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Mathematics is derived from the Greek word “mathema”, which means knowledge. This subject is all about numbers, shapes, theories, formulas, and theorems. Maths and science are related to each other. Writing a mathematics assignment is not an easy job for students to do. There is always something about this subject that makes them feel confused. Because a single mistake in the formulation of the problems can result in the wrong answers and the students might lose marks. This is the reason why math is considered the least favorite subject among students, and some might simply hate it. If you are suffering from difficulty in solving your maths assignments, then you can consider taking help from the various assignment service providers in the UK.

This blog is formed by AllAssignmentHelp to assist you in understanding the various areas of math. In this post, we’ve compiled a comprehensive wealth of materials for math assignments help the UK.

Different Areas of Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject that requires in-depth knowledge of numbers and concepts. This is one of the difficult subjects to understand as all the branches of maths are interlinked with each other. This linking and overlapping might confuse the students. All the areas of maths are unique in their way. Some great scholars said that without the implication of mathematics we cannot do anything. And I think it was rightly said. This subject is all about practice. If a student continuously works on the maths problem then he or she can become a pro in it and can score good marks.

The different areas of mathematics are:

  • Algebra
  • Practical Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Calculus
  • Arithmetic
  • Topology
  • Applied mathematics
  • Number theory


“Algebra is generous, she often gives more than is asked for”   
– Jean le Rond D’Alembert

The two main founders of algebra are Diophantus of Alexandria and Muhammad Musa al-Khwarizmi. This concept is nothing more than the combination of equations and formulas. Abstract algebraic structures include ring theory, field theory, and group theory. To determine the value of the unknown alphabets, generic algebraic expressions are used.


“Geometry is the knowledge that appears tone produced by human beings, yet whose meaning is independent of them.”                                                                                                 – Rudolf Steiner

Geometry is the ancient area of mathematics. This subject is a study of shapes and sizes. It helps in the formation of shapes with the help of area, perimeter, volume, length, and breadth. The subareas of geometry are projective geometry, affine geometry, Riemannian geometry, discrete geometry, convex geometry, complex geometry, differential geometry, and manifold theory.


“Probability theory is nothing but common sense reduced to calculator”                                             -Pierre-Simon Laplace

Probability is a factor that predicts what is going to happen in the future. This term is used when we want to analyze and interpret some facts and data. There are five different rules of probability. This is the most interesting part of mathematics which is full of surprises and unpredictable events.


The term trigonometry is derived from the Greek words ‘trigon’ and ‘metron’. This branch is dense with triangle angles, lengths, and degrees. Sin, cos, tan, sec, cosec, and cot are the six trigonometric functions. Each function has an inverse effect, which makes understanding the concepts difficult for students. This study correlation aids in the development of various angles in triangles.


“Calculus is the most powerful weapon of thought yet devised by the wit of man.”                                         -Wallace B. Smith

Calculus is also known as “infinitesimal calculus.” Newton invented it in the 17th century. It is divided into two types: differential calculus and integral calculus. This is a relatively new branch of mathematics that is used in scientific knowledge, engineering, and economics. Some of the related theories that are included in the academics of students of higher grades are propositional calculus, Ricci calculus, calculus of variations, lambda calculus, and process calculus.

Many students are good at math, but there will always be some assignments involving concepts that would require an expert’s help. Those students can seek assistance from assignment writing help in the UK. There are many assignment service providers available on the internet who offer similar services. But the students must be careful and must research properly before getting any academic help.

Mathematics Courses at the Best Universities in the United Kingdom

Mathematics is one of the world’s most popular subjects. This subject covers a wide range of topics and areas that will be of interest to students. So, if you are thinking of pursuing a career in this field, then that would be a good option. After deciding on the stream of career, the next question that arises in the students’ minds is where to study. What to study? By considering this, the first step is to look for the best universities that offer this course. In the United Kingdom, various colleges offer graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate degrees in mathematics. You can get more detailed information about the different courses and their price structures by visiting the university’s official portal.

The universities listed below are among the best in the United Kingdom for offering prestigious mathematics programs.

  • The University of Cambridge
  • Oxford University
  • Imperial College London
  • The University of Warwick
  • The University of London
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • University of Bath ‘
  • The University of Bristol
  • The University of Manchester

Some of these universities are best known for bachelor’s degrees, while others are best known for master’s and doctorate degrees. Before you start looking, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want and where you want to focus your efforts. The final step is to enroll in your desired course at your desired university and begin learning.

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Why Do Students Take Math Assignment Help in the UK?

Mathematics is the most difficult subject to master because it is littered with problems and formulas. There is very little theory on this topic. There are numerous reasons why a student may receive a lower grade or dislike this subject. In the current situation, all universities and colleges around the world have moved to online platforms. Math can only be grasped virtually. Children are suffering even more in this situation because they are unable to understand the terms via phone or laptop. This is the primary reason why students in the UK and around the world seek Math Homework Help online.

Some of the difficulties that students face when solving mathematical problems are as follows:

  • Inadequate assistance: We are all aware that in a classroom setting, there are approximately 50 to 70 students, which does not allow for one-on-one attention for everyone. Teachers in schools and colleges follow a specific format and teach accordingly. If a child misses one class, he or she will struggle to grasp subsequent concepts.
  • Anxiety about numbers: This is the most common and troubling issue that some students face. When they see those numbers or write their assignments, they become depressed and scared. They begin to adapt to the shortcut and seek online assignment assistance.
  • Less dedication: Grades suffer as a result of a lack of motivation or dedication. And, in order to achieve good grades, some students simply seek assistance from experts.
  • No practise: Mathematics is a subject that can only be learned by doing. There is a high risk of becoming confused while solving problems if you do not practise. Some students become overwhelmed by the formulas and fail to continue writing them.
  • Achieve good grades: Some students may look for assignment help in order to improve their grades. Only a few children may seek professional help if they fail to include a genuine or proper format in their math assignment.
  • Poor remembrance and knowledge: This is also one of the reasons why students can seek assistance and support. Some students struggle with memory or are unable to understand mathematical concepts. Or they may only understand it in theory but fall short when it comes to putting in the work.

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Career Options For Mathematics Students

Do you love to play with numbers? Do you like to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division? Then you should consider making a career in mathematics. This is one of the most in-demand and well-paid jobs. To follow any of the given career paths, you should possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in mathematics.

If you pursue a career in mathematics, you could become one of the following professionals:

  • Professor or teacher: After completing a degree in mathematics, the first career option that comes to mind for the student is to become a teacher. You can become a middle or high school teacher. You can also begin your career as a lecturer in a college or university.
  • Mathematician: This profession is only open to those with a strong background in mathematics and formulas. Mathematician has become a highly sought-after profession over the years.
  • Statistician: A statistician is a business professional who employs various statistical methods. A professional and experienced statistician can be attained in five to ten years. You must have a degree in statistics or mathematics to do this.
  • Analyst: The main work of an analyst is to analyse and collect the data or information and put it into action. An analyst can expect to get an annual salary of $60,000. Some of the types of analysts in this profession are financial analysts, business analysts, data analysts, operational analysts, and technical analysts.
  • Economist: An economist is someone who is well-versed in history, geography, civics, and economics. They primarily contribute to the advancement of the country or technology. This is a one-of-a-kind career that allows you to learn new skills and travel the world.
  • Cryptographer: In real life, cryptographers must use systematic systems and algorithms. They are well-versed in mathematics and computer science. They are the primary reason why people are able to use various online platforms safely. They have simplified our lives by bringing technology to our doorsteps.
  • Chartered accountant: The CA can begin with a yearly salary of 50–60 lakhs. Although this is one of the highest-paying jobs, pursuing a career in it is extremely difficult. Only a dedicated and motivated individual can become a CA, because passing these exams requires an individual to study 20 hours out of 24. If a student passes all of the exams in one sitting, he or she can become a professional accountant in 5 years.
  • Scientist: A scientist is a person who conducts scientific research. This is one of the world’s most prestigious professions. This is the only job where the primary goal of the employees is to promote development rather than to make money.

Mathematics is the only thing that all of the above professions have in common. This subject teaches us the important life lesson that “there is a solution for every problem; we just need to find it.” If you have a degree in mathematics, you will be able to find work in private, public, or government offices.

How Can the Students Overcome Mathematical Depression?

By following the below-given guidelines, the students can overcome the depression that they face while solving mathematical problems;

  • Continuous pracrice
  • Use different method
  • Refer all the other books
  • Clarify your doubts
  • Work on your mistakes
  • Double check your solution
  • Praise yourself
  • Do not panic 
  • Stop being negative or scred
  • Operate your weakness

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Which is the most difficult area of mathematics?
Calculus, logic, and geometry are considered the most difficult parts of mathematics. But if you are dedicated and work hard, then you can easily understand all the topics.
Question 2: Who created exams and why?
 The exams were first invented by Henry Fischel, who is an American philanthropist and businessman. It was founded to verify the subjective knowledge of the students.
Question 3: Who was the first mathematician in the world?
Thales of Miletus was the first true mathematician. Archimedes [287–212 BC] is the father of mathematics.