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Availing Math Homework Help from expert is one of the renowned names among students looking for the math homework help in Canada, Australia or any other country. After using our service you will see a significant improvement in your maths grade. The purpose of this blog entry is to help you understand the inequalities concepts in mathematics with a very simple process. We guarantee you to solve 99% of your inequalities problems with the help of math concept explained. To help you understand better I have solved a very basic equation and understood the importance of the fundamental concepts of maths.

Concept of Inequality demystified – solve math assignment with ease

The concept of inequality can help you solving any difficult question. Other concept of inequality assignment help that is worth mentioning here is:

If you are given an inequality equation like : (x-1) x ( x+1) > 0 , then how will you solve this inequality. You must have studied wavy curve method in which we plot a graph and then narrow down to the solution. It is a known universal solution that students use to solve inequality. However, I have a better way for solving these kind of inequalities.

It is basically a three step process that includes ; plotting the critical point on a number line followed by the sign evaluation. Finally, we write the complete solution.

Critical point

Critical point is the point for which either the value of the equation on the left hand side becomes zero or not defined. In the case given above we do not have any point for which the equation will become infinity. However, we have three points for which the left hand side will be zero. Three points are : -1 ,0 +1

Now as I have mentioned we have three steps to reach to our goal we have cleared the first hurdle. We will plot these points on the number line to calculate the sign change from one number to another.

_____________ -1 ___________ 0 ______________ +1 _________________

Given equation is : (x-1 ) x ( x+1 ) > 0

Now if we take any number that is less that -1 we can see that equation given above turns negative. Hence ,  the sign for the equation less that negative one is negative.  We need to find the solution for which the given equation is positive.

Rules for Algebraic Sign Calculation

The rule after calculating the sign for the region less that -1 . We just use the alternate sign for the rest of the regions starting from ( -1,0) , ( 0,1 ) , ( 1 to infinity ). This will give us the following sign for the inequality under consideration.

Consider section ( – infinity to -1 ) = Negative

for ( -1 to 0 ) = Positive

In case of ( 0 to 1 ) = negative

Finally, ( +1 to infinity ) = positive

As you can see I have not evaluated rest of the regions and used just an alternate sign change for the rest of the regions. This holds true for every inequality in the reduced form.

So solution to the above inequality would be : ( -1 to 0 ) union ( +1 to infinity) with open brackets at the extremes.

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