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Opt Resume Writing Service to Skyrocket your Career Goals

You must have heard people telling you to write the tawdry resume. Employers do notice your resume appearance. But that’s not everything. A good resume has other vital factors as well. But are you disappointed using various methods to impress your recruiter? Probably you have not tried assignment help online services to solve your issues with your resume. You may wonder how a resume writing service can help you to achieve your career goals. Hence in this blog, I am going to discuss it more. So let’s delve deep into this topic

Employers make a first impression about you by looking at your resume. Therefore, your resume should be a reflective one. Your Resume is the first assessment which employers make. As a result of which, they get an idea whether you are fit for the job or not.

When you apply for a job, you have to send across your resume. Before employers see you in person for an interview, they carefully examine your resume. As a result, your resume holds great value. In case, your resume seems unconvincing to them, then the chances are high that you will not get an interview call.


Therefore, resume plays a vital role in kick-starting your career.

But the real question is, “How to write a resume which can impress employers?” Though, there could be many answers to this problem. One possible answer is with the help of the Internet. There are various sites which provide free templates to you. But, you cannot rely on everyone. In such cases, taking help from a professional resume writing service becomes essential.

A job is necessary to live a stable life. And your resume plays an important role in getting a job. But hey, no need to worry. There is a way which can take you out of the woods. We at provide the best resume writing service and assignment help to students across the globe. We can do the work for you easily. We have Resume experts who have years of experience. Above all, they have helped many by providing impetus to their career goals, just by the resume. We take a genuine stake in improving your resume and making it powerful and appealing.

Taking help is a good option but, It is also very important for you to know nuts and bolts of writing a good resume.

In this blog, I have shared the following factors:

  • How to write a resume?
  • Common resume mistakes
  • Key difference between a CV and Resume

How to write a resume?



A resume is document through which you market yourself. It contains your education, skills and achievements etc. The key purpose of the resume is to get you an interview call. There are many resume writing service in the market. However, they are not reliable. In contrast, our resume writing service experts work with vim and vigor. Consequently, this will surely help you in creating a good first impression.

While writing a resume, keep the following points in mind:

1. Personal details

The resume should and must have your personal details. It helps employers to contact you later on, in case, you might not get selected the first time. Many a time, you conjure up images of being rejected. Even if this manifests into reality, do not worry! Employers do maintain a database which has your details. It is highly likely they may contact you in the future. But for that, contact details should be there.

2. Email address

It may be amusing to use a funny email-id. But it can seriously tarnish your image. Use professional-looking email as it says a lot about you. If you’ve not one, do yourself a favor by creating it. We, at online assignment help can help create an impressive Resume for you. Moreover, not only having a pro-like email is a must. But you should check it daily to ensure whether you receive anything. Moreover, you should have a LinkedIn profile. As much as 90% employers use LinkedIn to search pool of talent.

3. Do not mention high school

Employers are not keen to know about your high schools. Or probably accolades you’ve achieved in it. Rather employers are interested to know your recent achievements. Highlight those things which support your career goals. You may highlight your graduation achievement.

4. Education is vital

Firstly, you should list recent educational information. You can mention any special accolades you’ve achieved. Do not forget to mention the name of institutions that you’ve attended. Also, list graduation dates. It will help employers to get an idea about when did you complete your graduation.

5. Mention achievements


Let’s assume you want to make a career in marketing. Mention how you increased the footfall for your college event. Or how did you persuade people to take part in activities. This will positively impact your image in front of employers. Moreover, it will create a link between your achievements and career goals.

6. Work experience

Include this heading only if have some experience. List the most recent info. such as your position, name, and location of your previous organization. You can also give a brief about your roles and responsibilities. Internship and volunteer experience work can also be included here.

7. Let it be concise

Keep your resume brief and to the point. It helps employers to get a clear idea about you. If you use too much adjective for yourself, any employer will understand it’s fake. Try to highlight only relevant adjective. Moreover, an ideal resume should be of a 1-2 page. Keep sentences short and make sure your resume is easy to read.

8. Additional Information

You may like to create headings such as “Skills,” “Strengths” or “Interests” and list only relevant information in this section. Information that shows your proficiency in other languages, computer programs or other knowledge should come below this heading.

9. References

If you can, you should mention some references on your resume. A referee can be your earlier colleague or professor at your college. But before mentioning any name, take the permission from that person.

At our resume writing service, we keep all the above points in mind. While creating a resume for you, we watch our steps

Common resume mistakes


There are some common mistakes which almost everyone makes. It’s important that you realize them. Otherwise, they can prove a blunder for you. With years of experience, our resume experts know how to overcome such mistakes. Resume writing service experts have ears to the ground. They carefully analyse your needs, then start working on your resume. So, I am glad to share a few things with you.

Here I am providing a list of the common mistakes made while writing a resume:

1. The name of the resume file is not proper

Some of you name your resume file as resume.doc or cv.doc. Or something similar. This is an unprofessional way of naming your file. It also becomes difficult for employers to identify your resume. Employers have a collection of data of many people. Just wonder if employers has hundreds of resume with the same file name. In such cases, “How would he identify your resume, in case he may need to contact you.”

It will be nearly impossible to check and identify your resume.

The correct way of naming your resume file is first name last nameCollegeName.doc. Moreover, you should save your resume in PDF format. It looks very professional.

2. The resume runs into more than 2 pages

There is no hard and fast rule that your resume should be of 1 page and max it can go up to 2 pages. But it’s a common habit that most of the resume runs into more than 2 pages. It is because either it contains too many irrelevant details or because space has not been utilized properly.

Your resume should not be longer than two pages. It is the ideal length for an ideal resume.

3. Resume follows a 2 column structure

Often, many among you make the resume in a 2 column structure. But that’s not the way it should be. Stick to only one column structure. Two column structure make the reading extremely difficult. It is because the reader gets confused on which column should focus on.

If you are getting confused in this, you can opt for resume writing service.

4. Your resume contains the logo of your college

There are few colleges where Placement cells make it necessary that you put your logo on top of your resume. In such case, you cannot help it but put the logo. But keep it on the top of your resume. However, otherwise, if you are applying for off-campus jobs and do not include the logo

As this makes the appearance of the resume bulky. Your resume is your advertisement, not your colleges. Delete the logo, if you have it on your resume.

5. Your resume contains your photograph

This is again not compulsory. If you have it in your present resume, please remove it. There is absolutely no need of a photo in your resume. However, for some jobs, your looks matter. For example, industries such as aviation, hospitality, media, firms, etc.

Also, it is quite an outdated practice.

6. Your resume contains a very generic Career Objective statement

Most often, people copy paste. But, you must have a Career Objective of your own and not a copied one, like below.

To face the challenges of a working engineer in a competitive environment of industry. This, in turn, enables to extract the best out of me which is conducive to learn and grow as professional. As a result of which directing my future endeavors as an asset to the organization.”

Such kind of copy-pasted will serve you nothing. These kinds of statements show that you have no idea of what you want from your career.

You should have a very specific career objective statement. Or rather, you can have no statement at all. Weird? Seems like, but that’s ok as it’s better than presenting a copied one.

7. You have mentioned each year’s/semester’s GPA/% Marks in your academics section

Not at all required. Just mention aggregate marks/CGPA is enough. For example, if you have completed six years of B.Tech degree, you don’t have to write each semester’s GPA. Only aggregate CGPA is enough.

8. You have listed all the courses and labs that you have done till date

Again, not required. If you have it in your resume, please brush it aside. At best list 2-3 most relevant courses along with your grades in those course (if grades were good).

If an employee wants to know all the courses that you have done till date, probably he will ask for transcript for each course.

Difference between a CV and Resume


It’s confusing, but still, we can draw a line between the two. Both the terms are used interchangeably.

The principal difference between the two is their length.


A CV (stands for Curriculum Vitae, means a course of life in Latin) is a 2 or more pages (generally 3-5 pages) long. CV is a document which has in-depth details of your education, experience, achievements, awards, honors, publications, etc. in chronological order.

CV doesn’t change with the internship or job you are applying to.


On the contrary, a resume is a brief summary of your education, skills, and experience. It is not more than two pages long. Depending on the type of internship/job you’re applying for, you may choose to focus on one aspect over the other.

Apparently, a CV is mostly used while applying for academic positions, research positions, fellowships, grants, etc. On the contrary, the resume is used everywhere else.

Mostly, most of you write a blend of CV and Resume.

Our resume writing service


You probably have understood much about a resume. But still knowing this much, you are not qualified to write a good resume. Simply, because you’re a novice at it. In contrast, resume experts provide you with the perfect help as they hold years of experience in the field. This is the main reason that when you get stuck, why you should opt for a resume writing service.

However, even if you try to write the resume, your written resume may not be that impressive. Consequently, it would impact your image negatively. It is because you don’t know what employers want to read or you’re just taking a guess.

If you haven’t had an impressive resume and it is affecting your job chances, then you should definitely approach some good professional business writing service.

Who we are and what we do

We are a team of people having experts for all the fields. We have helped many students with all types of academic problems; ranging from assignments, dissertation, resume, thesis, etc. However, the list doesn’t end here. We provide the best Online Assignment help and hence, are a one-stop platform for your each academically related problem or for providing business writing associated help like writing a CV, resume, cover letter, etc.

With our resume writing service, we provide top-notch resumes. Depending on your needs, our resume experts write your resume. For us, taking the exorbitant cost from students is against the grain. Any student can afford our services as they are cheap. While, other providers are busy in making money. They zig when one should zag. For some, it has become a habit to grab money from students and provide them with low quality content. However, we cannot polish such turds.

On the other hand, we rise to the challenges, which are thrown at us. Undoubtedly, we have achieved great success in the past, but we don’t rest on our laurels. Rather, keeping in mind the needs of students, we work hard to provide them with quality work.

Have a doubt? You may contact us through our website. I appreciate that you spent your valuable time in reading this blog post. Thanks for Reading!

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