NETWORKING CONNECTIVITY: Explanation and Working

Networking Connectivity
Networking Connectivity

Networking connectivity is being described as the process of connecting the varied parts of networks to one another. A computer network possesses the collections of printers, computers and different others type of equipment that are connected together in such a manner so that communication can be held between them.

At present, millions of people share information as well as data with each other via using some kind of networks. However, after seeing the given activity one most important question that tends to arises in the mind of an individual is that how the whole process of sharing information with the help of computer networks happen.

On the other hand, the given thing will also put another question in a person’s mind that is how a machine can decide that specific message belongs to the particular computer. In this blog, detail description is being given in relation to the respective aspect. Our experts from online assignment help will explain you about networking connectivity in details.


Prior to improving the understanding of the Networking connectivity process, it is vital to improving the knowledge of the networks that are in computer networks. The discussion of the same is given below:

Peer to Peer networks

Peer to Peer networks
Peer to Peer networks

The given form of network is used when there are not more than computers are being used in the network. On the other hand, in the respective type of network strict security is not very much essential. The term peer is being used in this because all the computers that are being used in this have a similar type of status.

In addition to this, they also use equal footing with an aim to communicate with each other. In this network, different types of files such as spreadsheet and word processing are shared. On the other hand, different computers on the network tend to share devices such as printers and scanners, etc. They all are connected to any one computer in the network.

Client/server network

Client/server network
Client/server network

It is being regarded as another type of network. In today’s scenario, the given form of network is more popular than the previous one. It can also be said that this network is used for the large network. Here, the server plays the role of storage. In this context, it stores different applications as well as files that are being shared over the network in an effectual way.

The performance which is being given by server is higher than the performance of computers. In addition to this, apart from storing the files, the server also plays the role of controller in the network. In accordance with the given context, it controls the network access of the different other computers and they are referred from the name of client computers. Assignment Help Australia is giving you best knowledge related to the topic you have selected.



Just like above before getting into the working process of computer networking connectivity, we need to improve the understanding in relation to different major devices that tends to play a vital role in the networking connectivity. The details in relation to the same are given below:

Network interface card (NIC):

The name itself suggests its meaning. But in simple words, we can say that it is the card which interfaces between computer and network. Thus, it is basically an expansion card which is being installed on the computer. The main aim of this card is to connect the computer with the network. In addition to this, it can also be said that the given device will also provide an electrical, physical and electronic connection to the media in the network.

The NIC comes in two forms. Here, either it could be in the form of an expansion card or it could be built in the motherboard of the computer system. However, it has been examined that in most of the cases network interface card connects to the computers with the help of the expansion slot. The given slot is very much special. This is due to the reason that the respective slot placed on the computer’s motherboard. Due to this, peripheral can directly be plugged into this.

On the other hand, it is also examined that NIC possesses LEDs (Light emitting diodes) which assist in the task of diagnosing problems that are associated with the functionality of NIC. Suppose if there are two different types of NIC is there then among two one will be Link LEDs whose main work is to show that when proper connectivity to the active network is being detected. This whole scenario will give an indication the card is receiving proper signals from the hub or the switch. Besides this, Active LED is the most popular LED. This indicates the receipt of framed from or to the network.


It is also being considered as another major component of the networking connectivity. Herein, it can be said that in the star topology Ethernet network, the hub is basically the type of device which connects the different segments of the network together.

In this single, single cable is used as a medium with an aim to form a connection between different devices in the network to the hub. In addition to this, it can also be said that any kind of transmission that is being received on the one port will be being sent out to all other port in the hub.

This thing will allow CSMA/CD on the transmitter with regard to performing the function of monitoring for the collision. For example, if one sender sends something then in this situation station whose address mentioned in the sender list will receive it. However, it can also be said that the hub is nothing more than the glorified repeaters that do not possess the capability to recognize the frame boundaries as well as data structures. It is due to the presence of a given aspect only hubs play the act of tool which does not possess any intelligence.


The third major component which is used in the networking connectivity is called by the name of the switch. It is just similar to the hub. Here, it forms the connection between the multiple segments of the network. However, one major difference that exists between hub and switch is that hubs do not possess any kind of filter.

Thus, whatever thing that hub receives over the network will be sent to all other computers. But, in comparison to this the switch will basically recognize the frame boundaries and give attention to the MAC address of the incoming frames and on the basis of the given address switch will send the file to the correct the address. However, if file send does not possess any recognizable address then in the given situation it will be again sent to the sender location.

In addition to this, in many satiation switch will play the role like a hub. For example, the location of the destination is not known then in the given situation switch will react much like a hub and as a result of this it floods out the frame at each and every port. However, except for the port over which it is being received. The switch is more effective than the hub because it is able to give support to the full wire speed on every port.


It is basically called by the name of the transparent bridge. It is being typed of a network device that tends to connect the two similar segments of networks together. The main role of the bridge is to keep the traffic separated from the different sides of the bridge. From this, it can be said that the bridge is also function just like its name. Here, information or the packets is being transmitted to the other side of the bridge if it is intended for the station on the other side. In addition to this, it can also be said that the main reason for using the bridge in the networking connectivity is to form the connection between two segments and to divide the bust networks into two segments.


It is being regarded as the most popular term which is being used in the networking connectivity. This connects multiple segments of the network in the inter-network. In the networking, a router plays the role of the decision and maker and thus it decides that how in best and possible manner network data can be sent to its respective destination on the network. However, it is to be evaluated that the work of the router is very complex in nature. Here, CPU is dedicated to the task of routing different functions. Further, due to the complexity of router, it is possible for with regard to performing the functions of other types of devices such as firewalls and gateways, etc that is also involved in the network. This can be made possible by implementing the features of the given devices in the software of the router.


It is the combination of the hardware and software that tends to connect the dissimilar network environment. It is also being regarded as the most complex of the network environment. This is due to the reason that gateway tends to perform translation of multiple layers of the OSI model in an effectual way. For instance, the gateway is the type of device which connects the LAN environment to the mainframe environment. These two environments are completely different from each other.  LAN environment complies with the distributed processing whereas the mainframe environment complies with centralized processing.    

Thus, we can say that networking connectivity comprises of these all main devices that enable all the things working over the network. But, apart from this, there are other devices also such as modem and wireless access points also that also have a very important role in the network. Along with these two devices, detail description is being given in relation to other devices also that has importance in the computer network.

  • Modem: Modem performs the function of modulation and demodulation and thus it converts digital data into analog data and the vice versa. It is of three basic types such as POTS, DSL, and Cable, etc.
  • Wireless Access Network: The wireless access network gives the opportunity to the mobile user with regard to connecting themselves over the network with the help of wireless devices. It is also similar to hub and switch but it connects multiple wireless devices to form the network.    
  • Firewall: It is being regarded as one of the most important devices in networking connectivity. The main role of a firewall is to provide protection to the LAN resources from the attackers that are present on the internet.  On the other hand, the firewall also assists in the task of preventing the computers over the network with regard to access the varied types of services on the internet. Additionally, this can also be used as the filter packets that are based on the rules and network administrative sets. The given rules will basically state that what are the specific types of information or the data can be flow on the computer network. Thus, it assists in the process of maintaining the security of computer over the network that is prone to the many types of risks. In simple words, it can also be stated that the firewall is the standalone black box that can be set up in software on the server or router. The firewall should have two basic types of network. Here, one should be on the public side and others should be at the private side.


This is also called by the name of the media converter. On the other hand, transceivers are small devices that can be seen on the network. These devices are very simple in nature that allows NIC (Network interface card) and the other networking devices to form the connection with the different type of Medias. On the other hand, there are many NIC that tends to possess a special converter that tends to give the opportunity to this to perform the functions like hubs and switches, etc


In the earlier part, we have improved the knowledge about the major components of the networking connectivity. Hence, in this section discussion is being carried out in relation to the overall process of the computer network. Thus, here the answer is given to the question that is “How Networking connectivity works?”.  

How Networking connectivity works

The diagram which is being depicted above simply defines the whole process which is being carried out on the networking connectivity in an effectual manner. The whole process begins with the internet. The internet possesses lots and lots of information that are being shared between people via mediums like the mobile phone and computer etc.

The computers that are present in the network tend to have a connection to the network. If one computer sends some information in this situation the information is being received by all the computers that are present in the network. However, each computer in the network will have different MAC address that distinguishes themselves from each other.

For example, person A has transferred some file to B over the internet. Then in the given situation, the file sent by A will give an address which is called by the name of MAC.

After the given phase, the data sent will be transferred over the internet. In this phase, the role of the router comes. The main function of a router is to route the specific data packets into a particular location as per their MAC address.

From this, it can be said that for computer network router plays the function like the human brain and thus it gives direction to the data packets. However, after going through with the router phase the data which is being sent by the person A will go to the switch. The main function of the switch is to further provide direction to the data packets. Thus, it segregates the data as per the address which is being written over it.

After the function of switches accomplished the data is being sent to their specific destination and after the packets clear the switch path then it will arrive at the network interface which is basically a card that forms the interface between the network and the computer.

After that packets are being opened and information about the URL address is being taken. However, after this, the data packet encounters the firewall. The main aim of the firewall is to restrict the access of virus and other ineffective information over the internet.

Once the data will clear the firewall step, then in the given situation the data will transfer through LAN or the wireless network. Thus, it can be said that it is the end of computer network process. Here, finally, the data packets will be sent to the respective user.

Here, the information which is being sent by A is being received by B. It is the very simple way to improve the understanding regarding the whole computer networking process.  


As we have seen that how computer networking makes the whole process of transferring information from one place to another quite simple. In accordance with the given context, there are different benefits examined that are related to the concept of networking.

  • It allows cost effective resource sharing: It is being regarded as one of a most significant benefit that is associated with the concept like networking. In this regard, it can be said that with the help of networking an individual can share information from one place to another without investing much money on the same. It could be proved as the beneficial aspect for the companies. This is due to the reason that the money saved from this activity can be used by firm for some other important purpose.
  • Improves storage efficiency as well as volumes: This happen when the business enterprise tends use network for storing different information. Here, individual can store huge data over network.


It can be stated from the whole study that in order to improve the knowledge about the whole working process of networking connectivity. It is important for the individual that it should improve its understanding of different major terminologies that are associated with the same. This is due to the reason that if the given thing is not improved then in this situation it will become very difficult for the individual with regard to understanding the whole process of network working in an effectual way.  In case you still more help and details on this topic or any other topic, experts from instant assignment help online will give you full assistance.

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