before submitting it. Check the references and citations to see whether everything is correct or not.

Seventh Step: Submission of Assignments

It is the most important step. After completing the assignment, you must not forget to submit it at the given time. Late submissions not only result in a penalty, but also in the loss of grades.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What principles should be followed by students while writing assignments?
Ans: They are:
A: The first principle is to write your assignment as per the requirements mentioned by your teacher.
B: The second principle is to write the assignment by following the rhetorical situation.
C: The third principle is to divide the requirements of your assignment and strictly adhere to them without any negligence.
D: The fourth principle which should be followed while assignment writing is to complete it within the deadline.
E: The last principle to be followed is to proofread the assignment and submit it on time.
Ques: What makes a good assignment writing?
Ans: If you want to write an excellent assignment, you must first make up your mind. as  Nobody can compel you to complete your assignment with perfection. Following all of the information, standard format, and steps can assist you in writing an excellent assignment.
Ques: What are the main parts of the assignment?
Ans: There are three main parts to assimilation. The first section is the introduction, which should be 150–200 words long, and the second section is the main body, which should be 500–700 words long. The final part is the conclusion, which can be around 100-150 words.
Ques: What are the different types of assignments assigned to the school and college students?
Ans: The different types of assignment writing assigned to the students are essays, report writing, dissertations, case studies, and reflective writing. annotated bibliographies and group presentations.

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