A Complete Guide on How to Write a Synthesis Essay


Essay writing is an important part of academics. All the students must have written different kinds of essays in their coursework careers. But, have you heard about synthesis essays? If not, let me help you. Unlike other essays, this is also a discussion paper, but the thing different here is that this requires multiple supporting views from different sources. If you want to know more about this particular essay type, then this write-up by allassignmenthelp.com will definitely provide you with the required information. In this blog post, I will provide you with enough knowledge about a synthesis essay to help you write a structured paper without any difficulties. The areas that we are going to cover here are: What is a Synthesis Essay; The Purpose of a Synthesis Essay; Types of Synthesis Essays; and How to Write a Synthesis Essay.

Before moving on to how to write a synthesis essay, let me give you a brief introduction to the synthesis essay. So let’s get started with our discussion.

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What is a Synthesis Essay?

A Synthesis essay is a written discussion that represents one or more of your selected sources. Your ability to write a synthesis essay totally depends on your ability to conclude the relationship among the sources. Sources can be articles, essays, or fiction. There are some non-written sources too, like observations, interviews, and lectures. If you have written a research paper, then writing a synthesis essay will not be that hard for you. The most important thing is to summarise the information from the multiple sources that you have. You should be able to understand the relationship between your sources. So, in much simpler words, a synthesis essay is entirely about a combination of information from two or more areas. When you write this essay, focus on various ideas and factors at once. When you summarise your sources, it’s better to provide partial summaries of your sources and go further ahead and make judgments. These judgments are based on a reading of the sources. So, everything in your synthesis essay is based on the sources. Make sure to read the sources properly before starting your essay.

Let me give you an example for better understanding:

You have two thesis papers: one on the “Increased usage of social media by high school students” and another on “Can technology aid in classroom management.” For this, you can come up with a combined topic like: “The right use of social media can help in better classroom management.”

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Purpose of Writing a Synthesis Essay

The goal of writing a synthetic essay is to identify not only what parts of sources you will use, but also how you will connect them. This essay shows the relationship between the parts of a particular work or between two or more works. Whatever the case it is your responsibility to show the connection without being forceful. For this, the main thing that you will do here is combined ideas and information with each other. You will identify how you are going to interrelate your sources. Your purpose of writing also identifies which sources to use, at which points in the essay you will use them, and what parts of the source are suitable to be used. Finally, your purpose will help you identify the manner in which you will relate the sources to each other. So, before you start, you should have a purpose for which you will do further research.

Types of Synthesis Essay

There are two main types of Synthesis essays. Following are those two types:

  1. Explanatory Synthesis Essay
  2. Argument Synthesis Essay


An explanatory summary helps any reader to understand a topic. In an explanatory synthesis essay, the subject is divided into its component parts. Later, these parts are presented in an orderly and clear fashion in front of the readers. Your explanation might contain descriptions in words that may recreate an object, event, or place, a state of affairs, or a sequence of events. The purpose of writing an explanatory essay is not just to argue about a particular point. It is actually to present all the facts objectively and in a reasonable manner. Explanatory synthesis includes carefully reading the sources and thus presenting the ideas and information in a straight form rather than full arguments.


The main purpose of an argument synthesis is to represent your thoughts supported by relevant facts and evidence. These data can be taken from various resources and should be presented logically. An argumentative essay raises more questionable issues. You are free to voice your view regarding the writings of other writers, but you must do so by providing appropriate justifications and support for your statements. You must use evidence from two or more reliable sources to support your appropriate assertions.

Synthesis essays are used in the following purposes:

  • Analysis papers
  • Business reports
  • Research papers 
  • Argumentive papers

Both types of synthesis essays are similar in that they seek a relationship between our sources. But understanding and writing these practices would be difficult. If you have difficulty writing these essays, then you can pay someone to do your assignment.

How to Write a Good Synthesis Essay?

Are you wondering how to write a synthesis essay? Do you want to write a good essay to get an excellent grade? If so, then you need not worry as I am here to help you. I gave you a brief overview of a synthesis essay and its types. A synthesis essay needs the ability to combine various pieces of information and then present them in an organised manner. Now, let’s go over the steps to writing a good essay. The following is a step-by-step guide to writing the perfect essay:

1: Examine Your Topic

  • Understand the purpose of a synthesis essay- The objective is to make connections between parts of works with the goal of supporting and presenting a claim on a topic. There are two types of a synthesis essays. So first Find out which type of essay is your requirement and then proceed further.
  • Choose a suitable topic for your synthesis essay- The topic should be wide enough to pull different sources together. But, it should not be too wide, to bring huge unrelated sources together. If you are free to choose your topic then some pre-research/ reading will help you select a proper topic.
  • Select and verify your sources carefully- You should select minimum of three sources for your essay. You can select more sources but selecting multiple sources at a time can waste your time. So, make sure that the initial sources are impactful. Read your sources carefully and don’t miss even a single point. Look for materials that relate to the reason for which you are writing the essay.
  • Develop a thesis statement- The next step is to come up with an opinion on the topic. The thesis statement will be the main idea that you will present in your essay. The statement should reflect your point of view on the topic. Depending on your essay, the thesis statement can be an opening line or the last line of the first paragraph.
  • Pick out items from the source materials to support your thesis- You need to thoroughly read the source materials and pick out some key points. It can be anything like; ideas, statistics, quotes, facts, etc. Just write these down as they will help you throughout your essay.

2: Prepare an Structured Outline for Your Essay

  • Outline the structure of the thesis statement- You need to decide how you will present your material for a better impact. Whatever you write should act as a hook that will capture the reader’s interest. You need to be more precise and up to a point.
  • Be more creative with the structure of your thesis- You can become creative with the words in your thesis if it’s not for any specific test. You can use one or more approaches to develop the essay. Use more examples or illustrations. Bring on more contrast and comparison in your essay. Use concession and straw man techniques.
  • Create an outline that suits a review or background synthesis essay- These essays explore the ideas found in the sources rather than just focusing on the author’s point of view. You can structure such essays with a brief summary and mention a list of reasons.

3: Start Writing Your Essay

  • Prepare the first draft according to your outline- Try to make this draft as best as possible. The essay should have an introduction that includes your thesis statement, a body that supports the thesis, and a conclusion which summarizes everything and finally a bibliography. Your draft is a essence of the final work so make it in the best way possible.
  • Use Active Voice more- Using active voices in the sentence will increase the interaction of the reader with what you have written. Use passive voice as less as possible. There should be a flow in your writing to grab the readers attention thoroughly.
  • Maintain a text flow by using transition words- Transitions are an amazing way to show places where the sources support each other. Use transitions logically, between the paragraphs to maintain a text flow. Additionally, again, also, and, as well, besides, equally important, further, furthermore, in addition, moreover, then are the example of transition words which you can include.

4 : Finalizing Your Essay

  • Revise your essay thoroughly- Read out your essay loud and check on errors. Revise your essay two or more times as it will decrease the possibility of mistakes.
  • Proofread your paper- Check for any mistakes regarding grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Examine on any additional sentences or words which are not suitable for the theme.  If you find some mistakes in the sentence then correct it then and there, never postponed things.
  • Cite the source material- You should properly cite all the references and work according to the format.
  • Give an appropriate Title to your Essay- The title should showcase the point of view mentioned in the thesis and the supporting arguments. You must be thinking why choose a title at last. Well, choosing a title, at last, gives an assurance that it fits your essay. This helps in making an impactful title.

I hope I have made every step of the process of writing a perfect essay clear to you at every step. You can also get help from the ‘do my assignment‘ service to better understand and score good grades.

Examples of Synthesis Essay Topics

Most of the time, the teacher assigns the students a particular topic to write on. If your educator has assigned you an essay subject to write on, then you can proceed with it. There are also some professors who give the students some freedom of choice. In that case, you can choose a topic of your choice. If you are unaware of any particular topic, then you can choose from the list given below:

  1. Does Instagram make people less socially active?
  2. Has social media taken over the people privacy?
  3. How students grade is affected by the technology?
  4. What are the threats of drones to the normal people?
  5. How difficult is for the people to deal with the modern workplace?
  6. Is writing with hand better?
  7. Which is more important nature or nurture?
  8. Can wealth make people happier then health?
  9. Is it correct to check the gender while being pregnant?
  10. How does strict Indian culture promotes more unsuccessful marriages?

Apart from the above-given topics, you can find hundreds and thousands of topic ideas for your essay on the internet. You can select the best one for you. Undoubtedly, technology is a great source of information for students. Everyone can make the best use of the internet for writing their assignments, whether they are nursing students or engineering students. if you are scoring fewer grades in assignments then can also learn and clear all of your doubts by paying someone to take your online classes from the comfort of your home

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So, we have reached the bottom of this blog post. Let us get an overview of all that we have discussed above. A synthesis essay is all about combining information from various sources and then presenting it in an organized manner. There are two types of synthesis essays: one is an explanatory synthesis essay, and the other is an argumentative synthesis essay. Above, we have also discussed the steps to crafting a good synthesis essay paper. You must definitely go through each part to get a better understanding of the whole thing. If you still face any difficulties, then you can get professional assistance from ‘do my homework’ services. So, guys, I hope you like this information and have got your answer on how to write a synthesis essay. Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What should you keep in mind when writing a synthesis?
Answer 1: Before beginning to write your synthesis essay, carefully research the subject; develop a strong thesis statement; look for a reliable source that you will utilize; and, finally, arrange everything for your readers.
Question 2: How should a synthesis essay be formatted?
Answer 2: The sections to be followed while writing this essay are the introduction, body, conclusion, and bibliography.

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