What is Naturalistic Intelligence? Know everything about it!


Hey folks, I hope you all are doing well. In this blog post, I am going to talk about Naturalistic intelligence. Sir Howard Gardner came up with a theory of multiple intelligence. He proposed seven kinds of intelligence. Later, after some years, he added one more type of intelligence. He called it as naturalistic intelligence. People with this type of intelligence have recognition and grip of the natural world. They feel more connected to nature and surroundings. They have the sense to appreciate life and its wonders. Also, they love nurturing their surroundings. However, this type of intelligence doesn’t really help when it comes to complete piles of academic assignments. In such cases, you can opt for assignment help from experts online.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the following important points:

  • What is naturalistic intelligence?
  • Mental constructs
  • Features of Naturalistic intelligent people
  • Famous people with naturalistic intelligence
  • How to teach various subjects to children with this intelligence
  • Suitable career for people having naturalistic intelligence

What is Naturalistic intelligence?

Naturalistic intelligence is also known as the eight intelligence. A person who possess it has the interest about nature and related things. A naturalistic intelligent person may be interested in oceans, mountains, forests, weather, and animals. A person with this type of intelligence has real love and care for nature. These people have a strong affinity to nature for living and non-living. They have a strong attachment to natural world. But this doesn’t require them to be outside all the time. This interest may be applied to academics. They love subjects related to nature. Subjects like biology and zoology are of great appeal.

It is the ability to identify things that happen in nature. They get refreshed and inspired by nature. People who have this type of intelligence love being outdoors. Also, they feel connected to nature. This interest and attachment to nature begin at an early age.

This type of intelligence is newest to the theory of Harvard Gardner. People have also criticized Naturalistic intelligence. Many people consider it as an area of interest. But rather it is a type of intelligence itself.

Mental constructs

People with this type of intelligence have certain mental constructs. These mental constructs make them different from other people:

Attribute Orientation

These people can find common traits among different things related to nature.


Nature smarts people can categorize different things by category. Such people recognized ideas and objects of nature. This, otherwise not easily recognized by other people.

Hierarchical Reasoning

They have the ability to rank people, things, and items. They rank things by significance or importance.

Natural orientation

These People have the ability to identify with living organisms. Also, such people identify themselves with their environment.

Features of Naturalistic Intelligent People



There are various features of Naturalistic intelligence. Frequently, they may notice things others might not be aware. People with this kind of intelligence are often known as “nature smart.” This is because they hold in-depth knowledge and grasp of nature. Some of the features of people having such type of intelligence are:

1. Aversion to Pollution

People with such intelligence despise anything that destroys the environment. They hate everyone who initiates pollution, cuts trees, plucks a flower. In short, they hate anything which damages the environment.

2. Love Nature

They are very passionate about nature. They take an interest in reading books which is related to nature. Also, about the work of great naturalists. They are very fond of movies and shows that depict nature. They learn through nature.

3. Love Outdoor Activities

People with naturalistic intelligence nicknamed “outdoorsy.” They live to perform every activity outdoor. These people love to be around nature and its surroundings. They like to walk, run, trek, hike, etc. Naturalist’s intelligent people want to explore the forest. They love to invent and discover different things in the forest.

4. Love Gardening and Farming

Naturalistic intelligent people love to grow and cultivate plants. They find it very relaxing. The joy they derive from this is indescribable. These people like to play with mud. The feeling of jump around and laughing is just incredible.

5. Deep Grasp of Natural Elements

These People have the ability to understand subtle changes in nature. Others may not notice such changes. They quickly understand when and what their pet needs. Also, such children make a keen observation of natural differences.

6. Write about Nature

People love to write about nature. They try best to take their interest to wide range of people. They take a deep interest in studying and learning environment.

7. Show Interest in Biology

This is something which is very prevalent in children. They start displaying interest in biology. Besides this, the other subjects they may like are geography and geology.

8. Expert at Categorizing Information

People with such type of intelligence easily sense patterns. Also, they make connections to elements in nature. They love to categorize rocks, stones, leaves, plants, and mountains, etc. It means they categorize anything related to nature.

9. Natural Objects

People with such type of intelligence create, keep or have collections, scrapbooks, logs, or journal about natural objects. These may include photographs, drawing, pictures, and observations.

10. Awareness about Nature

Naturalistic intelligent people show heightened concern and awareness about endangered species.

Famous People with Naturalistic Intelligence

Gardner in his Multiple Intelligence gave examples of renowned persons. Some of them who possesses Naturalistic intelligence are:

Charles Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin was an English Naturalist. He is best known for his theory of evolution. Darwin proposed that all life is derived from the common ancestors. He introduced his scientific theory of evolution through a process, he called as natural selection. Darwin’s done study on the HMS beagle. This allowed him to study and collect natural specimens from across the globe.
Inspiration: Darwin showed how far one could reach with naturalistic interests. His naturalistic intelligence helped him to achieve notable success in his field. His theory also proved helpful for the whole of the humankind.

Viktor Schauberger

He was an Austrian naturalist. Schauberger was a keen observer of nature and its various dimensions. Through such observation, he developed his theories. Schauberger’s family used to publish implosion magazine. Darwin expressed various ideas in that magazine. He said in this magazine that aeronautical and marine engineers had incorrectly designed the propeller.
Inspiration: Schauberger is a perfect example of people getting successful in naturalistic fields. He showed the world how to incorporate the naturalistic intelligence in engineering. We can draw immense inspiration from his work.

Gerald Durrell

Gerald Malcolm Durrell was an English naturalist, zookeeper, conservationist, and author. He is famous for founding the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Jersey Zoo on the Island of Jersey. However, many people remember him for his work on animals. He was an animal collector and enthusiasts. Also, he had written many books on the same.
Inspiration: Durrell integrated his naturalistic intelligence with linguistic intelligence. He wrote books like “My family and other animals.”

Alexander von Humboldt

Humboldt was the 19th-century explorer and naturalist. He was the first person who suggested that humans do have the impact on the natural world and causing climate change. His naturalists’ interest derived him from working on botanical geography. This, at a later stage, laid the foundation of bio-geography.
Inspiration: His work on botanical geography could inspire us. He used his naturalistic intelligence on something constructive.

William Wordsworth

The poet William Wordsworth was a poet and naturalistic. He best summed up his naturalist intelligence in his poem, “The Tables Turned.” In this poem, he encouraged the reader to get up from his studies and go out of doors. He was of the view that We could learn more from nature than other books.
Inspiration: He integrated his naturalistic intelligence into his poetry. We can also derive inspiration from his work.

Sadly, many people consider this intelligence to be more of ability than intelligence. But one should remember that through this intelligence men identify and recognize environment around him.

How to Teach Various Subjects to Children with Naturalistic Intelligence?

People with this type of intelligence have a keen interest in nature. However, we can also teach them other subjects.
Following are some topics which can be taught in relation to nature.

1. Mathematics

  • Connect all concept to nature. For example, you can relate the idea of arithmetic progressions to how plants grow. Another way could be to relate sets and Venn diagrams to types of plants and how they share specific features.
  • You can give such children books related to Pi, the golden ratio (1.618), etc.
  • You can also make them aware of the influence of mathematics in nature. For example, the various geometries in a natural formation.
  • However, if you are a student of mathematics and stuck anywhere. You may take online assignment help.

2. Science

  • You can explain how various concepts in science is related to nature. For example, you may connect the concepts of physics like energy to solar power. You may relate organic chemistry to plastics and their impact on the earth. Another way could be discussing various laws of physics (Newton etc.,) that could explain the planetary system.
  • You may help children to make a collection of various natural organisms.

3. Geography

  • You can explain about flora and fauna in various countries.
  • As you know naturalist intelligent children are very fond of nature. You may teach them about different climates of the world.
  • Teach them about different farming techniques in various climate.
  • Highlight how geographical growth has impacted environment and animal population.

 4. History

  • You can discuss how natural events influenced the course of history.
  • Learn about how various government policies have impacted nature.

Suitable Career for People having Naturalistic Intelligence



1. Horticulturist

People with this type of intelligence have a strong affinity to nature. They love to cultivate flowers, fruits, vegetables or ornamental plants. Such people like to explore their naturalistic intelligence on such occupation.

2. Conservationist

Nature is very dear to these people. The quickly get bothered by pollution and its hazard. A conservationist is an option which is opted by naturalistic intelligent people.

3. Gardner

Their love for plants is indescribable. They love being around plants. Many of them have their own garden. They find gardening very enjoying and relaxing.

4. Animal trainer

Because of their love of animals, they love to train animals. They can incorporate their naturalistic intelligence into animal training. Animal’s trainers can find jobs at zoos, animal shelters, and animal rescue organization.

5. Ecologist

People with naturalistic intelligence notices nature above all other things. Nature is of prime importance to them. They love to study the relationship between organisms and their environments. Because of this reason, the job of ecologist suits them best.

6. Veterinarian

They can do anything to heal and restore any animal back to life. It is due to this reason this career suits them best. Their appreciation and love for animals make them perfect veterinarians.

Final Words

Naturalistic intelligence is one of the multiple intelligence proposed by Gardner. In this blog, I have written about various characteristics of naturalistic intelligence. Through these characteristics, you can identify people with this type of intelligence. These people can quickly identify natural happenings o which others are not aware. Also, such people demonstrate skills and knowledge in the context related to nature. From an early age, they are interested in televisions shows, videos, books, or objects from or about nature. Sometimes, many students have naturalistic intelligence. But they lack intelligence which can help them in their academics. In all such cases, assignment help online is the only option left with them. If you have any doubts regarding anything, you can directly contact us on our website there are so many expert writers which are ready to help you anytime. Thanks for reading!