Mobile Communication: Its Introduction

Mobile Communication

What is Mobile Communication?

Mobile communication is one of the important aspects of modern time which have been highly significant and relevant to every aspect of business and normal life. It is the application of technology which helps in communicating with others in several locations without using any kind of physical connection such as cables or wires. Mobile communication has made life convenient and easier saving effort and time.

A mobile phone is a cellular phone or handphone which is a movable communication device and a wireless electric device which is used for communication with the help of the cellular network. It has high capacity and load balancing. It has enhanced scalability. With the growth of population, communication is getting more important. The use of wireless devices is also getting highly increased with time. Wireless networks enable communicating with others in terms of coverage with little effort and technological resources. With the help of mobile technology, we can enhance the effectiveness of communication to a large extent. Now our experts from Assignment Help Canada will tell explain you this by infographics.

Role of Mobile Communication
Role of Mobile Communication
Role of Mobile Communication
Role of Mobile Communication

Mobile Communication Technology

Wireless networks are always complex in nature and it engages thousands of firewalls, access points, managed powers, switches, and other components. But it cannot be denied that with the help of wireless networks, the entire network can be managed from a well-organized centralized point. With the help of mobile connection, outdoor and indoor coverage options are available to us. Network access control has also enabled secure registration.

Network Access Control has enabled enhanced control over enforcement of policies and managing the role of the users. It has enabled roaming which allows the end-users to move freely from one access point to the other successfully without any disturbance in performance.

Enhanced Communication Opportunity

In every part of the business, mobile communication has become an increasingly important factor. It has been observed that in the United States more than 71 % of the total population has a smartphone. Business organizations should understand the significance of the presence of smartphones. They should become responsive to mobile communication by embracing the technology effectively. It has ample opportunities to be availed of by business organizations.

It not only improves communication but also enhances efficiency. Mobile communication has improved overall business functions and operations. It has helped the employees to remain in constant communication with the organizational members. It enhances the effective flow and exchange of information. Wireless networks help communication to become more seamless and effective. Now our experts from Online Assignment Help will tell you about the roles of mobile technology platform.

Role of Mobile Technology Platforms

The mobile platform has also enhanced communication between several persons and business organizations on an international platform. We can observe several analogue forms of mobile communication. Snail mail or Bulletin boards can become obsolete in modern time. Communication needs to be improved. It is highly important that every business organization could increase their productivity level by enhancing its mobile communication platform. It has also been observed that organizations lose a huge number of employees every year because of inadequate provisions for mobile communication.

Communication barriers also enhance the issue of employee turnover in business organizations. Irrespective of the size and scale of business, mobile communication can enhance the productivity level by enhancing communication among the organizational members. We can see that mobile communication is nothing but a technology-mediated communication which has always provided the use of cellular on a mobile device with the opportunity to communicate with anyone from any location. The business organizations should understand the opportunities which they can avail of from enhanced communication with the support of my mobile communication technology.

Increased Efficiency

It has improved the overall efficiency of business organizations. It is beneficial for mobile workers who use to spend their valuable time on a job site or on the floor. Mobile solutions enhance operational efficiency by reducing the need for in-person or face-to-face meetings. They also develop increased opportunities not only for the management of the business organizations but also for the organizational members in communicating.

The business organizations with the help of mobile communication can avail of the benefits of rapidness, convenience, real-time access, and multi-function. These are important elements of wireless mobile communication technologies. The managerial decisions or organizational decisions could be taken on the basis of real-time information which has become possible because of Mobile communications. The remote working teams could be connected with the help of enhanced mobile communication technology.

Facilities in Remote Communication

There can be several other forms of communication of which mobile communication has become an important and inevitable aspect. People in modern time, can use their cell phones or mobile phones from any location and can contact anyone located in different parts of the world. Communication opportunities have got enhanced by the help of mobile communication technologies. The people living in rural areas can also communicate freely and conveniently with the support of mobile communication. They could improve their lives with the support of a seamless communication platform. The business organizations could enhance their operational efficiencies with the help of mobile communication. They could receive and share real-time information.

Enhanced Organization

One of the major advantages of mobile communication in an organization is that it helps to enhance the overall organizational systems and processes. An organization has to perform several complicated functions every day such as handling and management of several documents along with various applications and software which the employees use on a day to day basis for achieving several tasks within the organization.

Mobile communication has been helping the employees to communicate with each other from remote locations and this has enhanced the effectiveness of communication manifold and also increased the efficient communication system between the various entities involved in business activities within an organization. Now it is possible for the employees to do a variety of functions used in mobile communications within and also outside the organization such as they can use their mobile phones to send quick messages using various applications that have enabled effective and productive sharing of information within the employees and also between the employees and customers and other stakeholders.

Telecommunication and Videoconferencing

So, we can say that the advent of mobile communication has been significant for the growth and development of various sectors and it has improved the communication processes both internal and external to the different organizations. It is evident that mobile communication technology is on the path of immense growth and development and with the rapid globalization process it will only increase in the future and more improved applications will be designed that will help the organizations perform several varieties of business functions in a much quicker time that will save money and other resources for the organizations.

The mobile communication system has made it possible to perform several activities like teleconferencing and video conferencing that has made it highly influential for the employees and the management personnel to achieve better control and organization of the several activities and functions of a business.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

One of the other significant roles of mobile communication is the enhanced engagement of the employees within the organization. As we have seen that the use of mobile technology has made it possible to reduce distances between people and naturally this has sped up the process of business at a national and international level. The modern mobile technology is so advanced and state of the art that it helps the employees achieve several functions in quick time than what they were achieving a decade ago. Modern mobile communication technology has developed employee engagement in a much better and improved manner.

This has led to better communication between the employees and naturally the degree of employee engagement within the modern organizations has increased manifold. This communication and coordination between employees and also between the management and the employees have improved the overall functioning of the business establishments in diversified sectors.

Improved Mobile Technology enhances ROI

An organization must achieve effective employee engagement in order to have adequate employee motivation and job satisfaction which is required to ensure that the business is able to conduct its daily operations effectively and productively. Modern mobile communication technologies have contributed to better communication and engagement between the employees that has led to much credible and transparent communication between the employees and the managers or the management personnel in several business organizations. It can be said that the Return on Investment (ROI) of effective mobile communication technology for an organization is quite high and it ensures that there is enhanced employee satisfaction that ultimately leads to increased job satisfaction and commitment of the employees. So we can say that the mobile communication technologies have contributed significantly to enhancing the growth, profitability and sustainability aspects of the modern business entities.

Increased Productivity

 Modern mobile communication technologies have significantly enhanced the productivity of business establishments around the world. This has been possible because modern mobile communication technologies such as smartphones and other smart gadgets have made it convenient for people to connect with each other in professional and personal fronts. In respect of modern business organizations, mobile communication technologies have made it easier for the different employees and management personnel remain in contact with each other though they are located at different locations.

Today the business environment has become highly dynamic and the employees do not stick to desk jobs only or working in cubicles. Many of them need to travel around for achieving various business objectives like building relationships with different stakeholders like relationship building with customers or acquiring prospective clients. Nowadays several projects are also undertaken by a business in different locations. In such circumstances, it is not possible for the management to physically communicate with every employee and give them instructions. This is where the role of modern mobile technology is indispensable because it has made it possible for the management or the senior managers of an organization stay in touch with different employees located in diverse locations through the use of modern communication technologies.

Improved information sharing and managerial decision-making

Mobile solutions have been helping the managers share instructions and information with subordinates in a much faster process. The presence of modern messaging applications has enhanced the credibility of business communication manifold and naturally, the overall productivity of the employees and the organizations have increased more than ever before. With the advent of Information and Communication Technology and its rapid and unprecedented growth and development, we cannot imagine successful operating of a business establishment without the proper and prudent implementation of mobile communication technologies.

We can see that the popularity of mobile communication technology has been increasing at such a rate that in the future the companies will become more dependent on much developed and advanced mobile communication technologies and will achieve even more diverse functions and making business operations even more convenient and seamless.

Enhanced Employee Motivation

As we all know that in order to achieve growth and profitability and the organization needs to have effective employee motivational strategies. If the employees are not motivated within the workplace then they will not be totally dedicated to serving the company whole-heartedly. One of the major problems that many employees face in some organizations is the problem of communication which is often unsatisfactory.

If an organization lacks effective communication strategies then it will lead to imprudent sharing of information and the communication system will be unproductive. Unsatisfactory communication deteriorates the motivation of the employees and in the long run, leads to the creation of a lack of job satisfaction.

Enhanced Connectivity between Employees, Management & other Stakeholders

 This situation leads to the enhanced turnover intention of employees that can be a detrimental factor for an organization. Therefore, in order to increase the level of motivation of employees within an organization, it is indispensable for the management to put into place effective communication strategies such as modern mobile communication techniques and processes so that employees can connect with each other and also with the managers and management personnel effectively that leads to enhanced motivation.

Modern mobile communication techniques have improved the connectivity between the employees and also between the several employees and stakeholders in such a manner that level of trust between the employees develop manifold and this ultimately will lead to better relationship-building between employees and thereby enhancing the productivity of the organization more effectively.

Improved Customer Retention

Customer retention is one of the most important objectives for any business establishment. If our business is not able to retain its customers effectively then it cannot continue its business operations effectively in the long run. It is the existing customers of a business that are the main source of growth, profitability, and sustainability for a business entity. Modern mobile communication technologies have contributed to improving business efficiency and productivity in a myriad of ways.

As we have seen that mobile communication technologies have improved the communication processes between the managers and employees and also between the employees and the management they have also improved communication of the employees with the customers of the business.

Methods of mobile communication for Customer Retention

Today, a business can send messages using modern Information and Communication Technology platforms such as SMS, emails or WhatsApp messages to each of the customers according to their tastes and preferences of products and services. This has led to enhanced customer satisfaction as the customers always want to feel special and cared for by a business establishment.

So, it is highly essential for a company to take care of its customers and modern digital communication and mobile technologies offer the much-needed platform to serve the customers on an individualized basis. Therefore we can say that mobile technologies have enhanced the credibility of communication with customers in such an effective manner that they now play an indispensable part in achieving effective customer retention.

Future Implications of Mobile Communication

 We have been able to understand that modern mobile communication technologies are indispensable for a business establishment. This is because mobile communication systems have enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of communication between the employees and several other stakeholders within an organization.

The modern business organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile communication technologies because they are yielding highly satisfactory results for the business entities in terms of ensuring prompt, effective and authentic communication at the right time and at the right place. Now, it is possible for several people located in multiple locations to communicate with each other without having to be present physically at one particular location.

Growth in Remote Communication Techniques

This system of remote communication is one of the biggest advantages of modern mobile communication technologies. Systems like teleconferencing, video conferencing or sharing of messages through several mobile applications like WhatsApp are gaining increasing acceptance in the corporate domain and it is expected that the popularity and usage of such technologies will increase significantly in the future.

The success of a business enterprise will depend on the mobile communication infrastructure implemented by the business and the degree of efficiency in using such technologies that will help the business establishments achieve their desired communication goals and objectives. So, it is undeniable that modern mobile communication systems have enriched not only our personal lives but also our professional lives also by offering an array of opportunities and possibilities. For more information, you can check with Instant Assignment Help.

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